Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"Not Connecting the Dots"

Obama ordered the intelligence community to DELETE a lot of information from their database of suspected and proven terrorists. A database that contained “the dots” that allowed them to stay ahead of the Islamic terrorists. Then after the “Underwear Bomber” justr barely failed to blow up an airplane containing 200 innocent people because the bomb in his shorts failed, Obama criticized them for “not connecting the dots” and allowing that fool to get as close as he did to bringing that airplane down. That did a lot to destroy the morale of the intelligence community, who do the best job they can do against all Obama's interference. I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't many more attacks, due to Obama's interference with our intelligence people. It's hard to do a good job with your boss screwing you from behind. (World Net Daily)

"It Shall Not Be Named"

The anti-gun fools don't want children to even know guns exist. And they think that will stop kids from killing themselves through curiosity when they find a gun in their homes. And if you leave them where they can be found, you're contributing to that problem. They hate the NRA, but the NRA teaches people about properly securing guns to keep that from happening. And they train children (and parents) in the proper handling of guns, so the kids won't feel the curiosity that comes from knowing absolutely NOTHING about guns and what they are. Principally that they can be deadly, and are NOT “playthings.” The anti-gun fools continue to think that children should not even know guns exist, let alone understand the danger they can present. Which leads to the death of many. In Detroit, they have a real epidemic of children accidentally shooting themselves and others, because of that ignorance about guns. Now they're swearing to do something about it. What are they contemplating? They think it is a “public health issue.” The usual silly thinking. They think “child access prevention laws” will solve the problem. They don't even THINK about proper training for children (and parents). They maintain their “guns shall not even be named” policy, to the detriment of many children. (The Independent)

The Wrong Direction

The article linked here is anti-gun. It talks about “random gun violence” that goes unreported because it is mostly “gang-related.” That's code for “it will never be solved,” just as “mob related” used to mean. It blames “the easy availability of guns” for the problem, but ignores completely the fact that the guns used are ALL illegally owned and carried, usually by kids too young to be ALLOWED guns, in the first place. The shootings cited are NOT shootings done by LEGAL gun owners in defense of their lives and families as they defend themselves against these underage gang monsters, They emphasize the fact that the “reasons” for most of the shootings are unimportant, hoping to build an image of shootings in the general population (including legal gun owners) for trivial reasons. They fail to note that most of the offenders are too young to be able to figure out the difference between right and wrong, and are subject to the “gang culture,” which values “face” above all else, and are willing to kill for the most trivial slights, real or imagined. Adults and honest, law-abiding people are not subject to this culture. But, being “gun-haters,” they can't see this. All the violence cited here is done using ILLEGAL guns, not guns registered to their owners or that have gun locks or trigger locks. As usual, they're aiming in the wrong direction. (Tampa BayTimes)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Our Vets

On this day of mourning for the thousands of young men and women who gave their livers that we might remain a free nation, Obama goes around mouthing the platitudes that all presidents are expected to mouth on this day, while spending the rest of his time making rules that get more and more of these fine young people killed because they're not ALLOWED to fight back, effectively. He praises the dead, but his words are meaningless because he doesn't care. If he did, he wouldn't make “rules of combat” that inhibit their ability to fight effectively while the enemy beheads us, kidnaps our people, put them through hell, and ransom some if they can. He wouldn't be purposely reducing the numbers of military people and reducing military budgets to the bone. He goes about the world APOLOGIZING for the deeds that WON the wars we were forced to fight. He BOWS to kings and dictators all over the world. People we should be killing. He sends a message that, as long as he is in office, or has any effect on policy, we will NOT fight terrorism and despotism. He hates everything we stand for, and is working HARD to destroy everything those vets fought and died to accomplish. The sooner we rid ourselves of this menace, the better. It is good that the election is near, IF that does it. (Just common sense)

Blood On Obama's Hands

Obama is the worst serial killer ever! And that's a fact. He masterminded “Fast & furious,” which was supposed to be the same as Bush's scheme to find out where guns bought here went in Mexico that didn't work because the Mexicans found, and removed the GPS devices from the guns, so he stopped it. Then Obama did it again, this time not even bothering to put in GPS devices. What he hooped to accomplish, is strange. What he DID accomplish was 68 killings, in Mexico AND the U. S., and 20 MASS MURDERS. All that is blood on Obama's hands. This in ADDITION to the people who have died because of his other stupid policies. His stated goal was to point out the guns that were sold by U. S. gun stores and used in MEXICAN crime. To do so, he coerced U. S. gun stores to sell to “straw buyers” they ordinarily wouldn't even talk to. People they'd throw out of their stores. It was a scheme to paint the U. S. gun stores as selling guns that wound up doing Mexican crimes, so he could “strengthen gun laws” in the United States. It failed on all counts, because he was “found out” and his scam was publicized. Did that stop him? No. He may nor be selling guns to the Mexican drug lords any more, but he has never addressed the questions asked about it. No doubt the numbers would be even higher if we could depend on Mexican numbers, or get him to truthfully answer our questions. (Truth About Guns)

"No Guns, No Suicides!"

That's another lying myth promoted by the anti-gun fools. They think that someone determined to kill him/herself can't figure out a way to do it without a gun. How stupid ARE these people that they think we'll believe such pap? One recent such suicide attempt in Santiago where a man stripped naked and jumped into a lion cage in an attempt at suicide is a good example. It was foiled, and the man survived, though he was in “grave” condition at a local hospital. He was saved by the lions being—wait for it—SHOT by zoo keepers. They tried to tranquilize the lions, but managed to tranquilize him, instead. So they finally shot them to death. I hate that it had to go that way, because the lions weren't at fault. They were just being lions. But the whole point here is, that when fools want to kill themselves, they'll find a way, and lack of guns (if that were even possible) would not deter them. (The Sun)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Medicare Cuts Killing Seniors

Obama has just made an unconscionable change in Medicare. He is offering bonuses to hospitals that spend the LEAST on sick patients. So guess what? Hospitals are responding, and patients are dying for lack of good care. It's the VA all over again. Only in this case, they don't have trouble getting to SEE a doctor, they're having trouble getting the proper treatment, if it “costs too much.” It's Obama's “death panels” in operation. Only instead of having a bunch of bureaucrats denying seniors treatment, he's encouraging hospitals to do it for him. So he can still CLAIM not to HAVE “death panels.” If this edict had been in effect back in 2005, when I needed a quadruple bypass that cost $25,000.00, I wouldn't be here today, because some hospital administrator might have denied me that treatment, which no doubt kept me alive. (AMAC)

How About "Gunphobia?"

There are several organizations who want to stifle dissent to their plans who have come up with phony names for their critics. A couple of note are “Homophobia,” and “Islamaphobia.” It is their hope to paint their critics as somehow “mentally deficient” if they criticize them. I expect a new one to be created soon: “transgenderphobia,” to describe people who object to men in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Okay, so why can't the people who want to defend themselves against ILLEGAL gun owners, all of whom are thugs and criminals, have one of our own. Only this one is REAL. Anti-gun fools ARE “mentally deficient.” The only problem is that they have “wormed their way” into positions where they can make laws and rules to back up their mental aberration. The laws they make seem only to affect LEGAL gun owners, and ignore entirely the millions of ILLEGAL gun owners, who are really the problem. (Just common sense)

This Pope Is Senile

That's the problem with appointing very old people to important positions, such as that of the Pope. Maybe you get a “wise man,” maybe you get senility. I think, in the case of Pope Francis, you've got senility. I don't think he is naturally stupid, but he has shown a certain ignorance of reality in several of his pronouncements. His approval of communism and socialism, for instance. Nobody with any degree of intelligence, thinks there is anything good about socialism, communism, or any other form of collectivism. But he does, and I think it is a product of reduced thinking ability, which, at his age, can be senility. Catholics may be offended by this, and I apologize if they are. But it is something that must be said. Someone with a reduced capacity for intelligent thinking cannot be allowed to influence millions of followers.

