Monday, March 31, 2008

Pushed Them Too Far

The Tibetan Monks are pacifists. But even pacifists have limits beyond which you cannot push them. They're revolting against communist China because they have been pushed too far. The Dahli Llama is threatening to quit if they don't stop. That's because he hasn't been PERSONALLY pushed too far because he fled before it could happen. China's main crime? (Besides murder, torture, and imprisonment for speaking out, that is) seems to be "making Tibet into modern-day China" while keeping the Tibetans out of it. (Open Democracy)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Liberal Fantasies

That Drudge is a "gossip" site. It's not a "serious news" site (But it IS a serious news site that's hurting them, which is why they hate it.); They say Fox News is biased. (In the REAL world, it is every OTHER news source that is biased, while Fox has more liberals on their payroll than any of the others, and they REALLY DO "tell both sides.);"Hillary is losing because she's a woman. (Actually, she's losing, not because she's a woman, but because she's Hillary.); The Clintons whine about "the politics of personal destruction. (But the Clintons INVENTED the "politics of personal destruction" and continue to practice it.) They keep talking about "the coming recession," completely forgetting that the talk of a recession only began seriously AFTER they became the majority party in Congress and because they're in danger of taking over the White House, too; Democrats in Congress are already promising to support their efforts to raise taxes by trillions as soon as they get in office. (Their policies almost guarantee a recession. Therefore, a recession just reflects "fear of Democrats in power."); They think Obama is like Jesus Christ: a "savior" (But in real life, he's just a conventional liberal with a new coat of paint.). American politicians (on both sides) are really easy to fool. They think communism REALLY disappeared in Russia when it was announced, (and that old-line communists who are STILL in power, just SAY they're no longer communists); that when Castro quit in Cuba, there REALLY was a chance for "a better life" for Cubans (Now Castro's brother is "President for Life" and has made FEW changes, mostly cosmetic.); They say we're "addicted to oil." (But they just can't understand that oil is the lubrication that makes the world work. We've been trying and trying, and haven't been able to come up with a substitute that works as well, as cheaply, that doesn't cost a lot more and pollute more, tool. Under their definition, I guess I'm "addicted" to food because I eat it every day.) They all talk about "change." (But they never define what "change" means to them. They dare not, because "change" means movement toward collectivism and if they actually ADMITTED that, they'd be gone as soon as everybody understood what collectivism is.) There are many more liberal fantasies, but I would need a thick book just to enumerate only the main ones, so I’ll shut up, now. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chavez Proves He's Insane

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez (Who stole and OWNS Citgo), has said he's going to "Bring the U. S. down." What insanity. I'm sure he really believes his pipsqueak little "tin-pot" country can "bring down" such as the United States like Saddam did, and look what happened to him!). Which just proves he's not only stupid, he's INSANE. I've heard such hollow threats from "tin-pot" dictators before and they don't frighten me. I'd like for him to try. Then we can "bring HIM down". He needs it. He only clings to power by use of the oil money he gets from Citgo after he "nationalized" it. Without that money he'd soon be an "ex-president." (Reuters,)

Why Are People So Stupid?

It amazes me how so many people can be so stupid. People who are ignorant are simply suffering from lack of information. Stupid people are those who know the truth but who will not admit it. Washington Liberals are among those who are stupid. Apparently, there are stupid people in church, too. Rev. Jeremiah Wright made an appearance at a white church the other day, his first since he was "unmasked" as a "black racist" who harbors a distinct hate for white people. He got a "standing ovation" when he was introduced. If I were in that church, I might be tempted to stand up, too. But only to plant my boot in his backside. (International Herald Tribune)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pathological Liar

How do you tell when Hillary or Bill Clinton are lying? Their mouths are moving. Both are pathological liars who will lie when the truth would serve better. The link below is to a list of Hillary's recent lies. A list of Bill's lies would fill a book. A book I haven't time to write. I know politicians lie. But to claim to be responsible for things that happened before she even got there (The "Irish peace process)? That takes the cake. It's almost as bad as AlGore claiming he invented the Internet. One of Bill's most famous lies was when he claimed he had not had "sexual relations" with that woman (Monica Lewinski), when we all know now he did. He was even disbarred for five years and forced to pay a big fine (which the Democrat Party most likely paid, with our money) for lying to Congress. Do you want another such liar as president? I have nothing against a woman president, but not this woman. I don't want to see Obama as president, either, But it has more to do with him being a socialist than with his color. We have many black politicians who hold elected office these days, but the "race whores" such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton ignore that fact and claim that racism is "rampant" in the land. It's not. It does exist, but is not "rampant." The lies that abound in politics amaze me. Not that they're told, but that so many people believe them. (News Max)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And They Call BUSH A Terrorist?

