Friday, July 13, 2018

Daddy-Daughter "Dates"

Wrong, or right? That's a question that needn't be answered, but there are some people who say calling a "daddy-daughter night" a "date" is bad, because the word, "date" is "sexual in nature." It's too bad some people with dirty minds think that way, all the time. And it's only the people with dirty minds who DO think that way. Once, when I was about nine, I had a "date" with my MOM. And not once did I have any thoughts of sex with my mother. I bought a box of gum and sold it door-to-door to pay for it, and took her to see a movie. We both had fun, and I thought I was a "big man" for bringing it off. Sex did not even enter my thinking, nor, I'm sure, did it enter hers. I can't think of a word bad enough to describe people whose minds ALWAYS think of sex. Unfortunately there are way too many people whose minds always work that way, and some of them even end up in a position to make laws, or influence the thinking of other people. There's an argument going on in Denver right now over this question, with, so far, an absolute majority saying, "just don't worry about it!" The question, on 9 News is, "Are 'daddy-daughter dates' bad because 'date' means something sexual?" There is a just barely perceptible "yes" answer, and a long "no" bar. And that's a good thing. (Just common sense)

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