This is not a condemnation of Catholicism. It is an effort to SAVE it from a senile Pope, whose ignorant pronouncements can do much damage. His most recent departure from reality is his saying that Muslims going out and KILLING those who won't “convert” to THEIR religion as being comparable to the peaceful proselytism of Jesus Christ. I don't think Jesus ever BEHEADED anybody in the name of God. Yes, certain representatives of Christianity, at one time, did commit atrocities in the name of God. But that was ended by “wiser heads” who intervened. There ARE no such “wiser heads” among Muslims. Or, if there are, they have not revealed themselves, lest they be killed, by the MEN who are running things right now. Christian teaching speaks of a “false prophet” who will arise in the “end times.” I think that prophet is Muhammed, the father of Islam. (World Net Daily)

Friday, May 27, 2016

She Did It, Too!

Elizabeth Warren, known as “Pocahontas” because she claimed Indian background to gain the benefits she could get by doing so, criticized Donald Trump for “profiting from the misery of others” for making money on foreclosures. All the time doing it herself. She made a bundle “flipping houses.” And yet she has the GALL to criticize Trump for doing it. Maybe she (and Hillary) thinks only DEMOCRATS should have the right to “profit on the misery of others.” Now Hillary is blaming the borrowers, that the lenders KNEW could not pay the mortgages back, when the fault lies with the Democrats, who passed the “Citizen's Reinvestment Act of 1976,” that FORCED lenders to make loans to people they KNEW could not repay them, or face action as a “redliner.” And Bill Clinton (her husband, strengthened it and made things worse during his administration. That's a typical liberal scam, accusing opponents of doing what YOU are doing. (The Blaze)

Why Not Shut It Down?

Islamic terrorism's magazine, “Inspire,” does just that. It “inspires” Muslims to KILL innocent people openly. Is there any other publication in America allowed to “inspire” crimes and stay in business? Yes, we have a free press. But to foment violence and murder doesn't qualify as “freedom of the press.” That would be like shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, just for fun. No matter where it is actually published. If it is published in a Muslim country, it still has to be SHIPPED here, and can be intercepted and stopped. Why isn't it? Are they afraid of Muslim retaliation? Or are they just too lazy to do anything about this abomination pretending to be a magazine? Nobody else is allowed to “counsel” murder and stay in business. We need to put these fools OUT of business. (AmmoLand)

Making Our Guns Useless

They can't just ban guns. The Constitution, which is the BASIS of all our laws, prohibits it. So what are fearful politicians to do? They can't have private citizens going around with guns in their pockets. That will make it more difficult for their thugs to victimize them. So what can they do? Idea! Make them useless by requiring them to be stored in such a way as to make them useless for defending against criminals (some wearing badges) who come to steal your property, using their own guns. Further, require “trigger locks”: and separate storage for guns and their bullets! If “concealed carry is allowed, require that the gun be UNLOADED. What the hell good does an UNLOADED gun do you:? What a STUPID requirement! That's a question they refuse to answer. The important thing to these frightened politicians is that an unloaded gun is USELESS to you in defending yourself, and that's what they want. They will have successfully “gotten around the Constitution.” (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

He'll Never Make It!

They said Trump would never make it. He'd soon “fall by the wayside” as soon as he realized he had embarked upon an impossible quest. He didn't. Instead, one by one, all his competitors fell out while he kept winning primary after primary, until he was the only one left. Then they said he'd never get the necessary number of delegates to become the nominee, and would be shut out in the convention and someone they named, who had not received a single vote, would be selected by the Republican establishment. Then he got the “magic number” and one more for good measure, with several primaries remaining to add to his total. Many people, including some top politicians say, “he'll never get to be president.” These are the same people who said he'd “never get the nomination.” They've been wrong from day one. But they keep “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping against hope he will “come crashing down,” and he won't. They'll be wrong again. With nobody but a crooked grandmother who thinks the rules don't apply to her or an admitted socialist crazy man running against him in the general election, I think we're looking at our next president—if Obama doesn't pull some underhanded trick to stay in office forever. (Minutemen News)

Nunaya Damned Business!

They're telling doctors to ask you if you have guns, and how many you have. They think they have the right to do that. Of course, with the way Obama ignores our constitutional rights, they make “regulations” not backed by law, to do many things that are unconstitutional. So doctors questioning you about your guns will become common. What should also become common is to tell the doctor, “None of your damned business,” and refuse to answer. Or lie. The anti-gun fools say that “gun violence is a health issue, so doctors questioning patients about their guns is right and proper.” Which is a typical bunch of horse manure. Whether or not you have a gun at home is none of their business, and telling them to ask about it is the government's way of buttressing their already extensive database of gun owners so they can come and get them when they figure out how to do it. This article suggests you simply LIE to the doctor. Which works. But I believe it is NOT your doctor's business whether or not you have a gun in your house. And he has NO RIGHT to question you about it. (Hot Air)

Don't Elect A Dictator!

I wouldn't vote for Bernie Sanders on a bet. This is how dictators originally got their offices in other countries. Voted in by gullible people who wanted “free stuff,” and got a dictator. That's how Vladmir Lenin came to power, and ruined Russia for 75 years. It's how Adolph Hitler came to power, and he started WWII while enslaving Germany completely, and killed 6 million Jews. Then he tried to “take over the world.” Saddam Hussein was voted into power and became a dictator who had his opponents thrown alive off of roofs of buildings. Many other of today's despots began their despotism by being elected to office by people who just wanted “free stuff.” And Bernie appeals to those very people because he is an ADMITTED socialist. There's NO WAY I ever want to see this fool in the White House.

Obama is bad enough, and we may not survive HIS presidency as a free nation. He promised to “fundamentally change this nation” and he has kept that promise. He has changed it from a free market nation that is the “destination of choice” for people from all over the world who want to better themselves, to a SOCIALIST nation people will RUN away from. He hasn't finished the job yet, and rumor is, he will work some sort of a scam to stay in power after Jan. 20, 2017. Even if he doesn't, electing EITHER Bernie of Hillary is tantamount to a third year of Obama. I don't know if Trump is the answer, but he is certainly better than either Bernie or Hillary. I hope there are enough people left who are not looking for “freebies” to elect him.

Obama, Hillary, and Bernie tell us the capitalist system is wrong, and should be replaced by socialism (or some other form of collectivism), but everywhere collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, progressivism, etc.) has been used, it has failed. If it hasn't collapsed completely as it has in Venezuela, it muddles along on the WELFARE paid by other socialist countries that have not yet gone “belly up.” Such as Cuba, where the average age of the cars in use there is the FIFTIES, because they can't afford better cars—except for Castro and his accomplices. The “government people” in collectivist countries always get the best available. Meanwhile, their infrastructure is crumbling, after their chief communist sponsor, Russia, collapsed.

The word capitalism is used as an insult to the system of free market activity that has made this country, in about 300 years, SURPASS anything other countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years have been able to accomplish. They can't find ANYTHING to recommend collectivism, but they continue to promote it, because it gives them POWER. With power comes PERKS, which they covet. Such people think they're better than the rest of us, but they're not. If they were, they wouldn't be promoting a system that is BASED on THEFT from the producer of new wealth, for the benefit of those who don't, for whatever reason, produce new wealth, themselves. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Censorship In Canada

Canada doesn't have a First Amendment. So soon, if you say anything “bad” about transgenders” going into women's private places, like bathrooms and changing rooms, you can get TWO YEARS in prison. Trudeau is working HARD to get this law passed. They're trying to pass a law banning negative talk about many things, including transgenderism, and violating this law can get you 2 years in PRISON, fort speaking out of turn. And don't think Obama is not eying this with interest. Such a law in the United States would be a patent violation of the Constitution, but Obama has proven he doesn't give a damn about that. I'm sure it will be thrown out by the Supreme Court eventually, but there's no telling how many people will be victimized by it before that happens. Such laws should be FORCED to undergo a Court review of their constitutionality BEFORE being enforced. But that's not how we operate, and Obama uses that to his advantage, since there is NO PENALTY for a politician violating the Constitution, except to eventually have his law reversed. (Before It's News)