In Indonesia, they beat and BEHEAD people to FORCE them to convert to Islam, and they call Bush a "terrorist." What stupidity! "AMBON, Indonesia (BP)--'My scar healed quite fast, but the sad, humiliated feeling stayed. I feel like I'm no longer complete, both as a person and a woman.' That is the testimony of Christina Sagat, a 32-year-old Christian from Kasiui, Indonesia, who was forcibly circumcised by her Muslim neighbors. Unfortunately, as traumatic as her story sounds, hundreds of women have endured similar oppression." Forced conversion to Islam is so common in countries dominated by Muslims, nobody even thinks about it any more. It amazes me that people (in this country) who SHOULD know better still say Islam is a "peaceful religion". It's certainly not "peaceful" in the way Muslims treat their followers, people they'd LIKE to be followers, and particularly women. The teachings children undergo in Muslim schools is definitely NOT "peaceful." These children are taught, from infancy, to HATE everybody who is not "their kind" of Muslim, and in Muslim-dominated countries, it can be a "death sentence offense" to "reject Islam". Any religion that must use these measures to either gain, or KEEP converts is not much of a religion to me. You don't want to even INTIMATE that Islam "might" be a "violent religion" because they'll KILL YOU for it. (BP News,)

When is a Right Not a Right?

When it is created by liberals in order to take away more of our rights and money (to pay for it) by creating a right that was never enumerated in the Constitution. Example: there was no right to control her own body" in the Constitution. Otherwise, prostitution would be legal. But it isn't, and it will not be. Abortion is simply murder of an innocent unborn child. But they use this specious argument to legitimize murder. But the real question is, "when is a right not a right?" That question is amply and simply answered in this article. (RAY THOMA$ 101)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ray's Shorts

These are items of OPINION, for which I often don't have URLs to use for documentation and which are usually too short to be a headlined item. When I can, I'll include any URLs I have, or give you an idea where to look. . . . CONFISCATING GUNS: I don't know if it's in Louisiana or Misissippi, but I've heard from several sources that "authorities " are seizing this opportunity to confiscate as many guns as they can from honest people who are trying to protect themselves and their property in "Katrinaland" against the gangs of armed criminals who are preying on them. It's typical "government" that makes them think they're going to only confiscate the guns of the criminals, rather than those belonging to the honest people who are only trying to defend themselves from criminals. So they take away the only self-defense tools these people have, leaving them defenseless before the hordes of criminals. . . . ORAL SEX IS NOT SEX: Former President Bill Clinton did more to destroy morality in this country than did any previous president. It is his erroneous contention that oral sex is NOT sex [A completely self-serving remark designed to blunt criticism of his sexual excesses. -RT] that is responsible for the exponential increase in oral sex among teenagers alone, causing a corresponding exponential increase in sexually transmitted disease among them. Apparently nature doesn't agree with Mr. Clinton. I believe anytime you put your penis into somebody, whichever orifice, and ejaculate, it IS sex. If you can get a sexually transmitted disease from the act, it IS sex, Bill Clinton's lies notwithstanding. . . . BROWN FIRED FOR "BEING CONTROVERSIAL": No kidding! The liberals couldn't pin anything SPECIFICALLY on him, so they simply made him "controversial," and Homeland Security Director Chertoff, himself a "newbie," gullibly "bought it." The fact that FEMA should never have been a part of Homeland Security, since its work had nothing to do with national security and fighting terrorism has not been mentioned anywhere but in the "alternative press." . . . IS "BEING CONTROVERSIAL GROUNDS FOR FIRING? FEMA Director Brown was fired for "being controversial." If that were good grounds for firing people there would not be ANYBODY in Washington or anywhere else that they could become "controversial." I'M "controversial, which means simply that everybody doesn't agree with me. Should I be fired? TERRORISTS LIKE "SOFT" TARGETS: The Islamic terrorists love to attack "soft" targets where people can't fight back. They SAY they're not afraid to die, and some might not be. But the "top" people are, and they send their dupes out to get killed to make a point. Notice they don't go out there themselves. . . . DEMOCRATS MAD: The Democrats are livid over Rush Limbaugh's use of their own tactics against them. Obama actually put "door-hangers" on Republican doors telling them they can vote for him in the primary, but when Rush did the same thing to Democrats, they're mad, and even threatening them with the law. Rush says if they "indict" him, they have to do the same to Obama and other Democrats. . . .

"Double Standard?"

