Tuesday, July 3, 2018

She Can't Take It

"Mad Max(ine Waters says she isn't afraid of Trump or his supporters as she advises liberal "snowflakes" to "confront Trump people wherever you find them." But apparently she's really afraid of a reporter's microphone when SHE is confronted about her advice. She was tooling around, waving at people, when a reporter asked her about her ill-advised "advice" for Trump haters. She quickly rolled up her window and had her driver (she doesn't drive herself) drive away quickly, while one of her supporters SLUGGED the reporter as she ran away. Just like her response earlier when a reporter asked her much the same question, she pushed that reporter away, then stuck her tongue out at him or her from the "safety" of a "congress members only" elevator, behind a bunch of "security" thugs. She doesn't much like it when she is subjected to things similar to what she advised Trump haters to visit upon Trump people. I really think she's going to be sorry she ever made that STUPID "advice," as people subject her to that same kind of treatment.(Blunt Force Truth)

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