Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NY Times Lies

The article linked here is sheer horse manure. But it was presented as truth by the NY Times, the newspaper that calls itself, “The Newspaper of Record.” It's all lies, and the main subject int the story never said what they say she said, in the way they told us she said it. She later went on Fox News and said that NYT “twisted her words” to do a “hit piece” on Donald Trump after telling her it would NOT be a "hit piece.". She told us what the NYT reported “NEVER HAPPENED, that Trump was always a PERFECT GENTLEMAN.. with her.” If this is the kind of thing the NYT reports, and in that way, it's no wonder they're losing readers every day, and their time is short. I don't know how many years they have left (if any) before they go bankrupt, but their time is definitely coming. You can't continue to blatantly lie to your readers and keep them today. There are too many places capable of bringing out the truth. They blame their woes on “changing markets,” but theirs is accelerated by their lies. (NY Times)

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