Friday, December 31, 2010

"Time" Bought the Hoax

“Global Warming” has been proven, time and again, to be an AlGore hoax that has made him BILLIONS of dollars. Yet “Time Magazine” publishes a story promoting that hoax yet again. AlGore himself has ADMITTED it is a hoax by changing its name to “Climate Change.” A name that allows him to attribute ANY weather anomaly to his swindle. Even President Obama and many of his bureaucrats have bought it, and are busily making more and more regulations and laws they attribute to it. Actually, I don’t think they’ve “bought it.” They’re just using the hoax for their own purposes. After all, Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a good panic go to waste.” Which means any time something happens that they can blow out of proportion to panic a segment of the population, do it. That allows them to make laws and regulations you wouldn’t allow without the panic. All the statistics they cite in this article are bogus, which you can find out of you do your own research in places not pushing the “Global Warming” swindle. (Time Magazine)

Incompetence In Government

Socialism doesn’t work. But nobody thinks about that as the concoct their grandiose plans to “Take care of us from cradle to grave.” Look at just ONE program: Medicare. The amount of “pay-in” is just about ONE-THIRD of the “payout.” That means the American people only pay in ONE-THIRD of the amount the government pays out. And that’s just ONE program. What about Social Security itself? How abut the new medicine program that is so ill-designed that people who have no money wind up “in a donut hole” when they use up a certain amount of it. None of these “programs” will work, and they COULD have “run the numbers” when they started them. But they didn’t. They figured, “Americans will come up with the money.” They will not. They CAN not. This is the kind of incompetence we see continually in our government.

The same kind we have seen for years in Europe, where they’re now seeing RIOTS from people who have come to consider this kind of “largesse” as “their due.” They’re finding out in Europe that they just can’t afford to give so much of other people’s money away and are cutting back. Meanwhile our incompetent politicians are imitating that which has created so much trouble for them. Word is that Medicare itself will go broke by 2018. I could live that long! And lose my Medicare at the worst possible time in my life. I hope I don’t live that long. Some people say Social Security will go broke in 25 years. Others say that’s bullsh-t. That Congress planned for the “baby boomer” effect. The fact that they didn’t know anything about the “baby boomers doesn’t seem to matter to those with their “rose-colored glasses” on. (Washington Post)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Destructive Force

Has it occurred to anyone that ig you look back in the past, one of the greatest “Destructive forces” that ever was, is collectivism in one form or other? They always call it by different names, to fool you when it fails once again. Then they say, “Oh, that was communism, not collectivism!” But it WAS socialism that failed in Russia after 74 years of ruining the lives of many people. Witness the very NAME they used: “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” Then there’s Cuba. One of the longest surviving socialist nations still with a socialist government that Fidel Castro himself says “It isn’t working for us.” But they’re a COMMUNIST government! Yes; communism is just ONE form of collectivism, otherwise known as SOCIALISM. Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela, is the undisputed dictator over a communist-run country. He is still in power only because the United States helped his country find and developed oil, which he “nationalized” (stole) later on. In Argentina,

Evita Peron pushed the idea that socialism was the way to go there. The only reason she didn’t serve as president longer is that she died. But she did manage to ruin what WAS a thriving capitalist eco0nomy by the changes that were put into practice in her name. Collectivism has many names. Among them are socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism, and others. Socialists are even now trying to impose progressivism on America, retaking the name after years of being simply “liberals” until people forgot what progressivism really was. The “Progressive plan” for America IS socialism. The Fascism in Italy during the second world war, AND the Nazism in Germany were BOTH forms of collectivism. Mussolini called it “The National Fascist Party”, Hitler called it “National SOCIALISM.” Both were thinly disguised forms of collectivism. Collectivism ultimately DESTROYS any country in which it is used to govern. Russia is just one of the biggest and most recent failure of collectivism. They SAY they are no longer communists, but the SAME PEOPLE run things in Russia as did under the communist (collectivist) regime.

