Friday, May 13, 2016

Now It's Discrimination

When AG Loretta Lynch promised to withhold federal funding if N. Carolina didn't abandon their law mandating people use the restrooms assigned to them by their BIRTH sex, it became no longer a bathroom issue, but now is a discrimination issue. The feds think that people who find it disgusting that MEN want to pee in the same rooms with women just because they “think they're women,” should be allowed to do so, and will withhold $billions in federal money if they don't “knuckle under.” That that action is ILLEGAL goes without saying. The feds have no right to DICTATE what laws a state may pass. The state is predominate in passing laws. The feds have no business interfering. But, under Obama, they do. Obama cares not what the Constitution says. He has proven that many times over. I was told the other day, “Transgenders gotta pee, too.” That was said as a reason to ALLOW men to pee in women's restrooms. But of course, this ignores the fact that transgenderism is a CHOICE, not a “condition,” and they should be made to use their own restrooms, and not to invade the women's restrooms. If they “think” they're women, that doesn't MAKE them women, and many fools with base intentions will take advantage of this perversion to victimize women in their own restrooms. (American Spectator)

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