Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gun Control Works?

Really! Then how did a FELON get 500 guns? That's what the LA Sheriff's deputies found when they aided his home. 500 guns! Owned by a FELON! You think he IGNORED their fancy gun laws? Obviously. So what the hell GOOD are they if a FELON can acquire up to 500 guns before being caught? After involving the ATF, to determine the history of each gun, it was decided this guy was "just a collector," rather than someone holding guns to do crimes. Never mind he committed a crime each time he acquired a gun. Yes, people still commit murder, long after it was made illegal. But "gun laws" are different. They are supposed to keep people like this from even GETTING guns--not to punish them for doing it, although that's what they actually do--when someone like this guy that the law BARS from owning a gun, even under the Second Amendment--but only when they find out about it, as in this case. They raided his property after getting a tip that he had a bunch of guns. And the law DID provide for his punishment. But it did not STOP him from getting them, as they promised. (San Diego Union Tribune)

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