Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Are They Doing Here?

Muslims seem to be offended by just about everything American. Yet here they are. What the hell reason do they have for COMING here if so many things American offends them? He only logical answer is their very presence here is part of the Islamic terrorist “infiltration” of America. They come here in bunches, most of which don't contain women or children, or old people. Only young men of “fighting age.” they plan on doing two things: create as many problems for us as possible by “being offended” about everything they see or hear, and KILLING us for not believing the exact same way they do. They plan to eventually OUTNUMBER us at the polls so they can put in their own leaders, who will further screw things up. They think we aren't aware of this, and they're right, when you think about all the fools that “pay no attention to politics,” and thus have no idea what's going on around them, and how it will inevitably affect them. But SOME of us know, and eventually, we will “get through” to those who pay no attention. I only hope we aren't too late. Now, they're “offended” by our National Anthem. Screw 'em! (Liberty Alliance)

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