Typical Racist Horse Manure

Since Obama started calling EVERYTHING that was against what he wanted “racist,” his acolytes are taking a tip from him and calling THEIR opposition racist. Virginia Senator Tim Kayne (Democrat, of course) is saying that the only reason Obama's Supreme court appointment is not being taken up by the Senate is because Obama is black. What STUPIDITY that displays! This appointment isn't being voted on because if it goes through, there will be a liberal MAJORITY on the Court, which will screw things up for GENERATIONS. This senator's statement is a “cheap shot” and goes right along with OBAMA'S “cheap shots” of a similar nature. Obama said that if we elected him, it would forever END racism in this country. On the contrary, it has made it WORSE, mostly because Obama has used racism to ostracize people who oppose, or disagree with his STUPID policies. I don't give a damn if he is white, black, or PURPLE with pink polka-dots! His policies are dangerously stupid, and they can call me racist all they want, and that doesn't change it. Nor does it matter to me. (Daily Caller)

No Guns, Now Pot

San Francisco's last gun shop is closing. And it's being replaced by a “pot shop.” Apparently, the restrictions on selling pot aren't as “draconian” as they are on selling guns. So now, instead of selling guns to legal gun buyers, it will sell POT to misguided kids who just want to get high, and will STEAL the money to buy it if they don't have it. They CALL it “medicinal pot," but how many kids who want to get high will “come up with” medical excuses to buy it? How they figure this improves the safety of San Francisco residents is a mystery—to everybody EXCEPT the liberal fools running things in that city. Now the cops and security agencies that offer armed security will have to go outside SF to get their guns, and bring them right back into SF. Meanwhile, CRIMINALS will go to the same ILLEGAL gun seller in a back alley somewhere (in SF), and buy their guns out of the trunk of his car (or steal them), since he is not affected by this misguided situation fostered by anti-gun FOOLS. (NY Daily News)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baltimore Waking Up

They're finally figuring out they have a way too officious prosecutor who RAN to charge six cops in the accidental death of a prisoner in custody, without considering the consequences. She just “went along with the crowd” of fools who quickly “bought” the scam Freddy Gray was selling, that the cops were “assaulting him.” When he banged his head against the wall of the wagon as he was being taken to jail, he forgot his very recent spinal surgery, and it killed him. Too bad for him. But it wasn't the actions of the cops that were at fault. Without considering that possibility, Marilyn Mosby filed charges against the cops without sufficient evidence (which there was none), who were doing their job, and doing it well. She has screwed up the lives of those cops royally, and it has now been realized. Charges should be filed against HER. Or she should at least lose her job and be disbarred. She is being "looked at" for investigation for overreaching her powers. (Mail News)

Flouting the Second Amendment

That's what Washington, DC does on a regular basis. Therefore, they get “slapped down” by the Supreme Court, also on a regular basis. In 2008, the Court struck down a COMPLETE BAN on citizens owning guns in DC as unconstitutional. After that, they enforced a ban on carrying firearms in public, until the Court, in 2014, struck THAT down. They just never learn. And this is the place where ALL our laws are made, and they should know better. But they apparently don't. The anti-gun fools criticize the NRA, which is the most instrumental organization in the country protecting our Second Amendment rights, FOR doing so. They try every scam they can to discredit the NRA, but, so far, they haven't made it. Next, they required citizens to have a “specific reason” to want a “license to carry,” which functioned as an almost complete ban on new gun carry licenses. They're like that game where you hit a figure in one hole with a hammer, and he pops up in a different hole, almost immediately. Shut them down in one scam, and they immediately come up with another. Limiting the law abiding on carrying guns does NOTHING to reduce gun violence, all of which is committed by CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws. But they'll never learn that, and will continue their efforts to “get around” the prohibition on banning gun rights that is so simple, and prominent in the Constitution. (NRA-ILA)

False Prophet

I'm not big on organized religion. I do believe in a supreme being somewhere in this (or another) universe that ORGANIZED this complicated universe. I'd be a fool not to when I look at how well organized this universe is. But I'm just not sure He/She/It is anything like ANY form given by the MEN who have created all the religions in this world. But I'm increasingly aware of some of the Christian prophecies coming true, in my lifetime. One major prophecy I see coming true right now is the “false prophet." I think we can now name him, and his name is Mohammed. The religion he started, and which has grown at an amazing pace because it is promoted as a religion to which if you don't subscribe, they wish to put you to death. The things this religion preaches are EVIL. They enslave their women, and want to KILL you for the slightest imagined slight. They think their (peaceful) religion is the ONLY religion on the face of the Earth that is right, and if you don't accept that, they'll KILL you. They'll want to kill ME for writing this. But if I can be killed for telling the truth, life is not worth living. And I'm old enough to know my time is near, anyway. (Just common sense)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wiser Head Speaks

In Baltimore, a judge declared officer Edward Nero, the second of the six cops charged falsely in the death of Freddie Gray, NOT GUILTY. The judge questioned the assertion that, to arrest Grey without probable cause, amounted to assault. The whole idea that those six cops were guilty of murder because they didn't attach Gray's seat belt in the wagon is absurd. And the only reason he died is because he tried to incriminate those cops by hitting his head against a wall several times. Unfortunately, he had had back surgery recently, and THAT was what caused his death. Not the actions of the cops. The local state's attorney, Marilyn Mosby, who obviously has a hate for cops, falsely charged the cops. Another of the six, William Porter, got a mistrial after the jury could not arrive at a verdict. That, and this result, should send a signal to the fools that charged these cops with murder when the victim killed himself by accident, while trying to incriminate the cops who arrested him. This entire case is the outcome of the “Ferguson Effect,” where cops are criminally blamed for doing their jobs. If any of the remaining cops are convicted, it will be a massive miscarriage of justice. In Ferguson, MO, the cop was innocent of any wrongdoing, but lost his job anyway, and his life was ruined. It's too bad that huge young thug was killed, but when you try to kill a cop, that's a likely outcome. (WTVR 6)

A Country In Decline

I hate to say it, as much as I hate to LIVE it. But Obama has kept one promise: to “fundamentally change this country.” and he has. He has moved us inexorably closer to socialism, reduced our ability to repulse attacks on our sovereignty significantly by making large and inadvisable cuts in our military budgets, which will, and HAVE made us UNABLE to mount a significant defense if attacked from more than one direction at once. There is no better evidence of this than the military airplanes and helicopters that are sitting idle on the ground for lack of parts to make them airworthy while their pilots don't get enough flying time for lack of enough flyable aircraft, to maintain their own airworthiness. Every decision these days has, at its base, radical liberalism. He has gotten us into $19 BILLION dollars of debt, which our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and their descendants will be unable ever to pay. (Just common sense)

No, We're NOT!

The writer of the article linked here says, “Americans are being duped by the NRA.” Actually, we're NOT. The NRA teaches gun safety courses, and courses on safe gun handling and storage. They teach kids about guns, emphasizing the fact that they're NOT TOYS, and not to be “played with,” which has saved many kid's lives—which the usual “an item that shall not be named” policy of anti-gun fools does not. In fact, that policy INCREASES the killing of one child by another, who, without instruction, doesn't understand that a real gun is not a CAP gun. And they spend a lot of time and money opposing the UNCONSTITUTIONAL efforts of anti-gun fool politicians to make existing guns USELESS, since they can't just BAN them. Politicians are constantly trying to “get around” this constitutional prohibition on DISARMING the populace, and this article is just one such effort. While the NRA isn't the only organization to oppose them, it is the most influential—which is why the anti-gun fools try so hard to discredit them. (The Guardian)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

What the Hell?

