Sunday, May 1, 2016

Does the Left Cheat?

No, unless you look closely. In the recent fight over N. Carolina's law requiring people to only enter restrooms and changing rooms related to their REAL sex, the left presented 26 large file boxes of signatures to back their objections to the law and their demand to repeal it. Great move, huh? Yea, unless you look closer, and realize that the only boxes FULL of signatures are TWO. The rest are mostly empty. And the largest number of signatures come from out of state, rendering them NO GOOD. Talk about “stuffing the box!” People say the left never is guilty of election fraud. Just ask the dead people who rise out of their graves to vote, and the people who vote many times. Of course, they enlist the Black Panthers to intimidate voters. They say it's only been happening since Kennedy. But it's been happening for long before that. Liberals say there isn't any election fraud committed by them. It's all committed by the Republicans. So there's no need for any rules to prevent it. But there is, and THEY are the ones guilty of it. So rules are NEEDED to prevent it. I'd say ALL Democrats in office now are there because of voter fraud. (Common Constitutionalist)

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