Saturday, May 21, 2016

TSA Is Incompetent

Some call it the “Tough Sh-t Agency.” And they're mostly right. They have proven themselves to be sloppy and incompetent. They spend their time “feeling up” people and making outrageous “rules” on what can be taken on a plane, which do NOTHING to stop a terrorist from boarding. They search 90-year-old crippled women and infants thoroughly, but allow obvious Muslims to go aboard with a minimum of searching, so they won''t “offend” one of the easiest offended bunch around. They have many people whose names are on their “no fly lists” working FOR them. They PURPOSELY maintain smaller numbers of “searchers” than they need so they can con more money out of Congress to be able to hire more. And it's working. They panic easily. They're afraid of their shadows, and react violently if someone so much as SAYS certain words, such as “terrorist,” “bomb,” or some such. The slightest opposition to their invasive activities brings down a swarm of TSA agents to stop it. They have plenty of agents walking around doing nothing for that. They SAY their problems are the result of “budget cuts,” something that hasn't happened to them recently. That's always the excuse used when a government agency gets in trouble. Happy three hour waits, folks! (Constitution)

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