I thought the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States PROHIBITED banning discussion over unproven allegations. Yet, in Portland (Oregon or Maine, I don't know. They didn't say), the School Board is banning any negative information about global warming (now called, “climate change”) in textbooks. They say, “Man is causing climate change, no question about it.” which is an outright LIE. There IS a “question about it,” which they can't answer. Which is why they want to stifle opposition. It's complete arrogance to think that man could have ANY effect on climate change, and there is no REAL EVIDENCE otherwise. Only “computer models.” They KNOW they can't intelligently answer questions about it, so they just want to eliminate information contrary to their OPINIONS, altogether, by “law.” That's the liberal way. (Zero Hedge)

Socialism's End Result

We keep telling people that the “end result” of socialism is collapse, and they don't believe us. Chiefly because the socialists in charge of such collapses deny socialism was, in any way, responsible. But the current collapse in Venezuela IS from socialism, and they can't truthfully deny it. Their socialism is so well known there that denying it is futile. People are FIGHTING over what food is left. There is no toilet paper in all of Venezuela and trees are being stripped of their leaves as a substitute. Maybe they'll start using pictures of the Venezuelan president. Hamburgers cost $175.00! Chese added is another $10.00.The “final straw” came when they announced that they had “run out of money to print money!” Children are dying for lack of medicine, medical care, and food. But there will still be people who tout the “advantages” of socialism. Some “ideas” never die, even after being PROVEN to be a disaster. There will always be people stupid enough to promote them, anyway, and others to believe them. (Before It's News)

Anti-Gun Round Table

Gabby Giffords, the former congresswoman who got her brains scrambled by a gunman some time ago, is hosting a “round table” on “gun control” in heavily anti-gun Los Angeles. Likely they will discuss the same tired, old, USELESS gun laws that are being made all over the country, which not only do NOTHING to “reduce gun violence,” but in fact, INCREASE it. Their minds are “set in stone” that these useless laws work, in spite of SURE EVIDENCE that they don't. She holds “round tables” and other kinds of meetings, all over the country, but she can't show a single percent REDUCTION in “gun violence” as a result of these meetings. But she feels like she's actually DOING something. It's nice to have a goal in life, even if it's a futile one, and wrong. And it will be futile until they get smart and come up with something REAL in place of their USELESS gun laws. I'm not holding my breath until they do. (CBS)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

TSA Is Incompetent

Some call it the “Tough Sh-t Agency.” And they're mostly right. They have proven themselves to be sloppy and incompetent. They spend their time “feeling up” people and making outrageous “rules” on what can be taken on a plane, which do NOTHING to stop a terrorist from boarding. They search 90-year-old crippled women and infants thoroughly, but allow obvious Muslims to go aboard with a minimum of searching, so they won''t “offend” one of the easiest offended bunch around. They have many people whose names are on their “no fly lists” working FOR them. They PURPOSELY maintain smaller numbers of “searchers” than they need so they can con more money out of Congress to be able to hire more. And it's working. They panic easily. They're afraid of their shadows, and react violently if someone so much as SAYS certain words, such as “terrorist,” “bomb,” or some such. The slightest opposition to their invasive activities brings down a swarm of TSA agents to stop it. They have plenty of agents walking around doing nothing for that. They SAY their problems are the result of “budget cuts,” something that hasn't happened to them recently. That's always the excuse used when a government agency gets in trouble. Happy three hour waits, folks! (Constitution)

Unpopular Candidate?

They say Donald Trump is “one of the most unpopular candidates in memory.” Why then, does he keep winning primary after primary (whatever they call them), and draw the biggest crowds of any candidate, on either side? I think the Republican “establishment” is “whistling past the graveyard” in hopes enough people will believe that, so they'll vote for someone else. They keep saying he's “behind Hillary,” who is also unpopular, though we know why she is leading—the Democrats have it “fixed” so she will, no matter how many primaries Bernie wins. But to compare the two is like “apples and oranges.” She doesn't have the Democrat “establishment” against her. The Republicans don't want Trump because they won't be able to control him by withholding funds, and he has PROMISED to “upset many applecarts.” Whether or not he will be a good president is still to be answered. But he CAN'T be a worse president than Obama has been. There isn't such an animal! (Weekly Standard)

Now That's REAL Racism!

The Seattle Times had a piece by a black man, if you can believe that, which was billed as saying “black men should not get guns.” Now, that's REAL racism. Not the phony kind put out by Obama, his thugs, and his followers. Not the kind represented by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which gets very angry when someone corrects that to read “ALL Lives Matter.” This article bemoans the “fact” that so many guns used in gun crimes are stolen, as if it's OUR fault thugs steal our guns. They cite a figure that a large percentage of people are shot by kids FIVE and under, as if what they call “easy access to guns” was at fault, instead of the action of anti-gun fools to make guns a word “that shall not be spoken” to kids, so they'll always be enthralled if they find a gun at home and play with it as if it were a toy. If the people whose guns were stolen had attended a NRA “gun safety” class, they'd KNOW that keeping information about guns from their children PROMOTES their use by young children to ACCIDENTALLY kill each other. That if they learned proper gun handling and storage, their guns would not be so easily stolen. You can't “reduce gun violence” by hiding their very existence and being sloppy in their storage at home. But these fools will never know that. Their minds are solidly CLOSED to common sense, although they label their USELESS laws as “common sense gun laws.” (Seattle Times)

Friday, May 20, 2016

What's Good About Socialism?

Answer: NOTHING! Socialism, and all other forms of collectivism, communism, progressivism, Fascism, etc.) are BASED on THEFT from the producer of new wealth, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason (usually laziness) do not produce any new wealth, themselves. This motto, put out by Karl Marx, the “father of communism,” tells it all: “FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED.” Making “need” a demand upon the EARNINGS of the producers, without payment for that stolen. There is a single reason why collectivism is so popular. That's because so many people just want a “free ride,” at the expense of others. They don't care how much it costs, as long as somebody else is paying for it. The number of people in that category is increasing, every day. Mostly because they're TAUGHT that, in school, at all levels.

Especially in colleges, which have literally been “taken over” by liberals, who daily preach socialism and it's “benefits.” That those “benefits” are only available to the lazy is not mentioned. It was just beginning when I went to school, but I still remember the emphasis on “sharing” above all else. Marx caused a nation (Russia) to suffer for 75 years from his version of collectivism, communism, before it predictably collapses, since no form of collectivism produces ANY new wealth. It only sucks off those who DO produce, without remuneration—until they “get wise” and stop producing when they figure out they're only supporting those who will not work and support themselves. Collectivism NEEDS producers, so they can steal what they earn for the benefit of others. When the producers find out they're supporting the lazy, and get penalized for it, they stop producing, and the system collapses, as it did in Russia, and is now doing in Venezuela.

There are three kinds of people in this world: The producers, the moochers, and the looters, who steal it for them. The looters are the politicians who tax the producers unmercifully, and give that stolen to the moochers. Soon the moochers think it is their due, and demand more. Which the looters willingly steal for them, so they'll get the votes they need to stay in office, where they can loot even more, for the moochers, and themselves. They say they're not interested in money, but they're lying. You don't need to OWN the money if you CONTROL, absolutely, how it is distributed, and to whom. Then you “get the perks” money can buy, without owning it. Plus, you get treated like a king or queen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are today's looters, and they need to be BANISHED, forever from political office. In the upcoming election (2016), I sincerely hope there are enough producers to outnumber the moochers, so they will not again elect the looters to office, so they can victimize us again. (This article first appeared on iPatriot)

The Truth Comes Out

The liberal media keeps saying that the Republican Party is severely fractured, while the Democrats are united. They'd like us to believe that, but, as with most liberal assurances, it is NOT true. Yes, there are a few Republicans who don't like their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. But Trump has risen above that, and I believe he will not only be a viable candidate, I think he will win, probably in a landslide. Remember: whenever the PEOPLE get to have their say, he wins. When the Republican “establishment” have their say, he loses. So that pretty much tells you where the “fracturing” is. In the Democrat Party, Hillary and Bernie loyalists recently got into a violent confrontation at a local Democrat meeting. This was NOT a fight between voters and the “establishment,” it was between voters loyal to one or the other candidates. This is NOT “party unity.” so don't believe the horse manure they spout. (The Blaze)

