Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your Papers, Please

They’re making a big thing about the Nazi “your papers, please” thing because of Arizona’s new law insisting cops enforce the law since the feds will not. But why should people NOT have to identify themselves in this case. They have to do so at the bank (including their Social Security number), to drive their cars, to cash a check or use a credit card (most places), rent a car, or do any number of other things. Why not here, and why not to VOTE? If you don’t need to provide identification when voting, it’s easy to steal an election, and that’s what the Democrats do best, and they don’t want to mess that up. (Just common sense)

Evil, Subpar, and Useless

This is something that will never be said of Justice Stevens when he dies, and it won’t be long, now. He’s 90 years old and retiring from his “lifetime appointment” as a Supeme Court Justice. Those who retire (especially at that advanced age) just "wait to die." He has “toed the liberal line” all during his tenure and could be depended upon to vote with the liberals, whether it was constitutional or not. As a Supreme Court Justice he is useless and his exit will be “good riddance.” The only problem is, with Obama in the presidency, he will be replaced by somebody equally as liberal and useless. (Professor Thomas Sowell)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boycott Arizona

In this day and age it’s easy for ignorant people to combine with other ignorant people to support a stupid idea. That’s just what has happened in Arizona. They’ve organized a boycott because of Arizona’s new law asking cops to ENFORCE the law. How stupid is that? I’m taking down names of the people involved, and I’ll be watching what they do in the future. If people would just take the time to PAY ATTENTION TO POLITICS, this kind of thing could not happen. But unfortunately, most people (including my own son, who just opened his own book store) do not. Consequently, they’re unaware of just how far the Obama forces have gone in taking away their rights while making them pay for it. (AZ Central)

And Again

Tinsley hits it “right on the head” so often, it’s hard to keep up with him. In this one, he takes on the Obama crowd’s acceptance of “civil disobedience” when THEY were the ones on “the outside” and were creating all the problems. Now that they are “in power,” do they still embrace civil disobedience? Probably not. The only civil disobedience they “embrace” is that NOT in opposition to THEIR policies. (Mallard Fillmore)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Won't He Show It?

Hugh Hewitt, a conservative radio commentator, cut off a caller, saying she had “crossed the crazy line” when she suggested that Obama was not an American citizen. Why? How is it “crazy” to suggest that Obama is not an American citizen? The very fact that Obama not only REFUSES to show his birth certificate, but has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to fight efforts to force him to do so tells me there’s SOMETHING there. My question is, “Why wasn’t he forced to show it as a requirement to being nominated to RUN for president?” That IS a requirement, you know. Why has nobody (who counts) demanded that the Supreme Court require him to show it? It’s NOT “crazy” to suggest that he is not a citizen. It’s a question that MUST be answered, or EVERY LAW he signed is called into question. The soldier who refuses to follow his orders will CERTAINLY bring it up at his courts martial. (World Net Daily)

How Obama Sees Us

As usual, Tinsley “tells the tale” in a few cartoon panels. In this one, he shows the White House “under siege” by protesters he calls “rabble” who hate everything he does. He ASSUMES they’re all “Tea Partiers” and wants to drop boiling oil on them. He doesn’t even CONSIDER stopping what he’s doing. He just wants to stop them from saying their piece. This is typical Obama, who seems to think he’s some kind of king or dictator already. (Mallard Fillmore)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

They Don't Like It Now

When Bill Clinton was taking every opportunity to brag about how rich he now was, they bragged on him. Now Sarah Palin (who frightens them sorely) is making millions with her books and speaking engagements (Clinton still gets $100,000.00 per appearance) and NBC’S Andrea Mitchell makes snarky remarks about it. Sarah quit as Alaska governor so the state wouldn’t have to pay for her defense to the unfounded “ethics” complaints the liberals were filing against her (and got criticized for it), and so she could make enough money to spend her time increasing her name recognition before the next election, when she planned on unseating Barack Obama by saying what she WANTED to say, not what somebody like McCain wanted her to say. She requests an airplane for appearances (paid for by private money, not by the government, as with Nancy Peelosi’s government-provided airplanes for her and her staff and all her family) where her appearances RAISE money for them. The liberals hated Ronald Reagan, too. They said the same things about him that they are now saying about Sarah—and for the same reasons. But he ran as an unabashed conservative and won—twice—by landslides. She can do the same thing, and that’s what frightens them. (Media Research Center)

