Monday, July 30, 2018

Most Elite Democrats Are Fools

They want to abolish ICE. We might as well abolish the institution of our government. Or get rid of the cops because they shoot black guys who are shooting at everybody. "Black Lives Matter" would like that. Get rid of the agency that keeps criminals in line (mostly). That's why Dumocrats want to get rid of ICE. They want COMPLETELY open borders. They want to allow ANYBODY who wants to, to come in, no matter if they're criminals who will rob and murder us, and rape our women. They don't care. Dumocrats feel an "affinity" with criminals, of all kinds, because most of them are criminals. They are now OPENLY a SOCIALIST promoting party. They have stopped HIDING it. They actually RAN an admitted socialist in the last presidential election. An openly socialist woman won an election recently against a many times elected member of congress. Socialism is a system BASED on the THEFT of money and goods from those who EARN their way, so they can GIVE that stolen to the "drones" of society, who produce no new wealth, produce NOTHING, and EARN nothing. (Just common sense)

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