Penis Transplant

Many men who are less endowed than they'd like to be have wondered if it was possible to add a couple of inches to their penis, and if it would then work. It now appears that this would, indeed be possible. If they can transplant a penis from a cadaver to a live person, and the penis will eventually do everything it's supposed to do, even engage in sex, they could certainly graft a penis (or part of one) onto an existing penis, with it eventually being able to perform all functions of an unaltered penis. This discovery should be instrumental in starting another massive enterprise, as the discovery that Viagra could help people with erectile dysfunction to be able to get, and keep erections. There will soon be long lines at penile surgery centers, wishing to enhance their endowment. I guarantee it. (The Blaze)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mass Stupidity

I can't believe how many stupid people there are in this country. If the people who just want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense are sufficiently numerous to elect either Hillary or Bernie president, we're done. But they don't care, as long as they get their “freebies.” the fact that they will have condemned all of us to generations of hardship doesn't matter to them. All they want it their “stuff.” I could understand Bernie drawing such big crowds (although they're dwarfed by Trump's crowds), if he hadn't ADMITTED to being socialist. There was a time when an admitted socialist wouldn't have gotten NEAR a presidential nomination in a “mainstream political party.” But no more. Ever since our education system was “taken over” by liberals, our impressionable kids have been brainwashed that socialism is great, although it isn't. So it's no mystery to me how the “freebie hounds” have gotten so near outnumbering honest, working people. (Just common sense)

Teaching Kids About Guns

In many places, they are teaching kids as young as NINE about guns, and actually letting them SHOOT them. HORRORS! Some newspapers are “:having a cow “ over this. Everybody knows youngsters often find guns at home, and in their ignorance shoot each other or themselves. So we should keep gun knowledge from them as long as possible. That's what anti-gun fools think and say. But why DO kids shoot each other and themselves so often? Because they know nothing ABOUT guns, by design! And, to them, they're often considered playthings, like cap guns, which have now almost disappeared from toy store shelves. But if they were TAUGHT about guns, and taught gun safety, that might not happen. They might then respect a gun as the dangerous instrument it can be, and not “play with it.” Hiding gun information from kids promotes killings, through ignorance. One of the things the NRA is big on is teaching gun safety, as well as safe gun handling. But anti-gun fools want to pretend guns don't exist for kids. And that gets many of them killed. (The Guardian)

Damned Fool Obama!

He's not a fool in how he is running his government, everything he does is calculated to weaken America and make it easier for our enemies to come here and kill us. But where he IS a damned fool is the many pronouncements he makes publicly, thinking we'll BELIEVE them, in spite of the evidence of our eyes, and our lives. He tells the 96 million unemployed, most of which have GIVEN UP on ever finding another decent job, that he has brought unemployment down to 5%, when we KNOW that is A LIE! But he DARES us to disbelieve him. Now he's telling us confidently that, “By almost every measure, the world is in better shape than it was 8 years ago (when his eminence took office)..” That is so laughable I hurt myself when I heard it. It took me a long time to stop laughing long enough to write this. The country is on the verge of national bankruptcy, to join all the formerly solid businesses that have had to declare bankruptcy since he screwed them. He has promoted the latest incredible increase in the minimum wage, which has resulted in hundreds of businesses going out of business, and their employees having no jobs at all. Meanwhile, his thugs are bullying people to allow MEN in women's bathrooms and changing rooms to divert our attention from reality. (CNS News)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Muslim "Refugee" Rapists

This is the story of a German girl who was sexually assaulted by Muslim “refugees” several times, and decided to do something about it. She learned unarmed combat and, when next a Muslim “refugee” tried to sexually assault her, she gave him a “beat down” he didn't expect, and he ran away from her. In the previous sexual assaults a female cop told her it wasn't worth a complaint, because she couldn't name her attacker. Come on! Isn't that the JOB of the cops? To FIND OUT who attacked her and, even if they couldn't pronounce any of his names (they all have several, to confuse us), prosecute him if she visually identifies him? They're just not doing their job. I think it's because they fear reprisals from the Muslims. Some are on the SIDE of the Muslims. (Freedom Outpost)

Couric Is Deluded

She is now saying that, “The claim that armed good guys can stop bad guys is a specious argument.” Is it? Then why are there so many stories in non-liberal news sources on it happening, every day? In Chicago recently, with it's very tight “gun laws,” an ILLEGALLY-armed thug was robbing a convenience store and threatening a clerk with death when a LEGALLY armed customer shot HIM to death. Specious argument, huh? Maybe you oughta do a little honest research, for a change, Katie. Then maybe you'd know the truth, and stop telling LIES. There are stories like that in the news every day. Just not in the places YOU read. They're in HONEST news sources, which you DON'T read. Wake up to reality, Katie. You're supposed to know of what you speak, and you're miserably ignorant. (Breitbart)

Moore Plays "Race Card"

It's almost REQUIRED today for liberals (which Michael Moore definitely is) to attribute everything under the sun to racism, whether or not there is any EVIDENCE to support it. Lack of evidence has never been an impediment to liberals. When they want to make you think something, they just SAY IT, and see to it that as many of their liberal friends repeat it, as possible. Then they call attention to the many people saying the same thing as proof of authenticity (circular reasoning). Moore is now saying that the flint pollution problem is because of racism, not the fault of incompetent people (liberals) in charge. It's a good way these days, to obfuscate the issue. They blame racism for many things that are NOT because of racism, but ARE because of incompetent liberals in charge. Such as all the cities that are in “money trouble.” every one of them are RUN by liberals. Don't take my word for ir, check it for yourself. That's what the Internet is for. Just be sure of your source. (Brad Wilmouth)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

They Lied to America

Obama adviser Ben Rhoades came right out and confessed: “We lied to America to get the Iran deal through. If we hadn't, it would never have made it (paraphrased).” Which is just one more bit of evidence that the Obama administration is made up of a “web of lies.” They also lied to get Obamacare passed. That fact was testified to by Professor Jonathan Gruber. Worse, he actually SAID “We lied to the gullible Americans to get it passed into law.” This is what his people DO, led by Obama, himself. He not only lies, he makes up OUTRAGEOUS LIES he KNOWS we will not believe, and tells them with a straight face. And he does it daily. One notable Obama lie is the one where he tells us the economy is “okay,” when we KNOW it is NOT, from personal experience. Especially if we are part of the 96 million people who are unemployed, with no hope of ever getting another job and have thus, left the work force. He doesn't count us any more, which is where he gets the ridiculous 5% unemployment figure he touts so proudly. Obama and his goons have been conning the country since he crawled out from under his Chicago rock to elbow Hillary aside in 2008. (The Federalist)

NY Times Lies

The article linked here is sheer horse manure. But it was presented as truth by the NY Times, the newspaper that calls itself, “The Newspaper of Record.” It's all lies, and the main subject int the story never said what they say she said, in the way they told us she said it. She later went on Fox News and said that NYT “twisted her words” to do a “hit piece” on Donald Trump after telling her it would NOT be a "hit piece.". She told us what the NYT reported “NEVER HAPPENED, that Trump was always a PERFECT GENTLEMAN.. with her.” If this is the kind of thing the NYT reports, and in that way, it's no wonder they're losing readers every day, and their time is short. I don't know how many years they have left (if any) before they go bankrupt, but their time is definitely coming. You can't continue to blatantly lie to your readers and keep them today. There are too many places capable of bringing out the truth. They blame their woes on “changing markets,” but theirs is accelerated by their lies. (NY Times)

"The New Jim Crow"

That's horse manure, but that's how the liberals describe our objections to Obama's STUPID letter to local school districts, ORDERING them to allow boys and men into women's restrooms, so they can ogle the naked bodies of teenagers, and even sexually abuse them in their own restrooms and changing rooms. That he has NO AUTHORITY to do such a thing is obfuscated in the liberal media. Since he has no right to send such an order, he is ILLEGALLY using the withholding of millions of dollars in funds WE sent to Washington so he could “get his cut” and send the rest back. It's OUR money, not his, but he is using it to BULLY the local school districts to do something that is patently a perversion. Of course, this whole thing is an effort to divert our attention from the two socialists running in the presidential election campaign, as well as the other OUTRAGES he is promoting. (Christine Marsh)