Their current president is the former head of the Soviet Secret Police and, while he tries to be less “strict” than his forebears in that office during the Soviet era, he is still an “authoritarian.” I could name many more examples, but I won’t because I don’t want to bore you. Suffice it to say that collectivism is at the bottom of every failure of a regime, under whatever they call it to fool you. Died-in-the-wool collectivists excuse Russia’s failure by saying they “weren’t collectivist enough.” They say they “didn’t have PURE collectivism” there. That’s a crock. They had as pure a brand of collectivism as there was in Russia, and it failed because collectivism produces LITTLE. They have to be “propped up” by other countries that still have some money left. Russia ran out of countries prosperous enough to prop them up at the same time they were in an “arms race” with the United States, and it was just too much. But the then Premier told their lawmaking body not to worry. “It is just a ‘back step’ designed to fool the American fools. It’s just a ‘cosmetic change.” And it is.

See a failure in the future and it will be evidence of the collectivist influence on that country. Collectivism is the “great killer” of governments, from within. Nikita Kruschev, a former Soviet Premier, once said, “America will drop like a ripe grape into our hands.” It didn’t happen in his lifetime, but it is very close to happening now, and the hands in which this “grape” falls will be collectivist hands if we allow it. We helped it along by electing Barack Obama president in 2008. He is moving us ever faster toward socialism every day, in every way he can. If you don’t believe that, look at what he has “accomplished” and listen to his WORDS. He wants to BANKRUPT the coal industry. He wants the oil business to die, He talks about an “even playing field” and of ways to “spread the wealth.” All collectivist “key words.” I’m sure you can think of others. If we don’t get rid of this man, and of all those he appointed to be his “czars” we WILL soon be a socialist nation. Don’t let it happen. Check out Orwell's prophetic novel, "1984." (George Orwell)

"National Security Threat"

What? How stupid does this big-mouthed witch (Michelle Obama) think we are? There’s a drive on about “starving children” while at the SAME TIME there’s a drive on against fat children. Which IS it? Are our kids too fat, or too thin? I personally think both drives are just a way for politicians to scam more money out of the gullible among us. It’s impossible to have a “fat problem” at the same time we have a “starvation problem.” And you’ll notice it is, as always, among “the chilrun.” They create a new panic every day so they can make more and more laws to limit our freedoms more and more, while taxing us to pay for it. What a bunch of jerks! (The Blaze)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Russians Know Socialism

They’re flocking to the Republican Party because the Democrats are “too socialist.” And it’s not their imagination. They KNOW about socialism. They SAW it rise in their own country and take it over for more than 70 years, until it collapsed because it just doesn’t work. The Communist Party USA itself APPROVES of Obama and his policies! If this doesn’t tell you something about Obama, nothing will. Ayn Rand, a Russian émigré herself, recognized this country’s movement toward socialism many years ago, and wrote her masterwork, “Atlas Shrugged,” to illustrate it to this country. That book changed the lives of many people, me included. But unfortunately, not enough people. If anybody would like a free copy of this book, for just the cost of postage, send me $3.00 and I’ll send you one. Send it to 3879 E. 120th Ave. #272, Thornton, CO 80233. (The Blaze)

Jimmy Carter's Biggest Failure

He says it’s not getting re-elected, but as usual, he’s wrong, and he has no idea he’s wrong. His biggest failure is his entire presidency. That’s WHY he didn’t win re-election. Nobody WANTED him, as they don’t want Obama and more, since they found out what he really was. There is only one president in history (to my knowledge) who is stupider than Carter, and that is Obama. He goes about gaily spending more money than there IS, and he actually thinks he can be re-elected. If he DOES get re-elected, it will be a testament to the STUPIDITY of the American people. I hope they aren't that stupid. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Death Panels Are Back

