Thursday, May 26, 2016

He'll Never Make It!

They said Trump would never make it. He'd soon “fall by the wayside” as soon as he realized he had embarked upon an impossible quest. He didn't. Instead, one by one, all his competitors fell out while he kept winning primary after primary, until he was the only one left. Then they said he'd never get the necessary number of delegates to become the nominee, and would be shut out in the convention and someone they named, who had not received a single vote, would be selected by the Republican establishment. Then he got the “magic number” and one more for good measure, with several primaries remaining to add to his total. Many people, including some top politicians say, “he'll never get to be president.” These are the same people who said he'd “never get the nomination.” They've been wrong from day one. But they keep “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping against hope he will “come crashing down,” and he won't. They'll be wrong again. With nobody but a crooked grandmother who thinks the rules don't apply to her or an admitted socialist crazy man running against him in the general election, I think we're looking at our next president—if Obama doesn't pull some underhanded trick to stay in office forever. (Minutemen News)

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