Monday, May 16, 2016

"Dirty Secret" Revealed

Did you see the story about the “bomb” found in a soccer stadium that caused the cops to stop the game while they disarmed it? It happened in Manchester, England. What they didn't tell you is that the “bomb” was a PHONY bomb left there by the “authorities” after a recent practice exercise. If we keep this up, the terrorists have WON. They won't need to blow anything up, or kill anybody. We'll terrorize ourselves. They've already been responsible for creating a giant bureaucracy in America, the one designed to humiliate everybody at airports by having to submit to being “felt up” before being allowed on an airplane. Of course, that's what we get when we let the incompetent “authorities” run things. They have no idea what they're doing, and thus screw things up like Hogan's goat. In this case, they only inconvenienced thousands of people in one day. There's no telling how they'll screw other things up in their fevered quest to keep terrorists from successfully attacking us. Their incompetence is amazing. (The Blaze)

Parsing Words

That's how liberals obfuscate the facts. George Stephanopolous said Hillary “turned over all the e-mails that were in her possession.” But there were thousands more that were NOT “in her possession” because she got rid of them before turning in any. So George didn't lie, he just told it in such a way as to give us a wrong impression. That's how they do it. Liberals have perfected the art of obfuscating reality and promoting pipe dreams. Most of the things they promote ARE “pipe dreams.” Of course, they insist that they're NOT pipe dreams, but THAT'S a pipe dream. They will criticize me for saying this, so as to obfuscate what I say. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. They're losing today, because we're getting more information about them than we used to, when they CONTROLLED the dissemination of information. But with the advent of such people as Rush Limbaugh, and the rise of Fox News, they can no longer control the dissemination of news, and lie to us, undetected by the majority who pay attention. Those who DON'T pay attention, however, are another story. (News Busters)

Coverup Begins

Those of us who look outside the liberal news media for our news because we know it lies, and withholds vital information know all about Facebook's attempts at censorship of conservatives. But the liberal media REFUSES to say anything about it, so the liberals can say “It didn't happen because it was never in the news.” Never in the news THEY read anyway. But it DID happen, just as the IRS “dragged their feet” on approving the tax exempt status for conservative organizations, and they didn't cover that, either. That's how they “manage” the news. By emphasizing negative stories about non-liberal figures like the story about Trump's “abusive” relationship with a woman that turned out to be NOT an abusive relationship.

It was only reported that way by the NY Times. Then they ignore other stories that might destroy the liberal narrative. They've been doing this for many years, and it was undetected by everybody but those conservatives affected. But they had no way to let people know. Now, more and more it is becoming evident, since there is a large, and increasingly evident “alternative” news media that is gaining notice in the mainstream, to report it. Liberals hate that, and take every opportunity to disparage it's representatives, such as Fox News, which tells the truth about them, and tells BOTH SIDES of the stories they report. This is something the liberal media does NOT do. They hate Fox News because it exposes their perfidy. (Media ResearchCenter)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Why Don't They Learn?

Anti-gun fools are never deterred in their quest to DISARM the American people when the laws the get passed cause death and destruction by taking guns away from HONEST people, leaving the way wide open for CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws, to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Surely, they're not that ignorant or stupid. There must be another reason why they ignore common sense in the laws they get passed in SPITE of sure proof they pass USELESS laws. That purpose is clear to me. They want to eventually come for what's yours, and they don't want you to be able to repulse them when they do. That's the ONLY reason I can see for taking your guns away, in opposition to the constitutional guarantee that we have a RIGHT to be armed. They refuse to see that their laws are USELESS in reducing gun violence because that's not their intention, at all. That's their story and they're “stickin' to it. (Just common sense)

They Didn't Know

This article says, “If Hillary becomes commander-in-chief, half the military will get out.” then they ask the cryptic question, “Why didn't they get out when Obama got elected?” The answer is simple: they didn't know he was the disaster he is. Now it wouldn't do any good to leave HIS military. But it's not too late to get out of HILLARY'S military. She has a record already, of leaving them to DIE when they get attacked. They thought they were safe when she got fired as Secretary of State. But Obama has done equally stupid things. It figures that, now they know what they will be up against, they don't want to die of her ignorance and stupidity. Of course, they won't have to just quit. Obama will fire them in his quest to CRIPPLE our military, and thus our country. He doesn't think this country was EVER great. But it has only NOT been great since he took office, because of his rhetoric. (Breitbart)

It's Always the Gun

Whenever a “crazy” shoots up a school, or somewhere else guns are banned, they blame the GUN, not the man. They come out and demand that more of the same useless “gun laws” that have been made for years by short-sighted people who can't think straight have been making. Politicians listen, and then go out and make more useless laws that do nothing but make “sitting ducks” of innocent citizens who then have no defense, and soon some other idiot goes out and gets a gun in one of many ILLEGAL ways, and goes on a shooting spree. Then somebody closely connected with somebody in the shooting demands more of those useless laws, and get them. Then it happens again. And again. And again. In the recent Oregon shooting it is the father of the shooter who is demanding more of the same, useless laws. In the case of Gabby Giffords (after Jared Laughner scrambled her brains with a bullet in Arizona) she even started her own anti-gun organization with the help of her ex-astronaut husband, to demand more useless gun laws.

There have been many other examples, but I won't bore you with them. Suffice it to say, ALL of them have set their sights on the GUN, which is an “easy target,” but which is not at fault. Without the hand of a fool pulling the trigger, a gun can't harm ANYBODY. But NOBODY ever suggests punishing the USE of a gun in a crime. It's ALWAYS the gun. What to do about the “crazies” is another question, to which I don't think there is an answer. Making LAWS against gun ownership is useless,. They ALWAYS get their guns. No matter what laws you make, they WILL always get their guns. They need to simply TAKE NOTICE when such a crazy “sends up a signal” that he/she is thinking about killing a bunch of people, as most of them do, and make some laws that allow the “authorities” to do something about them BEFORE they kill a bunch of people. The real solution is to allow honest people to be armed and to defend themselves. Maybe then such crazies would be shot, themselves before they could kill as many people. But the “anti-gun fools” won't even entertain that idea. (The Blaze)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Shot Across Our Bow"

The ongoing controversy over letting MEN use women's bathrooms and changing rooms is being done for a reason. It's a “shot across the bow” of America to see how much crap we'll take. If we “suck it up: and let him get away with this most recent outrage, he'll know he (or his successor if liberal) can really “put the screws to us” and we'll just TAKE IT. What we need to do is send a “shot across HIS bow” and shut him down, as FORMER customers of Target Stores have done by the millions. He thinks he has the right, as president, to ORDER us to capitulate to his pipe dreams and perversions, but he DOESN'T. And he's too stupid to know it. Trying to get us to accept allowing men to gawk at women going to the bathroom in their own rooms is the heights of stupidity. I know it, and you know it, but, in his ignorance, he is sublimely unaware. (Before It's News)

She Coulda Saved 'Em!

