Tuesday, May 24, 2016

False Prophet

I'm not big on organized religion. I do believe in a supreme being somewhere in this (or another) universe that ORGANIZED this complicated universe. I'd be a fool not to when I look at how well organized this universe is. But I'm just not sure He/She/It is anything like ANY form given by the MEN who have created all the religions in this world. But I'm increasingly aware of some of the Christian prophecies coming true, in my lifetime. One major prophecy I see coming true right now is the “false prophet." I think we can now name him, and his name is Mohammed. The religion he started, and which has grown at an amazing pace because it is promoted as a religion to which if you don't subscribe, they wish to put you to death. The things this religion preaches are EVIL. They enslave their women, and want to KILL you for the slightest imagined slight. They think their (peaceful) religion is the ONLY religion on the face of the Earth that is right, and if you don't accept that, they'll KILL you. They'll want to kill ME for writing this. But if I can be killed for telling the truth, life is not worth living. And I'm old enough to know my time is near, anyway. (Just common sense)

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