Friday, May 20, 2016

The Truth Comes Out

The liberal media keeps saying that the Republican Party is severely fractured, while the Democrats are united. They'd like us to believe that, but, as with most liberal assurances, it is NOT true. Yes, there are a few Republicans who don't like their presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. But Trump has risen above that, and I believe he will not only be a viable candidate, I think he will win, probably in a landslide. Remember: whenever the PEOPLE get to have their say, he wins. When the Republican “establishment” have their say, he loses. So that pretty much tells you where the “fracturing” is. In the Democrat Party, Hillary and Bernie loyalists recently got into a violent confrontation at a local Democrat meeting. This was NOT a fight between voters and the “establishment,” it was between voters loyal to one or the other candidates. This is NOT “party unity.” so don't believe the horse manure they spout. (The Blaze)

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