A New Calculator

Considering the new amounts bookkeepers will need to calculate because of Obama’s out-of-control spending, they’ve now come up with a new calculator with fourteen numbers. It will calculate up to one dollar less than 100 TRILLION. It should last at least two years of an Obama administration. Although, knowing Obama and his skill at spending money that is not his, it might not last that long. We can only hope. I’m just glad I won’t live long enough to have to pay off much of his debt, but I feel sorry for my descendants, who will. (Patriot Depot)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Insane Claims

A Muslim cleric has said that “promiscuous women” are responsible for earthquakes.” How his “Fevered brain” came up with that, I don’t know. But it is comments like this that causes them to discredit themselves. "Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes," Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media. Sedighi is Tehran's acting Friday prayer leader. It is this kind of stupidity that leads to insanity. He forgets that “immodest women” require an “immodest man” to create a sin. He speaks as if ALL the fault is on the women, which shows him a FOOL. He does not explain HOW such behavior leads to earthquakes. He cannot. He just makes the statement, and people are supposed to take him seriously. This man is a FOOL. (Google/AP)

Buried in the Health Care Swindle

There’s no telling what horrors are buried in Obama’s health care swindle law. One thing is a measure to control the size of the type in previously mandated calorie lists required for chains with more than 20 locations nationwide. Now Obama has his “private army” that doesn’t have to swear allegiance to the Constitution, so they can swear allegiance only to HIM. (Info Wars)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're Evading the Issue

The issue of Obama’s very eligibility to BE president. Of course, this statement, by Justice Thomas, one of the most hated (by liberals) Supreme Court Justices, will cause him to take a lot more heat from liberals all over. But I like Justice Thomas’ response to such criticism: “Remember, it’s a lifetime appointment.” Maybe some liberal will kill him. I hope not. Obama will hasten to replace him with a black liberal who will fully support his (Obama's) “flights of fancy” in the Supreme Court. But Justice Thomas is right. We ARE “evading the issue” and we need to ADDRESS it, whatever the outcome. If he IS a citizen, so be it. If he is NOT, we need to know that for sure, too. (World Net Daily)

Crisis Governing

That’s what they’re doing today. Not a day goes by without news of another “crisis.” As Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” You can USE every “crisis” that comes along to get the country to allow you to enact laws you could not enact without the “crisis.” Even unconstitutional laws, evidently. So if there is no crisis for you to use, you CREATE one. Such as the so-called “health crisis” they used to create that abomination called “Obamacare.” There IS no “health crisis” in this country. It is the best health care system left in the world after government after government took over their medical delivery system and created monster after monster. If you go into a hospital with emergency needs, you WILL be treated. Yes, they will try and collect money later. But you will be alive. I owe more money than ever before in my life today, and that’s because I’m on Medicare. The program that’s SUPPOSED TO pay my late-life medical bills. Something I’ve paid into for most of my life. And now they’re even CUTTING Medicare by $550 million (billion? I can’t keep track) dollars! (Just common sense)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Democrats "Worried" About Violence

But so far, it’s all being CREATED by their “union thugs.” They think they can discredit the “Tea Parties” by having their union thugs posing as “Tea Partiers” and beating people up. But it’s not going to work like it used to when they CONTROLLED the means of information, having control of all three main information sources. They’re going to LOSE, starting with the next two elections, and that terrorizes them. Today, with “average people” being just as able to tell the TRUTH as the liberals are to lie, it just doesn’t work as well. That, coupled with the proliferation of “not-so-liberal” news sources on cable, people are ready for them and they can’t make us think the “Tea Partiers” are the source of the violence as they once could. (Breitbart’s Big government)

A Joke Based on Truth

A man is picked up having a massive heart attack by an ambulance.; His wife insists on making a stop on the way to the hospital to buy insurance to pay for his treatment. This is a joke, and an exaggeration. But it could come true under Obama’s health care swindle that does not allow insurance companies to exclude people for “pre-existing conditions.” Doing so sounds good if you don’t think through the ramifications, as I’m sure its supporters have not. It’s just not logical to allow people to buy insurance to cover things they had BEFORE they bought the insurance. That is NOT insurance. That is welfare. But this is what Obama’s health care swindle demands. I speak common sense and logic: both are things liberals deny exist. (Just common sense)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Racial Epithets False

