Monday, May 9, 2016

"Biggest Con Job Ever!"

The Australian gun confiscation is one of the biggest con jobs ever (outside of AlGore's global warming swindle). It's been in effect for almost 20 years, and they claim it is a success because they haven't had another “mass shooting (except for the man who killed his wife, three children, and himself just the other day) since. Of course, several other countries have had similar mass shootings, have not confiscated weapons, and STILL have had no “mass shootings” in the same time period. I wonder if they define “mass shootings” the same way we do: four or more people killed)? That has a lot to do with their claims. Like most “gun laws” today, their law has done NOTHING to stop armed violence. But they don't admit that. They use very narrowly defined figures to back up their phony claims, just like Obama and his clones do. (The Mercury)

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