Sunday, May 1, 2016

Target Stock Down

Surprise, surprise! Target stock “took a nose dive” after they announced their stupid policy to allow MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Those rooms have always been separate for a GOOD, and logical reason: man and women are different, and BOTH (whether or not you know it) like to dress and undress without members of the opposite sex looking at them and ogling them—unless they're about to have sex—which doesn't apply here. They talk about “protecting their customers from discrimination,” but what they're doing is opening them up to sexual harassment, and sexual abuse. They're accommodating a very few while placing MANY in danger. At this writing, the boycott petition of Target Stores has received a MILLION signatures. Among them mine. This, in about a week. That should tell them something about just whom they are “protecting.” The drop represents about $2.5 BILLION. That's a lot of dough to support a STUPID action. (The Blaze)

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