Monday, July 9, 2018

"Proud Racism" In Politics

Dumocrat Siara Rao recently lost an election to a white candidate, and now she says, she has “given up on white people.” Does that mean that if a white person loses to a black candidate, it’s okay to “give up on black people?” Seems to me there has been a marked INCREASE in putting down white people in recent years, while nobody calls that racism. that’s because the Dumocrats, racists all (or most), don’t think disparaging white people is racism—but it is. Any time you disparage someone because of his color, race, nationality, religion, or even sex, it IS racism, whether you admit it, or not. Especially if you do it because of something he cannot change. Dumocrats think black people are ENTITLED to disparage white people because of the past sins of their forefathers (or foremothers). But they’re wrong. Disparaging someone because of the actions that were not theirs is WRONG. Whether or not they ADMIT it is wrong. ANY kind of racism is wrong, no matter what it is based on. We need to start judging people by INDIVIDUALS, disregarding other things. If a person is a good person, it doesn’t matter what color he/she is, or what nationality or religion. That’s just NOT important. Dumocrats are the worst, when it comes to racism, and that seems to be a usual thing. They were the racists back in the fifties, and before, They fought the Equal Rights Amendment, tooth and nail. They even filibustered it. THEY started the Ku Klux Klan to be their “thug army” to keep black people from voting. The Dumocrats have ALWAYS been the “racist party,” although they do their best to convince the rest of us that the Republican Party holds that title. On top of which, Dumocrats call everything with which they don’t agree “racist,” without any kind of proof. By so doing, they have made the label meaningless. (Conservative Tribune)

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