Hillary could have saved the lives of those brave men at Benghazi, but she couldn't be bothered. Then she LIED to the nation about having “done all we could to save their lives,” according to an air force person stationed in Italy during the Benghazi attack, which was about 3 hours away—close enough to have been instrumental in stopping the latter half of the attack, when they were killed. But this person refused to testify to the committee investigating the killings, because he or she was afraid of retribution from superiors. Of course, this angered Trey Gowdy, but not at the whistleblower. He was angry at his superiors. “There are many ways they can get screwed over for cooperating with lawmakers. Particularly while Obama remains in power.” (paraphrased) Hillary should NEVER be allowed to “hold the reins of power” because she has no idea how to use them, and will get a lot more people killed. (Conservative Tribune)

Muslime As Rapists

Rape is a “cultural; thing” to Muslims, it seems, because there are daily stories in the news about their rapes and other sexual assaults. There are many stories about Muslim men raping women and saying they “couldn't help themselves” on seeing how the women were dressed. And that they figured if the woman so much as SMILED in their direction that was “an invitation for sex.” In the story linked here, this Muslim “refugee” had been in great Britain for five years without being caught in a rape. Who knows how many rapes he had been guilty of that weren't reported? But he was so stupid in this case that he was immediately caught, and sentenced to a long prison term. He was pizza delivery man, fergawdsake! What an occupation for a Muslim man! Especially considering that many of the very pizzas he delivered contained ham, sausage, or other swine derivative meats. Unlike the Muslim truck drivers who took jobs delivering beer, got fired for refusing to do the jobs they knew involved delivering alcohol, and sued their employer for being fired. They won the suit, and an ignorant liberal judge awarded them a lot of money. This is further evidence that Muslims only move here to make trouble, as so many of them do. They are the most easily “offended” people in the world, and that's part of their scheme to disrupt life in America. (Conservative Tribune)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Wendy's Goes Robot

Apparently, the ability to eliminate employees has been in existence for some time, and most of the “fast food outlets” have resisted using it—until they raised the minimum wage so high there was no way they could afford to pay that much to unskilled workers who didn't even know how to count change out of a cash drawer, and their cash registers had to TELL them how much to give back. If the power or the computer goes out, they need to use a calculator to figure it out. These people just aren't WORTH $15.00 per hour, and to pay them that much would force these companies out of business. So now Wendy's will be firing many employees, and not hiring replacements. This is not a “big bad employer” making it hard on the kids who worked for them. It's the other way around. It's the kids making it hard on Wendy's, by demanding more than they're entitled to earn, and using the government to BULLY them. But now they have NO JOBS at all. As predicted. (Conservative Tribune)

Now It's Discrimination

When AG Loretta Lynch promised to withhold federal funding if N. Carolina didn't abandon their law mandating people use the restrooms assigned to them by their BIRTH sex, it became no longer a bathroom issue, but now is a discrimination issue. The feds think that people who find it disgusting that MEN want to pee in the same rooms with women just because they “think they're women,” should be allowed to do so, and will withhold $billions in federal money if they don't “knuckle under.” That that action is ILLEGAL goes without saying. The feds have no right to DICTATE what laws a state may pass. The state is predominate in passing laws. The feds have no business interfering. But, under Obama, they do. Obama cares not what the Constitution says. He has proven that many times over. I was told the other day, “Transgenders gotta pee, too.” That was said as a reason to ALLOW men to pee in women's restrooms. But of course, this ignores the fact that transgenderism is a CHOICE, not a “condition,” and they should be made to use their own restrooms, and not to invade the women's restrooms. If they “think” they're women, that doesn't MAKE them women, and many fools with base intentions will take advantage of this perversion to victimize women in their own restrooms. (American Spectator)

Insane Intentions

Obama and his accomplices are talking about making laws that would instigate numerous suits by victims of gun violence, guaranteed to run gun makers and sellers out of business. Those suits would be for “damages” suffered by those victims by the guns they manufacture. The unintentional consequences to this would be the makers of other products where users MISUSED them. Maker of automobiles, for instance. Can you just imagine the effect it would have on them if everybody who screwed up and ran their car into a tree or ran a stop light and got nailed sued the car maker?

If gun makers were sued by everybody victimized by people who MISUSED their products, it would RUIN them, and that's what Obama and his accomplices want. Of course, that would mean that police agencies and federales would have to get THEIR guns from foreign sources, who would be immune from such suits, or have none. Meanwhile the disarming of the American people would be complete—except, of course, for all the ILLEGAL guns there are in the hands of criminals, crazies, and the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing by the hundreds of thousands, even paying their way with OUR money. (GunMart)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Punishing Achievement

That's what politicians on both sides want to do. Most of them, anyway. Obama says, “You didn't build that,” because somebody else taught you how to do it. But they taught OTHER PEOPLE how to do it, too, and they didn't do it. You did. Therefore, YOU did that. The people you learned how to do it from didn't do it, YOU did. They want to “tax the rich.” Because the rich have more money than the rest of us. Of course, that's because the rich “DID THAT,” and others BUY from them. They keep talking about “making the rich pay their fair share” of taxes. As if they didn't already pay MORE than “their fair share” of taxes. Truth is, 86% of ALL TAXES paid are paid by the top 25% of income earners.

The top 50% pay 97% of all income taxes paid. This, according to the tax information released by the IRS itself, on the last year of taxes paid. Liberals (and some conservatives) don''t want to talk about that. In sports, they're promoting the idea of giving ALL PARTICIPANTS a trophy, just for SHOWING UP, while refusing to separate the WINNERS from the rest, “so they won't make them feel bad.” Can you imagine having an auto race without a winner? What would be the purpose? A bunch or expensive cars running around a race track just for fun? With nobody ending up FIRST? So the other drivers won't get their precious feelings hurt? It's absurd! The whole idea of ANY sports event is to find out who is BEST at whatever that sport is. To refuse to name a winner is damned foolishness. But liberals are that damned foolish.

But that's what they're pushing, today. To “keep from making anybody feel bad.” They are just about successful in raising the minimum wage for people with NO TALENT to pay them a lot more than they're worth. The minimum wage is intended to allow businesses to hire people just entering the work force and TEACH THEM how to qualify to earn more. The minimum wage is not intended for “working families.” It's intended for kids, just out of school, to make some money while they're LEARNING how to be worth more. Kids, who still live at home and have very few financial obligations (except for those who buy the FICTION that a college education is necessary for everybody so they should go into debt for their entire life to go). (Just common sense)

The "Dog & Pony Show"

We've been subjected to a “dog & pony show” for as long as I can remember. It's called, “elections.” The current presidential primaries, for instance, have been going on for the last couple of years. Every day, on every news channel, they're talking about the primaries, and discussing the chances of each candidate, over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Now that the primaries are essentially over and the nominees are chosen (in essence), we start on the “general election.” The candidates have spread BILLIONS of dollars (conned out of us “peons”) around to people who LIVE on election money. Staffers, advisers, etc. Then there are the printers. The ones who print all the election signs and brochures that are EVERYWHERE. I used to work for such a printer, and he spent most of the year printing election signs and other printed items for politicians.

Without it, he would have gone out of business. Instead, he made a LOT of money. I've become convinced that the primary purpose of this is to “bore us to tears” so we'll stop paying attention and let them do what they will without our notice. And if we DO pay attention, it keeps our minds off what the current politicians are doing to us, every day. After the general election is over and a president chosen, they immediately start on the congressional elections, where they elect and re-elect senators and representatives. More billions spent, and “spread around” to the “printers” and others, all conned out of us “peons.” And there's no telling how much of that money finds it's way into the pockets of the candidates and their “close allies.” As much money as there is, it would be easy to “siphon” some off.

