Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Baltimore Waking Up

They're finally figuring out they have a way too officious prosecutor who RAN to charge six cops in the accidental death of a prisoner in custody, without considering the consequences. She just “went along with the crowd” of fools who quickly “bought” the scam Freddy Gray was selling, that the cops were “assaulting him.” When he banged his head against the wall of the wagon as he was being taken to jail, he forgot his very recent spinal surgery, and it killed him. Too bad for him. But it wasn't the actions of the cops that were at fault. Without considering that possibility, Marilyn Mosby filed charges against the cops without sufficient evidence (which there was none), who were doing their job, and doing it well. She has screwed up the lives of those cops royally, and it has now been realized. Charges should be filed against HER. Or she should at least lose her job and be disbarred. She is being "looked at" for investigation for overreaching her powers. (Mail News)

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