Representative Gerry Studds (apt name, that), Democrat of Massachusetts, admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old male page. He was censured by the House of Representatives. During the vote, which he was compelled by House rules to be present for, Studds turned his back on the House to show his contempt for his colleagues' reprimand. [Emphasis mine -RT] He was not expelled from the Democratic Caucus. In fact, he was his party's nominee in the next election in his district--and the next five after that--winning reelection each time. He remained in the bosom of the Democratic Caucus in the House for the next 13 years." Then he was "lionized" when he died. This is what happens when a Democrat is caught in a sex scandal. It's a "resume enhancement." "In 2006, Republican congressman Mark Foley was found to have been engaged in lurid sexual Internet correspondence with a 16-year-old House page. There is no evidence yet of his ever laying a hand on anyone, let alone having sex with a page. When discovered, he immediately resigned. Had he not, says Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, "I would have demanded his expulsion." Not only is Foley gone, but half the Republican House leadership has been tarred. Hastert himself came within an inch of political extinction." This is what happens when a Republican is caught in a sex scandal. IS there a "double standard?" That the answer is yes goes without question. The evidence is there before your eyes. Do you need any more?(Weekly Standard)

What Is It With Politicians and Sex?

Do they think they Can't get caught? They go out of their way to prosecute people who sell sex, as well as those who buy it. Then they're caught buying sex from the same kinds of people they're prosecuting--and they say "it's a personal matter." Is it? I think if you DO the same things for which you're putting other people in prison, you're WORSE than a hypocrite. New York Gov. Spitzer did just that, and his own actions took it out of the "personal matter" class. Rep. Mark Foley of Florida was a big advocate of punishing any adult who had sex with minors. “They’re sick people; they need mental health counseling,” he shouted. But then ABC News caught Foley sending sexual instant messages to minors. Maybe he thought if he presented a "tough on child sex" demeanor, they'd never think he was engaged in it. Yes, he didn't "get caught" having sex with a minor, but it's only a matter of time if he's writing such things TO minors. Politicians work too hard to convince us they're "[protecting us" from sexual predators while they're really making lifetime sexual predators out of innocent teens who are only "doing what comes naturally" together. Then they get caught in their own sexual peccadilloes. The new New York governor is even giving "chapter and verse" about his own "sexual misdeeds" to "get it out there" so no one would be able to hit him with it later. What's going ON here? (John Stossel)

Stupid Environmentalist Quotes

Here are some amazing quotes from environmentalists that have already been proven wrong: "The battle to feed humanity is over. In the 1970s, the world will undergo famines. Hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now. Population control is the only answer" "I would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000." "In ten years all important animal life in the sea will be extinct. Large areas of coastline will have to be evacuated because of the stench of dead fish." (1970) "We already have too much economic growth in the United States. Economic growth in rich countries like ours is the disease, not the cure." (Paul Erlich, author of "The Population Bomb, written in 1968) This web site gives you many more such stupid quotes, from many other "noted" environmentalists. Enjoy, (People for Global Warming)

Liberals Hate Talk Radio

Mostly because they can no longer tell you lies and be believed. In the "old days, they could tell you what they wanted you to believe, true or not, and there was nobody to tell you the truth, so they had it all their own way. Nowadays, since Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity. Glenn Beck, and others, they can't keep the truth from you any more, so they've begun a concentrated attempt to destroy talk radio. They tried to create their own "liberal talk radio," forgetting entirely that just about all today's news sources (with the possible exception of Fox) are liberal, and continue the din of lying reports calculated to gain our acceptance of policies that take away our rights and steal our money to pay for it. Their primary scheme is a return of the "fairness doctrine," which Congress wisely got rid of a few years ago. They try and convince you that we NEED a "fairness doctrine" because liberals can't seem to "get traction" in their efforts to shut conservatives up. If they'd just realize that almost every news outlet today favors the liberal position, they wouldn't need to push such an idea as the "fairness doctrine." (Rush Limbaugh)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who Made Him God?

Remember The Loma Linda Homeowner's Association in Pagosa Springs, Colorado? It apparently thinks it has the right to CENSOR its residents. At least its president, Bob Kearns, thinks they do. One of their residents put up a wreath that resembled a "peace symbol" and Bob thought it was an "anti-war" symbol and went out to CENSOR this woman. They even asked his own board about what it meant, and when they experts didn't agree with him, he fired them all. Then after all the hooraw, he tucked his tail between his legs and apologized, saying, "You don't have to pay any fine and you can keep it up." How GOOD of him! Like she needs his permission. I'd bet he wishes he'd never started it. (Yahoo News,)

You Think it Was For Money?

Unobtrusive Camera
When they put in the cameras at intersections do you think they wanted to reduce the number of people running the lights? Naw--it was a "revenue enhancement" scheme. When they caught so many people that violators started avoiding this intersection, they took them out, hoping more people will start running this light and they can put them back and collect a lot more money. (MSNBC)

Listen to Your Seniors!