Rep. Schuler now says he “heard NO racial epithets” at a “Tea Party” meeting, something the liberal media dutifully reported without any kind of proof earlier, and now are forced to recant now the person who claimed it is himself recanting. This is how the liberals are trying to discredit the “Tea Party” movement, but are only discrediting themselves. Other Democrats also claimed to have heard such comments, but in a world filled with video cameras in cell phones, there is not a single video of the event. But reporters reported the slurs as fact, no proof notwithstanding. How can we believe liberal media sources when they do this? Truth is, we can’t. CNN was one of the biggest reporters of this incident, and they still claim to be “the most trusted news source.” No more. (Washington Post)

Getting It Completely Wrong

Wiley usually gets it right, but sometimes he gets it so wrong I question his sanity. He’s the one who had his character “Obviousman” cause an old man with a sign saying “there are no absolutes” to “blow his mind” when he told him it’s obvious there were. He was right, then. And I enjoy his cartoons lampooning business and politics. But sometimes, he’s SO wrong it shows ignorance. Such is the case in this cartoon, which shows a complete ignorance of how “trickle-down economics” (sometimes known as “supply-side economics”) works. In “trickle-down economics,” when people invest their money and make a lot of it, the profits “trickle down” to those he hires, and those whose services he uses at THEIR profit to help him make that money. Without him, there would be NO profits for anybody. It has nothing to do with giving money away. (Non Sequitur)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's A Disgrace

“The wounded GI's disability check takes six months . . . nine months . . . even a year to arrive. He is wounded so badly he can't take care of himself, so his wife quits her job to take care of him. Suddenly he is facing a financial catastrophe and has nowhere to turn.” Why the hell is this so? Did it take six months to a year for these soldiers to go to the “war zone” and “leave parts of their bodies” there? Why the hell does it take the bureaucrats (who operate out of their safe, warm, plush offices) SIX MONTHS TO A YEAR to send these heroes money to pay their bills when they get back home and can’t work and pay them themselves? It isn’t as if they were the able-bodied drug pushers I see on the streets every day who are collecting their checks on a regular basis. It’s a definite SHAME Obama’s bureaucracy can’t speed things up for these heroes—or won’t. We all know the “Obama forces” wanted us to LOSE this war. What better way to do so than by creating “chilling effect” on new recruits by showing them their government cares not about them. (Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes)

Terrorists Better Be Careful

Today, many military aircraft are shot down by ground fire, and there isn’t much they can do about it. But soon, that won’t be the case. Soon, they’ll be equipped with a device that allows them to instantly locate and eradicate the shooter, before the shooter’s shot even hits the aircraft. Which means that the shooter will be a shooter no more, sometimes before his shot even strikes home. This will cause a “chilling effect” upon terrorist shooters, since they can no longer shoot down aircraft with impunity. The very action of shooting at the aircraft will be a death sentence. I know these people blow themselves up to make a point, but not all of them are that stupid. So people to shoot at American aircraft will be harder to find. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Screaming White Racists"

That’s what liberals want you to think about the Tea Parties, because they are EFFECTIVE. And they’re sending out their best union thugs to prove it by CREATING violence, since you can’t tell they’re union thugs while they’re disrupting Tea Party gatherings, being violent for the liberal media cameras. They’re making no secret of their efforts to destroy the Tea Parties by making it LOOK like they are racist. I predict it won’t work, and if they get violent with too many people it is THEY who will be the recipient of violence. And they will have earned it. If one of Obama’s union goons puts a hand on me at a Tea Party event, I’m going to slap his teeth down his throat and make Obama’s dreams come true. I’ll probably get killed for it, but it will be so satisfying. (World Net Daily)

"Fixing" American Elections

I don't know if the "fixers in this case are Republicans or Democrats, but I suspect they are Democrats, first trying to defeat George Bush, and when that failed, unseat him. You think that can’t happen here? Think again. Others with similar talents and fewer scruples CAN, and sometimes WILL create such software, and unless you KNOW it’s there and search for it, it cannot be found. This man tells a tale of someone trying to get HIM to write such software, which he refused to do. But is he the only one asked? And did the next one also refuse? Maybe. Watch the video and make your own decision. (Freedom’s Phoenix)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Under Clinton

