Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Censorship In Canada

Canada doesn't have a First Amendment. So soon, if you say anything “bad” about transgenders” going into women's private places, like bathrooms and changing rooms, you can get TWO YEARS in prison. Trudeau is working HARD to get this law passed. They're trying to pass a law banning negative talk about many things, including transgenderism, and violating this law can get you 2 years in PRISON, fort speaking out of turn. And don't think Obama is not eying this with interest. Such a law in the United States would be a patent violation of the Constitution, but Obama has proven he doesn't give a damn about that. I'm sure it will be thrown out by the Supreme Court eventually, but there's no telling how many people will be victimized by it before that happens. Such laws should be FORCED to undergo a Court review of their constitutionality BEFORE being enforced. But that's not how we operate, and Obama uses that to his advantage, since there is NO PENALTY for a politician violating the Constitution, except to eventually have his law reversed. (Before It's News)

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