They've been around long enough to have seen it all before and are a priceless repository of knowledge that will be gone when they are gone. So listen to them and learn all you can. Do as the Japanese do. Revere your seniors. They know things you haven't been on this Earth long enough to learn! This was brought home strongly by a recent caller to the Rush Limbaugh show. The "kernel of truth" in his call was this: "First of all, Rush, I have been around a long time, since before World War II, and I have seen these political parties deteriorate to what they are today. I have had it with both of them. Both of them are not worth the powder to blow 'em to hell. We need a third party desperately." He's absolutely right. We need a "third party that can win." I've been around since before World War II, as well. And I get just as frustrated when younger people listen to what I say and then ignore me. I'm a "cynical" man (by my definition, anyway). My definition of a cynical man is "someone who has been around long enough to have seen it before, and is thus not surprised to see it happen again." There's a good reason why so many "oldsters" have a reputation for "being crabby." That's because they tell younger people how things really are, and they have to stand by and watch as the younger people ignore them and predictably get in trouble. (Rush Limbaugh)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Fart in Public

I thought it was a parody when I heard "bits and pieces" of a radio commercial about "passing gas". It even featured a little girl asking her father to "take it outside." Turns out it wasn't what I thought. It was REAL. But it wasn't about farting. It was an ad EQUATING farting to SMOKING. How low can these people sink (or stink?)? I've given up wondering. There is "NO BOTTOM" (hee, hee) to their tactics. They'll go as low as they can in their efforts to stop people from smoking. Never mind it's none of their business. They try and convince us that SMELLING smoke is bad for you even though the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report (which they themselves quickly quashed) that said "second-hand smoke" was NOT harmful to ANYBODY. (Don't Pass Gas,)

Separating Us Into Smaller Groups

Obama says we need to talk more about race. All "ultra-liberals" want us to talk more about race. That's just one way they "separate us into smaller groups" who spend more time arguing with each other than they do paying attention while the liberals pick our pockets and control our every action more and more. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made millions of dollars by "whipping up" race hatred, and using actions in the PAST to convince people that "race hatred" is rampant in this country (It is, but only in the minds and hearts of Jesse, Al, and the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright). Getting us arguing amongst ourselves is a basic tactic they use. The whole idea that there is a "massive conspiracy" in this country is another way they use to get us arguing and not paying attention. People have been known to get into fistfights over this issue, but there is NOT a "massive conspiracy. There could not be. Any such "massive conspiracy" would collapse of its own weight because people just cannot keep secrets. There ARE many conspiracies that LOOK like a single conspiracy because they are run by people with similar opinions. One of the best known is the drive toward socialism in this country. Experience has shown that socialism, and all other forms of collectivism, do not work, and they require way too much government control over all of us, but those who want power over others push socialism because if socialism takes over in this country they intend to be in those positions of power. Power is what those people lust for, all the time. It's that simple. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boneheads Oppose Iraq War

I hear a lot of talk from people who think Iraq was a terrible mistake and that we ought to get out of there as soon as possible, and to hell with the Iraqis who gave Saddam the "purple finger" when they voted by the millions for his replacement government. The fable is that al Qaida is not, and has never been in Iraq. In fact, they have been there all along, just not necessarily under that name (they all use several names over there, mostly to confuse people). Actually, it doesn't matter a whit whether or not al Qaida was, or was not in Iraq. Fact is, al Qaida is but ONE Islamic terrorist organization and it IS in Iraq, as well as many other countries. It just happens to be accidentally the most successful, having planned on killing a few hundred people in four airplanes and a few more in the World Trade Center and other locations. They got very lucky in that the burning jet fuel weakened the structures and two or more of them collapsed. They SAY that was their plan all along, but in addition to their other sins, they LIE. People are worried about the treatment of terrorists at our hands. But their treatment cannot compare to THEIR treatment of any who have the misfortune to be selected for torture, rape, and beheading. If we "hurt" a few of them in an effort to learn of their nefarious plans in order to save lives, so what? They don't deserve ANY consideration as prisoners because they give our people no consideration. I can't think of a single reason not to kill these demons on sight if caught in the act, nor a reason not to do many things to them to let them know we can be as nasty to them as they are to us if we need to in order to learn what they know. Don't expect them to be harder on those they capture, in return. They can't be harder than they are now. Just send them to their "74 virgins" as soon as you find them. The "fight" is not over Iraq. The fight is to defeat Islamic terrorists everywhere. Iraq is simple the current battlefield and when that war is over there'll be another one as long as enough Islamic terrorists are alive and can drum up (by any means, including selling drugs or antiquities stolen from Iraqi museums) or steal enough money to keep going. The only way to stop them is to kill as many as we can and destroy them. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No "War Crimes" for Terrorists

You constantly hear somebody calling for George Bush to be brought up on "war crimes" charges whenever he tightens some restriction or other in RESPONSE to terrorist atrocities and in an attempt to protect us from them. But you never hear these people clamoring for "war crimes" charges against terrorists, who behead people, kidnap and kill them, and set bombs to kill people in places where non-combatants (e.g.: Innocent men, women and CHILDREN) congregate. They also kidnap innocent young women and forcibly circumcise them, then force them to convert to Islam (and simple Muslims do this, not just terrorists). If Bush did such things, even once, the clamor would be unbelievable. But there is NO OUTRAGE about terrorist atrocities. Hmmmmmm. I wonder why this is? Maybe they're mad because he's effective. Unlike most politicians, he DOES what he says he's going to do. He doesn't "just make noise" then campaign for the next election. (Just common sense)

Blame It All On White People!

