Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump Won, Now What?

Trump won Indiana, even though Cruz managed to find ONE poll that said HE would win. He has ended his bid for the nomination. Trump is the “presumptive nominee. So now what are ya gonna do? The “Never Trump crowd,” and the”Absolutely Never Trump crowd” have vowed NOT to vote for Trump. So who does that leave? The politicians have made it impossible for anybody else to BE the Republican nominee. They wanted to DICTATE who we were ALLOWED to vote for, as usual, and got “hoist on their own petard.” Now they've got a nominee they don't want. So who do they vote for now? Refusing to vote for Trump in the general election is voting for either an embittered old grandma who has a lot of money and is a socialist (though she won't admit it) and wants to make sure nobody else makes a lot of money, and an ADMITTED socialist who wants the same thing.

If either of them wins the White House, we will sink into socialism, which is a “first cousin” to communism. We will become the next socialist “showcase state.” The next “Soviet Union.” Some angry Republican “establishment” people have even vowed to vote for Hillary, which is the stupidest thing they could do, and illustrates their INCOMPETENCE. They repeat Cruz's daily assertion that Trump CAN'T win, while he “took him out.” Reagan faced the same animus from the “establishment” people, and he won in a landslide. Not only did he win, he became one of our BEST presidents, and did many good things for this nation, though liberals won't admit it, and want to say, “The era of Reagan is over.” But it isn't, and the latest incarnation of Reagan is Donald Trump. I would have been satisfied with either Trump or Cruz. But now we've got Trump, and I hope he does as well as Reagan did, But the alternative is too horrible to consider. (Bloomberg)

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