Monday, May 2, 2016

IS Hillary "Inevitable?"

She's getting fewer votes than she got in 2008, when she lost to a previously unknown one-term senator. But they keep saying she'll “beat Trump OR Cruz like a drum.” I think they're just trying to keep their minds thinking they're wining—which they're NOT. What's actually going to happen is either Cruz OR Trump is going to “beat HER like a drum.” This time, her opponent will not even be an unknown. Trump is VERY well known, and so is Cruz. Cruz because he actually DID something, and Trump because they know he WILL do something when he gets in position to do something. They want us to THINK Hillary is “inevitable,” but she is, ONLY in their minds.

In reality, she's just an old grandma with a loud screech for a voice, and she uses it regularly. She thinks screeching will replace intelligence in the minds of voters. It's key to understand that in 2008, it was a 3-way race. Today it is a 2-way race between her and an ancient, wild-haired, admitted SOCIALIST who, if elected, may not even live long enough to finish his term, and she's getting fewer votes. The only way she will ever be president is to become his vice-president, and waits for him to die. And that's only of she escapes being sent to prison, which is a distinct possibility. (Breitbart)

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