Some people, mostly liberals and conditioned people who think of themselves as "conservatives," but who think like liberals on most things, say that "black people can't be racists" because they don't "have the power." But in the real world, it doesn't take "having the power" to be a racist. You only have to judge people by the group they're in, not as individuals. Pastor Wright IS a racist bigot and he proves it with every word out of his mouth. One of his slurs is that "America got what it deserved on 9/11 because we dropped atom bombs on 'innocent' Japanese. He conveniently forgets that this action ended the war and saved many lives, and was in response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor (he also thinks we knew it was going to happen and didn't do anything), which caused the deaths of thousands of people there, and in the war that followed. Innocent individuals do die in wars. That's a given that the Japanese should have thought about before they did their bombing. White's every "sermon," it seems, preaches hatred of the white race, and particularly for the "white rulers" of the black people. He blames everything on white people, much as liberals blame everything on George Bush. And he's just as wrong as are Bush-hating" liberals. It's a good thing his church finally kicked him out (they SAY he retired). He'll probably call me a racist if he ever reads this. That's what people like him do. (American Princess)

"Post-Bush Tax Increases"

Congress is already planning to raise your taxes, just as soon as they can get a Democrat president in office (shudder!). Bush lowered taxes and predictably (to those who pay attention and don't deny the evidence of their eyes) we had another long-lasting increase in the economy, the likes of which we haven't seen since Reagan did it a long time ago (in spite of the Democrats' best efforts to derail it). People wonder why there are "rumors" of a recession on the horizon, but I know the answer: It is the Democrats. They now control (just barely) the Congress and many expect a Democrat to be elected president, while they increase their control. Anybody with half a brain knows that means higher taxes. A bad economy is "manna from Heaven" for the Democrats and they're determined to create one. They're just as determined to blame it on the Republicans, and in particular on George Bush (the younger). They constantly claim they want to create a better economy, but they do everything they can to destroy it so they can make empty promises and get more votes. (Current Argus)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ray's Shorts

Copyright © 2008 by Ray Thomas. These are short items of OPINION, for which I often don't have URLs to use for documentation and which are usually too short to be a headlined item. When I can, I'll include any URLs I have, or give you an idea where to look. This feature may be used freely by posting or publishing it without changes, and while retaining my copyright indicia. Please let me know when you do. . . . THE "GRAVITAS FACTOR": The liberals tell us constantly that people like Rush Limbaugh and others who don't "toe their line" get regular "talking points" from Washington. But have you ever heard non-liberal newspeople and pundits all using the same word, on the same day like you have heard from liberals? Such was the word "gravitas," which suddenly appeared one day, and was used in just about every liberal newscast or article that day, and for several days thereafter. It is still being used periodically. The current "Talking points" word is "change," which all of the Democrat presidential candidates, and even some Republicans are using, as if it were a "mantra." What I question is "what kind of change?" Nobody seems interested in defining what they mean by the word. . . . x, rather than wear a rubber, but that surely exacerbated it. LIBERAL MEANS NOTHING: Ed Stein, ultra-liberal cartoonist at the "Rocky Mountain News" says "Calling me liberal means nothing." He wishes. It means he is a socialist and pushes socialist causes, whether he likes it or not. . . . McCLAIN'S CONSTITUENCY -- DEMOCRATS: The reason he didn't win The Republican Open Primary in Michigan is because his "constituency" didn't come out in the cold to vote for the Republican candidate who can't win in the general election, McClain. . . . IT'S A CONCENSUS! More than 400 prominent scientists around the world say they have major problems with the so-called "consensus that global warming is man-made." But never fear. The "global warming is man made consensus" is alive and well in the "mainstream (liberal) media." Typical liberals: "never mind the truth, this is what we believe." . . . McCLAIN: THE LIBERAL'S FAVORITE REPUBLICAN: Can anybody figure out why? It's because he is more liberal than anything else. Does the fact that liberals like him tell you anything? . . . SMOKING CAUSES RECTAL CANCER? Someone claims this, but I can't see how it would happen unless someone was using a different orifice that I used when I was smoking. Maybe it's because, as someone said, people were "blowing smoke up there." People do that to me a lot. . . . THOUSAND DOLLAR HAIRCUTS: If John Edwards spends $1,000 on a haircut, would he be more responsible in spending taxpayer money if (shudder) he ever became president?.. . . "TWO-FACED?" Abraham Lincoln was once accused of being "two-faced." To which he answered, "If I had two faces, why would I use this one? No slouch on the fast comeback, Winston Churchill was once told by a dowager he disliked, "You're drunk!" To which he replied, "And you're ugly, madam. In the morning, I'll be sober, and you'll still be ugly." . . . KUCINICH QUITS: I didn't even know he was running. . . . EDWARDS QUITS: He must have run out of hair spray.

