Monday, May 16, 2016

Parsing Words

That's how liberals obfuscate the facts. George Stephanopolous said Hillary “turned over all the e-mails that were in her possession.” But there were thousands more that were NOT “in her possession” because she got rid of them before turning in any. So George didn't lie, he just told it in such a way as to give us a wrong impression. That's how they do it. Liberals have perfected the art of obfuscating reality and promoting pipe dreams. Most of the things they promote ARE “pipe dreams.” Of course, they insist that they're NOT pipe dreams, but THAT'S a pipe dream. They will criticize me for saying this, so as to obfuscate what I say. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. They're losing today, because we're getting more information about them than we used to, when they CONTROLLED the dissemination of information. But with the advent of such people as Rush Limbaugh, and the rise of Fox News, they can no longer control the dissemination of news, and lie to us, undetected by the majority who pay attention. Those who DON'T pay attention, however, are another story. (News Busters)

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