Eric Holder, Mark Rich, and many others were pardoned; six-year-old Elian Gonzales was forcefully captured and shipped off to Cuba, that Island prison run by the Castros; after campaigning on “no new taxes,” his first month in office saw one of the biggest tax increases yet, and it was unconstitutional, being retroactive; Laws were changed, allowing Clinton to teach the communist Chinese how to aim their missiles, and without breaking the law; Clinton got oral sex in the White House while important people waited in the outer office; he taught America’s children that oral sex was NOT sex, and increased the incidence of oral sex among high schoolers, and even among some grade schoolers; almost 100 people died (many of them children) at Waco, Texas, at the hands of Janet Reno, his Attorney General. These are just a FEW of the things that happened under Clinton, the third worst president in my memory. Barack Obama is THE worst, and Jimmy Carter the second worst. (Just common sense)

Making Criminals of Us All

Before President Barack Obama took over the White House, no United States citizen had ever been forced by the federal government to buy a product against their will. But now, thanks to the passage of Obamacare, Americans, by dint of their mere existence, are now required to purchase Obama administration approved health insurance or face a penalty assessed through the Internal Revenue Code. Bill O’Reilly tried his best to get a Democrat member of Congress to say who would be responsible for enforcing that, but this Democrat jerk filibustered him every time he demanded an answer, then accused O'Reilly of not letting him answer the question. It’s obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that it will be the Internal Revenue Service, an agency that has long been known for being able to intimidate people into coughing up more money that they really owed. Maybe the fact Obama is hiring 16,000 new “revenue agents” will tell you something. (Quote from the Heritage Foundation)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama (B. O.) Wants to Control the Internet

And in so doing, stifle most of the dissent that has allowed us to keep SOME of our rights, if not our money. If he makes it, he’ll certainly put ME (and a lot of other dissenters) out of business. If you sign the petition linked below, you MIGHT be able to do something Obama hates: block his actions and keep the freedom of, and the ability of, Americans to speak out against government policies. If Obama succeeds, you will lose even more of your right to speak your mind, even if it does oppose government actions. (CFIF)

Obama Opens U. S. Oil Drilling

That’s the headline, but, as usual, it’s wrong. “The headlines read that President Obama is opening up the oil spigots and attempting to wean America off its dependence on foreign oil. But that's what the headlines read - what's the rest of the story? Rep. Mike Pence says this: “As usual the devil is in the details. Only in Washington, D.C., can you ban more areas to oil and gas exploration than you open up, delay the date of your new leases and claim you’re going to increase production." Michelle Malkin has the details HERE. Found on the Glenn Beck daily e-mail.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

20% Value-Added Tax

They want to impose one. That’s IN ADDITION to the existing income taxes. Do you know how much of a percentage of your income that is? You’re already paying more than 50% of your income for the taxes levied on you by all the various levels of government, not even talking about the many LEVELS OF TAXES on the same money you’re paying now to ALL levels, INCLUDING the feds?Are you going to gullibly just continue to pay this theft of your earnings? Or are you going to do something about it? I favor a national sales tax (not that big—maybe 5%, because everybody would be paying it if they didn’t Make “special circumstances” exclusions) But NOT IN ADDITION to existing taxes. How they think they can get away with that is beyond me. (Just common sense)

Inflation: Stealing Your Money

In order to raise taxes, Obama must go to Congress and have a law passed. But he doesn’t need to do that to order more money to be printed BY “The Fed.” Every dollar printed and put into circulation reduces the value of EVERY dollar now in existence, which takes money away from EVERY American who earns a living and pays taxes This is how the government can raise taxes without having Congress pass a law. We need to make a law forcing him to ask permission (with the attendant publicity) to print more money. But that’s never going to happen because a majority of lawmakers are his accomplices. We need to find some way to “go around” such criminality in Congress and in the Executive or we’re going to soon realize that we’re bankrupt. (Just common sense)