In The "Real World"

Liberals and Democrats do not live in the "real world." They live in a world as they would like it to be, and they want us to believe the lies this generates. One basic thing is, the entire "political thing" revolves around, not liberal or conservative values (liberals have none), but a fight between collectivism (socialism) and individualism. That the individualists mostly reside on the conservative side is reality. They keep insisting that "conservatives" should be willing to compromise. Does that mean individualists ought to "move toward their side?" That they should "compromise their principles? Never happen if you're a true individualist. We don't need to make liberals happy. We need to beat the hell out of them.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Mexican trucks are now roaming freely in the U. S. But when Transportation Secretary Mary Peters was to defend the controversial process in a news conference, conservative news site reporters were BARRED from attending it. "The news conference was only for 'credentialed members of the media,' spokesman Bill Moseley told WND. There's a specific credential. He did not have a media credential.' And how can a reporter obtain such a credential providing permission to attend? 'I don't know,' Moseley responded. Meaning there is NOW WAY WND can obtain such a credential. Everyone else seems to have it. Don't worry. WND will find a way to learn what she said. They're good at that. What are the feds afraid of? I don't agree with all the "Bush-haters" I hear talking Bush down for the most part, but with this, as well as Bush's refusal to pardon the Border Patrol agents falsely imprisoned for DOING THREIR JOBS and some other things, I'm beginning to come around. Bush is the ONLY politician now in office who seems able, and WILLING to DO something about Islamic terrorism, or even to realize we are in DANGER from them in spite of the ignorant, even stupid opposition from many quarters, some even in his own party. Bush has generally done a good job as president. But incidences such as those mentioned above make me begin to wonder.(World Net Daily)

Kennedy As Usual

Oil Slick
Teddy Kennedy's yacht lost some oil into the bilge. So he told a crew member to "dump it overboard. This is the kind of thing Kennedy does, because he's an arrogant liberal. He stops the building of a wind farm on Nantucket Sound because, "That's where I sail!" Well, who cares about where Teddy sails, but Teddy? A wind farm is supposed to be something good for the environment. But Teddy doesn't care, as long as he doesn't have to see it when he's sailing. So he creates an oil slick. He doesn't care. He's a Senator. They don't have to care. Especially if he has been in the Senate forever. Even after leaving his pregnant girlfriend to die after driving his car off a bridge. He "beat that rap" because he is a "powerful Senator." So why would he worry about a piddling oil slick?" If I were the authorities, I'd look under his yacht to see if there are any pregnant women there. Under water is where he usually leaves his mistakes. Especially since he got away with it the first time. Some people would say I'm "too hard" on him. But I disagree. Nothing I, or anyone else has ever said has "reined him in," so I'll keep talking about him, hoping something may one day stick. (News Max)

Hillary Has a Dirty Mind

At least, her "surrogates" do. Rush Limbaugh said "she's used to being on top," and immediately they assumed that was a "sexist remark" having to do with her "sexual preference" for the top position. That response surprised the hell out of Rush, who had nothing of the kind in mind. His reference to "the top" had to do with her preference for the "top position" in politics. Nothing more. A sexual reference was only in the minds of her "followers." She puts a lot of stock in her "victory" in a state bigger than all the rest. A victory she owes to Limbaugh, whether or not she will admit it. I'd have rather see her go down to defeat here, but nobody can fathom Rush's thinking. Yes, the Democrat Party is in chaos. But I think that would have happened, anyway. At least, the Republicans agree, whether or not that will do them any good. (Sweetness and Light)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ignore Ahmadinejad's Letter

Some time ago, the Iranian "president" wrote a letter, ostensibly to the "American people," in hopes of "going over Bush's head" to talk to us. "TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has written a letter to the American people that was released at U.N. headquarters in New York , a state newspaper reported". I've seen this letter and it's a lot of poop. This American, for one, will not attempt to answer his stupid attempts at "rewriting history" because I think he has not earned the right to even TALK to me--or any other American. He is stupid. He thinks he "knows it all", and he doesn't. He will not listen to reason because he is not a reasonable man. He has spent most of his tenure as "president" supporting terrorists everywhere and fomenting trouble, including in Iraq. Can anyone give me a LOGICAL reason why I should listen to anything he might say, any time? He says, "Many American people" have asked him to write such a letter. I don't think so. That's another of his lies. Name me ONE real American who is interested. He's worse than a stinking brown spot on the bottom of my shoe. (Associated Press,)

IS Reaganism Dead?

