Monday, May 23, 2016

Wiser Head Speaks

In Baltimore, a judge declared officer Edward Nero, the second of the six cops charged falsely in the death of Freddie Gray, NOT GUILTY. The judge questioned the assertion that, to arrest Grey without probable cause, amounted to assault. The whole idea that those six cops were guilty of murder because they didn't attach Gray's seat belt in the wagon is absurd. And the only reason he died is because he tried to incriminate those cops by hitting his head against a wall several times. Unfortunately, he had had back surgery recently, and THAT was what caused his death. Not the actions of the cops. The local state's attorney, Marilyn Mosby, who obviously has a hate for cops, falsely charged the cops. Another of the six, William Porter, got a mistrial after the jury could not arrive at a verdict. That, and this result, should send a signal to the fools that charged these cops with murder when the victim killed himself by accident, while trying to incriminate the cops who arrested him. This entire case is the outcome of the “Ferguson Effect,” where cops are criminally blamed for doing their jobs. If any of the remaining cops are convicted, it will be a massive miscarriage of justice. In Ferguson, MO, the cop was innocent of any wrongdoing, but lost his job anyway, and his life was ruined. It's too bad that huge young thug was killed, but when you try to kill a cop, that's a likely outcome. (WTVR 6)

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