Tuesday, May 17, 2016

They Lied to America

Obama adviser Ben Rhoades came right out and confessed: “We lied to America to get the Iran deal through. If we hadn't, it would never have made it (paraphrased).” Which is just one more bit of evidence that the Obama administration is made up of a “web of lies.” They also lied to get Obamacare passed. That fact was testified to by Professor Jonathan Gruber. Worse, he actually SAID “We lied to the gullible Americans to get it passed into law.” This is what his people DO, led by Obama, himself. He not only lies, he makes up OUTRAGEOUS LIES he KNOWS we will not believe, and tells them with a straight face. And he does it daily. One notable Obama lie is the one where he tells us the economy is “okay,” when we KNOW it is NOT, from personal experience. Especially if we are part of the 96 million people who are unemployed, with no hope of ever getting another job and have thus, left the work force. He doesn't count us any more, which is where he gets the ridiculous 5% unemployment figure he touts so proudly. Obama and his goons have been conning the country since he crawled out from under his Chicago rock to elbow Hillary aside in 2008. (The Federalist)

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