Doonesbury Again

He has spent the last week making a parody of the Tea Party movement. He’s working so hard at it he actually showed his complete IGNORANCE of the world in this particular strip when he had a goofy clown-looking man talk about attracting people who believe the government is fascist, AND those who believe it is socialist. He just doesn’t know (or ignores) that they’re both collectivism; only the details differ. Under socialism, the government owns the means of production and, naturally, controls everything; while under fascism, the PEOPLE “own” their property, but the GOVERNMENT controls it, and everything else. Both involve TOTAL CONTROL over everything. This is something that escapes those who know nothing, mostly through not paying attention to politics. Doonesbury, however, doesn’t have that excuse. He must pay attention, but he just ignores important things. (Doonesbury)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"We The People"

There’s a “second American revolution” coming. I can feel it, and I sympathize with it (though I don’t intend to be its progenitor). You can only push the American people so much, Obama (I refuse to add the honorific, “President” to such a man as Obama). They proved that with the first American Revolution. The video you can view if you click the link below is just one part of the evidence that Obama will soon face a REAL uprising of the people if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing, and soon. I’ve seen bad presidents, but Obama puts new meaning to the term. I’ve seen presidents I wish were gone, but none that made me AFRAID for my country. He needs to be GONE, as soon as possible. Not in 2012, but sooner. His actions even so far are, to me, grounds for impeachment, which will probably never happen, because a majority of Congress today are his ACCOMPLICES and will never impeach him, OR remove him from office. Watch this short video and decide which side you will be on. (We The People)

It's All A MIstake

A Qatari "diplomat" who thought the “no smoking rule” on airplanes didn’t apply to him caused an international incident when he “joked” about “setting his shoes on fire” when confronted as he left the bathroom on the airplane after sneaking a smoke. Now officials say it was “all a mistake.” I agree. It was a mistake BY that insipid, cocky “diplomat” who thinks he’s above the rules others must follow. He MUST be a liberal (or whatever they call it in his country). He’s probably the son of a high-ranking government official there who has no skills, so they gave him a diplomatic post. He obviously has no diplomatic skills. He’s a “pretty little man” who probably uses being “pretty” to his advantage. (Business Week)

50% Pay NO Taxes

This article equates getting a tax refund with “a payday,” but to most people who DO get a refund it is getting back the money the government held, and collected interest on for a year. But the fact is, OVER half of the U. S. population pays NO income tax because their “income” is a welfare check. And that number is growing, fast, and will grow faster as Obama’s socialist dreams are realized. The top 10% of earners (Obama’s definition of rich), households EARNING an average of $366,400 in 2006, paid about 73% of all government-collected income taxes. The bottom 40%, (including those collecting a welfare check every month) pay NO TAXES at all. 50% of the people are getting something for nothing, according to Curtis Dubay, Senior tax policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation.

All this is not Obama’s fault, though (yet). All his “tax cuts” are “targeted tax cuts,” put in place to make sure certain people do what they’re told (and aren't really "tax cuts" at all, but are government spending programs). There are some "tax credits" for people who do what they're told. His tax INCREASES far outweigh the few paltry “tax cuts” he claims, along with his frightening spending and money-printing, which will cause massive inflation (inflation is "taxation without Congressional action") in the NEAR future, which is massive THEFT from Americans since it makes ALL money in existence worth less. America is broke. It just doesn’t know it yet, because it can still borrow and continue to spend as long as countries like communist China will buy our debt. That will not last long. I just hope I don’t live long enough to suffer from it. (Yahoo finance)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sorry Folks

I was in the hospital from Sunday to Tuesday trying to get my blood pressure back down to manageable proportions. It was 230/130 and went down to 96/57 for a while as a result of aggressive treatment. It's under better control now, so I'm back at work irritating liberals.

Discrediting The Tea Party

How do you tell who is “throwing eggs,” hollering out the “N” word, or “Jew” or doing other silly, stupid stuff like spitting on a politician at a Tea Party meeting? The liberals are trying hard to provoke “Tea Partiers” into doing these things, and when they won't cooperate, they do it themselves and the liberal news media dutifully shows them and blames them on the Tea Party. Recently, a liberal reporter was caught throwing an egg at a Tea Party event, then reporting it as something a Tea Party member did. That he was exposed is thanks to a Tea Party member who had a cell phone video camera (liberals will probably soon want to ban those). But the big problem is that if an UNIDENTIFIED, unidentifiable person does something like that, it will be easily blamed on Tea Party members because one is hard to tell from another. Making sense of this is easy. Just don’t believe any liberal press reports of Tea Party members doing such stupid things. They don’t, and we know liberals are actively trying to “pony up” proof they are, and can’t find any; so they make it up. (Just common sense)