That's what Chuckie Shumer thinks, but as usual, he's wrong. Reaganism is NOT "dead". Not as long as lucid people are still alive. Reaganism speaks truth to logic. Chuckie thinks liberals have beaten the whole idea that lowering taxes will INCITE an increase in business. Reagan proved Chuckie wrong while Chuckie was still in diapers. He proved it by lowering taxes and almost DOUBLED the "tax take". It works every time it is tried. Bush is no Reagan, but he did the same thing when he lowered our taxes and, predictably, the tax "take" has INCREASED. It worked AGAIN! If Reaganism is dead, I don't see any evidence of it. (New York Daily News)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sorry 'Bout That

I try to update this blog at least once a day, but lately I haven't been able to do that because of two things: The first is that I haven't been feeling well (old age), which has limited my ability to sit up to this keyboard. In addition, I am rewriting for publication, a book I wrote in 1976, which is every bit as applicable to today as it was then. But things have happened that I need to incorporate and some things I need to delete before publishing it. Its name is Success Through Originality. Watch for my current book to appear on Amazon and in other places soon. Its name is What's WRONG in America." I could tell you the answer to that in one sentence, but the rest of the book gives examples to prove my thesis. If you read it, you'll be a "believer."

Democrats Have No Rules

Obama doesn't understand why he's being offered the "second spot" on the ticket when he's winning all the elections. He doesn't understand that the Democrats have it set up so they can do ANYTHING they want, and now they want Hillary to be president. Even having been impeached for lying to Congress doesn't slow a Democrat down. The DNC just pays the fine and all Democrats then ignore it. Democrats are counting on the "super-delegates" to allow the Democrat "top dogs" to select the candidate of THEIR choice, not that of the voters. They're even now talking about letting Florida and Michigan count, since it's so close. In fact, having sex troubles are a "resume enhancement" for Democrats, while such problems are "career-ending" for Republicans. I'm looking forward to seeing Obama's face when he realizes all his wins in all those primaries were just a "dog-and-pony-show" to convince most Americans, who don't pay attention to politics until a few months before an election anyway that there IS a "process" by which candidates are selected. In reality, the political "top dogs" whose names you may or may not know (some of whom are "super delegates"), will decide who gets the nomination, and it's probably not going to be Obama. Geraldine Ferraro, (Democrat) the first female candidate in a presidential election (second on the ticket) says, "Obama wouldn't be in this position if he were not black." So who are the bigots? Republicans or Democrats? (ABC News Blogs/Political Punch)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

California To Allow Communists to Solicit Students

"California Democratic Sen. Alan Lowenthal has proposed an amendment to the Educational Code that will explicitly allow the promotion of Communism in schools, and also allow groups who want to violently overthrow the US government to meet on public school property." What the hell do they think they're doing? I know the Democrats are socialists, but to openly advocate allowing COMMUNISTS (one form of socialism) to teach our school children that communism is not only okay, it is a preferred system? The biggest example of a communist state, the Soviet Union, has collapsed as a communist state, but they're still trying to "recruit" American school students and the Democrats are actively assisting them. Will these people never learn? Americans who know what they're doing want no part of socialism (if they even know what it is), but they keep pushing and pushing. Thanks to Errol Phillips for this item. (Little Green Footballs)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cuz' they're EFFECTIVE, Thass' Why!

Liberals hate "conservative talk radio," and they're doing everything in their power to destroy it. Why? Because "conservative talk radio" is EFFECTIVE, and usually messes up liberal carefully-laid plans to gain more and more control over the rest of us. They're constantly making snarky cracks about conservative talk radio hosts, and they're trying hard to bring back that failed "equal time" requirement, where if anybody (usually conservatives) put forth an opinion, the radio station MUST allow time for a "rebuttal." They claimed a liberal opinion didn't need rebutting because it was "mainstream (har, har).It didn't work because conservative talk radio IS "equal time." Aside from the blatant "liberal talk radio" that's been tried and has failed, ALL news outlets, with few exceptions, are liberal (except for Fox, of course). I tried listening to CNN and MSNBC once, but couldn't listen for long without wanting to break the television. I've given up watching ABC, NBC and CBS entirely because of their blatant (if denied) one-sided presentation of "news." I tried National Public Radio once, but within a half-hour, I had to switch to Rush Limbaugh, whose OPINIONS I don't always agree with, but whom I have never caught in a lie, while I have caught ALL the liberal news media lying, either by omission, or COMmission. They hate conservative talk radio (and TV) because they are EFFECTIVE. The reason why highly-touted "liberal talk radio" has always flopped is because liberals fail to understand the human condition and people get tired of listening to their drivel. Conservative talk radio and television networks like Fox News, who actually tell BOTH SIDES, unlike the liberal media, infuriate liberals like Bill Clinton, and according to him, they must be "shut up." Even Republican Senator Trent Lott opined that they "must be dealt with," and that's disgusting. (Michelle Malkin)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Sharia Law" Spreading in England

