Sunday, May 8, 2016

She'll Go Further

Hillary is promising to “go further” than Obama did in using executive orders to “stem gun violence.” In other words, she intends to violate the Constitution worse than Obama did. Do we really want this monster as president? Liberals simply want to DISARM honest people so they can't fight back when “federal agents” come for their property. In many countries, they succeeded in disarming the populace, and mass executions soon followed. Do you want that to happen here? Why do we (not me) keep electing such fools when we KNOW they're going to screw us at every opportunity? WE know Hillary is a socialist. She won't admit it, but just listen to the “freebies” she's promising. THAT'S socialism. The bad thing is that right behind her is an ADMITTED socialist who, if elected, will do even worse things than she will. Gun bans are illegal in this country, so liberals do everything they can to make the guns we HAVE useless. Laws like that in Illinois, where “concealed carry” is legal—IF the gun is UNLOADED are good example of the USELESSNESS of today's “gun laws.” (Breitbart)

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