Liberals were quick to ridicule anybody who suggested that there were “death panels” in the health care swindle Obama and his crooks imposed upon us. Now it is becoming clear that THEY needed to be ridiculed, because there ARE “death panels” and it is being now made into law. One thing I’ve learned is that any time a liberal denies anything and ridicules people for even SUGGESTING it, it is TRUE. It is a fact that ANYTHING the government controls is eventually going to be “rationed.” Some sooner than others. In this case, they are going to PAY doctors to give people “end of life” counseling. Today it’s voluntary. Soon it will become mandatory. Then people will DIE because life-saving medicines and treatments will be withheld. (Human Events)

Media Bias

Tavis Smiley (PBS) has the dubious distinction of being the WORST of the lot, and the lot is pretty bad. Smiley attributes every act of violence, real or imagined, in the world that cannot be traced to Muslims, to Christians. Mostly because those committing the violence happen to BE Christians. The fact that Christians are not necessarily DIRECTED by their religion to kill people who don’t believe the same way they do while Muslims ARE, doesn’t matter to Smiley. Of course, he lumps “Tea Partiers,” who have committed NO violence and THREATENED none, right in there, continuing the lefty MYTH that the “Tea Parties” are violent without a whit of any kind of proof.

If there is any, I wish he would produce it. Smiley’s record is surprisingly worse than Frank Rich, whom I consider one of the worst when it comes to twisting the news to suit his political bias. Nobody knows about him though, because almost nobody watches or listens to PBS. The only way they stay in business is by the coerced tax money the government gives them. Of course, liberals will not fight these accusations with facts—they have none. They will simply use the “consider the source” defense, which means NOTHING, since THEY are the only ones who think Fox is not to be listened to. (Fox News)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Protected By Idiots

A bunch of soldiers were coming back from Afghanistan and had been searched thoroughly before ever leaving there. They all had guns, but no bullets. M-14 rifles and some 9MM pistols. Some had M-240B machine guns. They were required to all get off the plane in Indianapolis (which I’m ashamed to say is my home town) and searched again. Why, I don't know. Apparently some nameless, faceless bureaucrat decided to search the men who are REALLY protecting us. One soldier was required to give up his NAIL CLIPPERS because “they could be used as a weapon." Even though the entire group BRISTLED with deadly weapons they were allowed to have on the plane, since they were American soldiers. The TSA agent was asked why the armed soldier needed to give up his nail clippers and the pimply-faced TSA agent who probably had not begun to shave yet answered, “You can use them as a weapon.” Apparently they've never heard of a "butt-stroke." This is how we are being “protected.” I’d rather protect myself. (Just common sense)

Stretching the Law

There are too many cases lately of lawyers “stretching the law” to suit themselves. In one case they’ve stretched the law unmercifully to take a home away from someone who bought it from the (what was then) legal owner. They think they can just take it away from them with NO hearing, NO chance for them to fight it, and they are working to do so, telling the new homeowners they will “have them out before Christmas.” Another such “Stretching of the law” came when the cops confiscated (stole) a car belonging jointly to a man and his wide when he was caught getting oral sex in its back seat. The wife (who obviously had no knowledge of the “crime,”) lost her interest in that car (Just common sense)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Again!

You can’t say it often enough. I said it the other day, and now I say it again. “The PC Police” can take it and stick it. This day is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ, whether or not you believe in him. It’s the religion of Christians, and reference to it should NEVER “offend” anyone. I am not offended by reference to the symbols of other religions, and I should not be. And members of other religions should not be “offended” by references to someone else’s. Especially Muslims, whose “Holy Book” tells them to KILL anybody who does not believe exactly the same way they do. Today’s Christianity does not, even if they can find an obscure passage in the Old Testament that might be read in such a way that some people might think it does. In any case, it is not a “guiding principle” to Christians. Some non-Christians seem to think they can stop Christians from making reference to their religion by wishing people “Merry Christmas” on this day. They’re wrong, even if some liberal courts disagree. They misread the Constitution to say that government and religion should be separate. That’s wrong. There is NOTHING in the Constitution saying that. So I say again, “Merry Christmas to all!” No matter what your religion. This will be the only post today, as I will be spending time with my family. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Picking Stupid