Like A plague spreading across the land, Islamic law, known as "Sharia Law" is spreading across England and there doesn't seem to be much the English authorities can do about it. 'Dr Prakash Shah, a senior lecturer in law at Queen Mary University of London, said such tribunals 'could be more effective than the formal legal system'. In his book 'Islam in Britain', Patrick Sookhdeo, director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, says there is an 'alternative parallel unofficial legal system' that operates in the Muslim community on a voluntary basis. 'Sharia courts now operate in most larger cities, with different sectarian and ethnic groups operating their own courts that cater to their specific needs according to their traditions,' he says. These are based on sharia councils, set up in Britain to help Muslims solve family and personal problems". If we allow this to continue as more and more Islamic people emigrate, sheer numbers will allow them to win the war for "converts" to Islam by "bringing the sword" to their attempts to spread Islam by FORCE. For my part, any attempt to FORCE me to convert to Islam will be met with force. (London Telegraph,)

It Didn't Happen

One of the biggest stories recently was this: "One of the most sensational news items over the Thanksgiving holiday came from the Associated Press, which reported on six Sunni civilians burned alive as they left Friday mosque services. The shocking dispatch received global coverage. The front cover of the Philadelphia Daily News blasted: "WORSHIPPERS BURNED ALIVE": Capping deadliest week of war, 6 Sunnis doused with kerosene, set afire as Iraqi soldiers reportedly stand idle.' The Chicago Sun-Times blared: 'Sunnis burned alive in revenge.' The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia headlined: 'Shiite militia burn Sunnis alive in revenge attacks.' The Calcutta Telegraph in India echoed: 'Shias burn Sunnis alive.' " Only problem is, it DIDN'T HAPPEN. It was an INVENTION of Capt. Jamil Hussein (Familiar name, that. I wonder if he's any relation to Saddam.), KNOWN to be an "unreliable source" who regularly sends false stories to the press to make it look like we are committing atrocities. Did you see any retractions of this story in ANY of these news sources? No. And you won't, either. To do so would reveal for all to see their complete INCOMPETENCE as news sources. Not only that, they WANT such stories to be true. (Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin, on World Net Daily)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

So What's Wrong With Hussein?

The liberals are getting all "bent out of shape" about people referring to Barak Hussein Obama with his complete name, including his middle name, "Hussein." What's wrong with that? What's wrong is it scares the hell out of every Democrat there is because it reminds people that, even if he might not BE a Muslim, he comes from "Muslim stock," and some of those weird and murderous thoughts might have been instilled in him as a child, as is required in the Muslim culture. But USING his middle name is "normal and natural," and it is "approved political practice" to remind people of a candidate's background. In this day and age, when extremist Muslims are beheading innocent people, just to "make a point," it's natural for the GOP to want to "make this point." I personally don't care if he is or is not a Muslim. I wouldn't vote for him because his every word and action screams "socialism," and I'd really rather do it myself, thank you. I don't need a "nanny government" to "do it for me" and that's part of what socialism is. The other part is, they want to finance it with MY money. Whether or not I want them to do so. You can always tell what frightens liberals because that's what they "squeal like stuck pigs" about. For me, if using Obama's middle name irritates liberals, I'm all for it. Bill Cunningham called Obama a "hack, Chicago-style politician." He didn't holler at that. Why? Because he knows it's true and screaming about the use of his middle name might take attention away from that. (Breitbart)

How Stupid Are They?

The "anti-gun crazies" have seen, time and again, that their "careful control of guns" laws do nothing of the kind, but they continue to pass them while those who obey them die at the hands of criminals who do not. All those laws do is provide criminals, who don't obey laws, a steady stream of unarmed victims for them to terrorize. John Stossel says, "No one intent on murder will be stopped by the prospect of committing a lesser crime like illegal possession of a firearm. The intellectuals and politicians who make pious declarations about controlling guns should explain how their gunless utopia is to be realized. While they search for -- excuse me -- their magic bullet, innocent people are dying defenseless." The FACT that guns in the hands of honest people REDUCES violent crime has been proven over and over again, but facts mean nothing to these idiots who think that the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves. I've asked them, time and again, "What makes you think a criminal, whose whole life is breaking the law, will OBEY a law that says he can't be armed?" So far, none of the "anti-gun crazies" has even tried to answer it. They just start pinning labels, such a "gun lover" on me without answering the question, because they can't. I defy ANYBODY to give me a LOGICAL argument in favor of "gun control." (John Stossel)