Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Muslim "Refugee" Rapists

This is the story of a German girl who was sexually assaulted by Muslim “refugees” several times, and decided to do something about it. She learned unarmed combat and, when next a Muslim “refugee” tried to sexually assault her, she gave him a “beat down” he didn't expect, and he ran away from her. In the previous sexual assaults a female cop told her it wasn't worth a complaint, because she couldn't name her attacker. Come on! Isn't that the JOB of the cops? To FIND OUT who attacked her and, even if they couldn't pronounce any of his names (they all have several, to confuse us), prosecute him if she visually identifies him? They're just not doing their job. I think it's because they fear reprisals from the Muslims. Some are on the SIDE of the Muslims. (Freedom Outpost)

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