Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Run Hillary, Run!

There’s talk of Hillary Clinton running again for president in 2020. I LOVE it! She’s apparently a glutton for punishment, and I can think of nothing else worse than suffering a THIRD time this country telling her she’s not wanted. What she doesn’t know, or won’t admit to herself is that her candidacy is probably the best thing Trump could hope for in the next election. It will GUARANTEE him another win, this time in a landslide. Furthermore, all the dithering and hate-filled violence engaged in by the Dumocrats and their accomplices helps Republicans, even more. The more Dumocrats display their irrational hatred of Trump, the more they reveal themselves as “the swamp” Trump describes. So keep it up, fools! You’re going to guarantee Trump his next victory, and your demise. I hear about all manner of fools thinking they can unseat Trump by running for president, themselves. Eric Holder is one of the most recent. Fact is, not a single one of them has a snowball’s chance in hell. But you’ll never convince them of that, no more than you’ll ever convince the anti-gun fools that their laws NEVER work. (Newsweak)

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