Obama's Private Army

Remember when Obama said he wanted a “private defense force not pledged to support the Constitution (the key is, "not pledged to support the Constitution")? He has it now, and it looks suspiciously like Hitler’s “Brown shirts.” The funding is buried in the health care swindle bill, as are many other things he couldn’t get passed otherwise, such as a national ID card, something liberals (and even some conservatives) have wanted for years. They’ve tried many times, unsuccessfully, until they hid it in Obama’s “big bill.” If he keeps it up, soon he will be America’s Hitler. And I expect a visit from his Brown shirts soon. What infuriates me is that way too many people just don’t realize this because they’re “headline readers,” and headlines often say just the opposite of what the real story is. (Survival Station)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We Are LIVING "Atlas Shrugged"

Ayn Rand was prophetic when she wrote “Atlas Shrugged,” the story of what would happen if “the men of the mind” refused to any more offer the world the fruits of their minds and withdrew their minds and the products thereof from the market. Since offering the fruits of their minds to the world and only getting ridicule and theft of what they were offering by the “looters” of society for the benefit of the “moochers” of society, who only wanted to live at someone else’s expense without effort to themselves, it just wasn’t “paying off” for the producers. So the only group of people who had never “gone on strike” did so. But they made no demands. They just “went away” and let the looters and moochers perish on their own, since they could not equal the accomplishments of “the men of the mind.”

Today, our government is doing exactly the same things (under different titles) as those “out-of-control” politicians and bureaucrats in her book did. Example: The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” which FORCED lenders to loan money to people who COULD not, WOULD not pay it back; the very same thing the government, in her book, “ordered” Midas Mulligan,” her premier banker to do, which he refused to do, and disappeared. As key “producers” of society did the same, one by one, when they “got enough” from the looters, society collapsed; as it ultimately will in real life if we don’t get rid of the looters now running our government. the national budget increased $1.5 trillion dollars under the entire eight years of "conservative" George Bush, but has increased $1 TRILLION in Obama's FIRST 100 DAYS in office. (Wall Street Journal/Stephen Moore)

She scares Liberals To Death

You can always be sure liberals will tell you who scares them the most. It’s always the ones they “dump on” the most. Today it’s Sarah Palin, the one who even resigned as governor of Alaska to give herself more time to tell the truth about BOTH parties. Liberals work very hard to discredit her, but all they do is discredit themselves. NBC’s Ann Curry tried very hard to get former presidential candidate and current Arizona Senator McCain to condemn Sarah’s words as “incendiary language,” She considered not his backbone. When he nicely told her to “go to hell,” she gave up. (News Busters)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

They Never Read What We Write

Those who consider themselves liberals in this country, but who are simply “useful idiots” to chant what they’ve been told by the REAL liberals running our government, criticize people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and even me because of what their “liberal gods” tell them we say. They don’t listen to what we SAY. They only listen to what their friends TELL them we say. One guy recently told me Rush was an idiot. Then in the next breath he told me he had never listened to Rush for more than five minutes. He had NO IDEA of what Rush REALLY says. He only knows what his friends TELL him Rush said, and that is predictably twisted. This is the kind of person who voted Obama into office, and he will be surprised when we become a socialist country (if he even notices). He probably won’t because he is “proudly ignorant.” (Just common sense)

A Dead Man Threatens

Obama—er, uh, Osama is threatening to kill American troops if we DARE to kill his murdering thugs we now have in custody. Tell me: how is this different from what his people do every day? Does he (if he’s still alive and kicking) really think we will just “let them go” if he threatens to do what he does every day?: What a fool he has running his organization! Does he forget Daniel Pearl and others his people have brutally murdered? How about the Americans his people murdered, then strung up on a bridge? Gawd, these people are STUPID! As stupid as they are, how is it that we haven’t completely destroyed them? Maybe it’s because they’re like roaches, who scatter when you turn on the lights. They kill from ambush, then “run for the hills” when you start killing them. This makes it hard to “run them down” and kill them. The only answer is to kill them where they stand when they’re “caught in the act.” That way, they can’t “grandstand” this way. (The Guardian)