Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fracking Is NOT Wrong

The Supreme court, in at least one state, has told local governments that they have no authority to BAN Fracking in their territory. Banning Fracking is a STATE responsibility. But the real story here is that anti-fracking fools, like anti-gun fools, tell many LIES to support their hatred of a perfectly safe drilling method that can help this country become “energy independent,” so that we can no longer be forced to buy oil from people who hate our guts. There has never been ANY PROOF that Fracking does anything to the ground water. The opponents of Fracking simply LIE to convince us it does. Why they do it is beyond me. They are as much victims of the need to buy oil from people who hate us as anybody else. But they fight Fracking, anyway. Some people are just stupid I guess. (American Thinker)

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