A “small amount” to the election campaign, but a considerable amount to a candidate. In other words, there is a PERMANENT ELECTION going on, and $BILLIONS spread around to finance it. And there's no way to escape it, except to ignore it, which is the plan the politicians use to “shut our eyes” to what they're doing to us, and make us THINK we have a “say” in who gets elected. (Just common sense)

Purposely Misunderstanding

The “reverend” who said, “How can you be “pro-life” and “pro-gun?” is purposely misunderstanding those who want to be able to defend themselves against users of ILLEGAL; weapons. He focuses entirely in guns KILLING, while IGNORING the fact that guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people can KEEP THEIR FAMILY ALIVE. It's not about killing. It's about defending yourself against people who want to kill YOU. Having guns for self defense is NOT contradictory for people who object to the MURDER of unborn infants before they even have a chance at life. I don't think he's really that stupid, so he's got to be PURPOSELY misunderstanding the whole thing. (Local 8 Now)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Government Bullying Squelched

Andy Johnson just wanted a stock pond, to make watering his small herd easier. Which he should have the right to build without having to go, “hat in hand,” to some faceless, nameless bureaucrat to beg for a “permit” to build. But he did, and got his permit from the STATE to build it. The feds didn't like that. They wanted their “pound of flesh,” and sent him a “compliance order” threatening $37,500.00 fine PER DAY which, at the time of the letter, already amounted to $16 MILLION dollars which, if paid, would have put him out of business and allowed the government to “confiscate” (steal) all his property. So he filed suit with the help of the Pacific Legal Foundation, to assert his property rights. He won, when the feds capitulated and withdrew the fine threats and allowed the pond to stay (as if they had a right to deny it). Sometimes, when you stand up to bureaucrats, you can “slap them around.” (World Net Daily)

Dangerous At Cracker Barrel

It is more dangerous today to eat at a Cracker Barrel restaurant. They have decided not to allow people who legally carry a gun to eat in their restaurants or shop in their specialty stores that are attached. That means people who ILLEGALLY carry guns can come in at will, because they usually have their guns well hidden. That means they care not for the safety of their customers. Too bad. This WAS one of my favorite restaurants because their food was about as close to “home cooked” as you can get in a chain outfit. But now if I go there, I know I will be less safe than before. Since they don't keep ILLEGAL gun owners out, but DO keep LEGAL gun owners out. I figure it will be only a matter of time before some fool shoots up one of their restaurants with his ILLEGAL gun since he knows there will probably be NOBODY there who has a LEGAL gun to oppose him. (Captain's Journal)

Guna Aren't the Problem

People with guns are the problem. So maybe we should stop trying to keep guns out of the hands of honest, law-abiding people who aren't the problem, and make it more difficult for DISHONEST, non-law-abiding people to get their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of the trunk of the car belonging to another criminal, who ARE the problem. The gun is not the problem. People who want to use them to rob and kill people are the problem. There is NO WAY we can stop criminals from getting guns, so we need more guns in the hands of honest, law-abiding people so they can defend themselves from those who would use a gun to victimize them.

Today's anti-gun fools can't see that, and never will. Their minds are solidly against it, thinking those law-abiding people are the problem, while criminals still freely buy their illegal guns in that back alley. Did they make laws against ROCKS after Cain killed Abel with a rock? A rock, like a gun, is an inanimate object that can harm nobody, until somebody picks it up and uses it to hurt somebody. I'm getting tired of saying this, but the people who today make all the “anti-gun laws” are IGNORANT, because they think that all they have to do is “make a law” and that will solve all our problems It doesn't work that way, but they'll never know that. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bernie's Futile Campaign

He thinks he's winning. But in reality, he doesn't have a chance. Never did, from the very beginning. The “fix is truly in” and, no matter how many primary elections he wins, he will get fewer delegates every time. He's only there to provide the FICTION that Hillary actually has some competition. Nobody else saw fit to run against her because they “saw the handwriting on the wall” that she was “the chosen one.” The Republicans thought they had the same fiction set up when 17 people filed to run against Trump and the others. But it got out of hand, and now Trump is their presumptive nominee, and may wind up in the White House, in spite of them. There's a reason the Democrats chose to run an ADMITTED socialist against her. First, that would remove inspection of her own socialist record and give us somebody else to look at, while she continued to maintain she WASN'T a socialist while spouting socialist “giveaways” all over the map. She and Bernie are trying to outshout each other with their giveaway plans. (Salon)

Afraid Of A Third Party?

The same people who said that Trump, if he didn't get the GOP nomination, would go for a “third party attempt,” which would get Hillary elected, now that Trump is the “presumptive nominee,” are saying that their “only solution” is a third party. Which means they don't care if Hillary gets elected, and we sink under a sea of socialism for the foreseeable future. It may take 75 years to reverse it, as it did in Russia, where the communists “ruled” for that long before their socialist/communist government predictably collapsed, since neither socialism or communism produces any new wealth. They only LOOT the producers of new wealth so they can “redistribute YOUR wealth” to the LEECHES of society who only want to live at the expense of others. (Just common sense)

Smart Gun Jammers

Have you ever seen an electronic weapon that can't be jammed? Electronic devices work on radio waves from one point to another. In the case of the Smart Gun, it's from the gun to a wrist watch-like device, and back. All somebody who wants to prevent your “Smart Gun” from firing needs to do is figure out how to interfere with the signal that goes between these devices. And you can bet there are plenty of people smart enough to do that, and make your “smart gun” a “dumb gun” and unable to fire. You can also depend on the fact that the GOVERNMENT will have some of those people working for them, so THEY can make your gun USELESS on demand. I'm sure they know this, and are working HARD toward that end. They can't just BAN guns, so they make them useless in our hands, while theirs remain fully functional. Of course, what better way to take away our guns than to REQUIRE all guns to BE “smart guns: and in one “fell swoop” make ALL guns not smart guns illegal to own? Liberals are clever. They will always find a way around prohibitions on their actions. They will always accomplish their aims in some way. Of course, none of this means anything to those who use ILLEGAL guns, and don't obey laws. They will still have non-electronic guns that can't be jammed by the government, or anyone else. (Truth About Guns)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Restraining Orders Suck

They're “just a piece of paper” and mean NOTHING to a person bent on committing an outrageous crime. If you want to commit murder, what hindrance is a restraining order? The “penalty” for violating a restraining order means NOTHING to somebody who wants to beat up his wife—or KILL her. It's just a minor obstacle, easily overcome. When he is charged with murder, violating a restraining order is just a piffle. A good example right now is that FEDERAL cop who murdered his wife and a bunch of other people in a shooting spree that went all over town in a DC suburb. She had a restraining order against him. Did it do her any good? Not a chance. She's dead. And so are five other people. He violated that restraining order and he'll be punished for it, and he will hardly notice. But who cares? He'll be punished for mass murder, too, which is a little more important. (Orlando Sentinel)

"Biggest Con Job Ever!"

The Australian gun confiscation is one of the biggest con jobs ever (outside of AlGore's global warming swindle). It's been in effect for almost 20 years, and they claim it is a success because they haven't had another “mass shooting (except for the man who killed his wife, three children, and himself just the other day) since. Of course, several other countries have had similar mass shootings, have not confiscated weapons, and STILL have had no “mass shootings” in the same time period. I wonder if they define “mass shootings” the same way we do: four or more people killed)? That has a lot to do with their claims. Like most “gun laws” today, their law has done NOTHING to stop armed violence. But they don't admit that. They use very narrowly defined figures to back up their phony claims, just like Obama and his clones do. (The Mercury)

Falsely Using the "Race Card"

These three women got into it with several people aboard a city bus in Albany, NY, and it created a massive outcry about racism. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sort of racism they tried to say it was. It was THEIR racism against white people that led to their false reporting of the incident as the white girl causing a racial incident against THEM. These things are becoming more prevalent these days, as black racists who are against white people “phony-up” racial incidents to support their CLAIMS of racial enmity against THEM. There aren't any REAL such incidents (or very few) so in order to promote their story, they CREATE them. These girls got caught, and were indicted for three misdemeanors for false reporting of a crime. We need to be a lot more suspicious of such reports, and not take them as “Gospel” before they're proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's this sort of thing that caused six cops in Baltimore to face felony charges for something that was CAUSED by a crook trying to incriminate them and making a mistake that cost him his life, that was no fault of theirs. (The Blaze)

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Don't Mess With This Gal!

She'll HURT ya! And that's no exaggeration. This guy tried to rob a convenience store and she “took him out” with a fire extinguisher. Which proves again that you can make a weapon out of just about anything. The only thing that kept him alive is that she missed his head when she cold-cocked him with it. Trying to grab money out of her clerk's hand apparently infuriated her, and she reacted accordingly. Just a lesson for thugs. Never underestimate your intended victim. That might be a big mistake, as it was in this instance. Unfortunately, he still got away with $500.00, and the Toledo cops are looking for him. They might even find him too, because his face is fully visible on the video taken by the store's security camera. And he might have to seek medical attention for his fire extinguisher bruises and maybe even broken bones. (The Blaze)