Saturday, May 28, 2016

This Pope Is Senile

That's the problem with appointing very old people to important positions, such as that of the Pope. Maybe you get a “wise man,” maybe you get senility. I think, in the case of Pope Francis, you've got senility. I don't think he is naturally stupid, but he has shown a certain ignorance of reality in several of his pronouncements. His approval of communism and socialism, for instance. Nobody with any degree of intelligence, thinks there is anything good about socialism, communism, or any other form of collectivism. But he does, and I think it is a product of reduced thinking ability, which, at his age, can be senility. Catholics may be offended by this, and I apologize if they are. But it is something that must be said. Someone with a reduced capacity for intelligent thinking cannot be allowed to influence millions of followers.

This is not a condemnation of Catholicism. It is an effort to SAVE it from a senile Pope, whose ignorant pronouncements can do much damage. His most recent departure from reality is his saying that Muslims going out and KILLING those who won't “convert” to THEIR religion as being comparable to the peaceful proselytism of Jesus Christ. I don't think Jesus ever BEHEADED anybody in the name of God. Yes, certain representatives of Christianity, at one time, did commit atrocities in the name of God. But that was ended by “wiser heads” who intervened. There ARE no such “wiser heads” among Muslims. Or, if there are, they have not revealed themselves, lest they be killed, by the MEN who are running things right now. Christian teaching speaks of a “false prophet” who will arise in the “end times.” I think that prophet is Muhammed, the father of Islam. (World Net Daily)

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