Monday, July 2, 2018

"Get A Gun, Folks!"

That's the advice being given Trump supporters and associates because the Dumocrat Party is recommending VIOLENCE against ANYBODY who works for President Trump, or even associates with him. That includes his family, including a ten, and FOUR-year-old CHILD. How scurrilous is this? How LOW can Dumocrats sink? I've heard about some crappy politics in my time, but this is the crappiest I've ever seen. Calling for violence on Trump's people, as "Mad Max(ine) Waters has done can only lead to violence, as fools take her seriously, as some will. And when Trump's people take her seriously and GET guns, this can ONLY lead to unnecessary violence. And it won't be their fault. Some on Trump people, and some on Dumocrats (liberals) in response. Believe me, Trump's people are not the kind of people who will "lie down and expose their tender belly" to potentially violent liberals and their dupes, and those fools will get killed if they try any violence on Trump people. And as the violence continues, there WILL be a war. If that's what the Dumocrats want, that's what they'll get. And of course, they'll blame Trump for any violence. (Breitbart)

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