Michael Moore, as usual, when presented with two decisions, one stupid, and one logical, chooses stupid. He thinks the Founding Fathers would have been “WikiLeakers” and that we “must support Assange.” How stupid is that? Assange is in the process of getting the people who are helping to protect our country KILLED. How this equates to our “Founding Fathers” being “WikiLeakers,” I don’t know. But then, I don’t pretend to understand the workings of the kind of mind Moore has. Nobody with any sense at all, could. (The Blaze)

Unforseen Results

Sometimes I disagree mightily with Wiley, the guy who draws Non-Sequitur. Other times he’s “right on the money,” such as when his character, “Obviousman” tells the old bearded man with the sign saying “there are no absolutes” that there ARE, thus blowing his mind. This time the strip illustrates how the federal government works: doing the same thing over and over and failing, while saying, “We just didn’t do it enough.” (Non Sequitur)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Left's Scam

We all know Van Jones is a communist. Why? He SAID so in one of his speeches. Can we believe him? Yes. There is no reason for him to lie to us about that. But the left lies to us daily. Van himself tells us this. Watch the video. He thinks he can be very honest with us and we’ll do nothing. They create panics, whip up fright about their panics by pushing them every day, everywhere they can, until the public is DEMANDING a “solution” to the problem.

Then they offer a “solution” to the problem. But we’ll have to “give up some of our freedoms and more of our money” to make it work, of course. They’re doing this all the time, everywhere. Every day there is a new panic, while all the “old panics” are publicized again and again. You think your politicians are not doing this? Think again. They are the biggest users of this scam, and that’s how they whip up support for their unconstitutional laws. (The Blaze)

Soros Hits Back

Glenn Beck has been telling the truth about the activities of billionaire George Soros for some time, now. Now Soros is fighting back, calling Beck a “throwback to wild and crazy elements.” Strangely enough, he doesn’t give us any EXAMPLES as to how Beck has lied about him. Maybe that’s because he can’t. Everything Beck has said about him, he backs up with Soros’ own words. It’s hard to defeat someone who uses your own words. Soros used the prophetic book, “1984” to back up his words, which did just the opposite.

Soros WANTS the kind of world described in “1984” so he can be “in charge” and profit. He wants to BE "Big Brother." Soros described Rupert Murdock’s News Corp. (Fox News) as “a very dangerous precedent for the ‘open society’ that has prevailed in the U. S. for 200 years.” Yeah, dangerous: it tells the truth, and presents BOTH SIDES of all things, as the liberal media does NOT. The dinner at which he made these comments was attended by the members of the “elite,” who run this country from “behind the curtain,” and thus hate Beck and all those like him. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Some people are “offended” by the words, “Merry Christmas." They can go to hell. I will not accede to the demands of the “PC Police” and say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Why should I care if atheists, some Jews, Islamics, and followers of other religions don’t like it when I wish them a Merry Christmas? This is a country FOUNDED by Christians and, in which most powerful posts are still held by people who at least SAY they’re Christians. If that offends some people, too bad! I don’t care. Most Jews don’t “get offended” by it, and they don’t try and kill Christianity in a Christian country. So I say, “Merry Christmas,” people, and anybody who gets “offended” by this can go to hell. (The Blaze)

And They Holler "Religious Persecution!"

Islamics are quick to scream “religious persecution” every time something that displeases them happens. At least we don’t go into their Mosques and murder them in wholesale numbers as they do in our churches. We don’t “persecute” them. Sometimes we DO “fight back” when they go out of their way to offend us. Which is all the time. They insist we “observe” THEIR “religious practices,” but they don’t bother to offer the same consideration to us in countries where they run things. In Islamic-run countries, American (Christian) women must wear their required head covering and be escorted by a male when going out. We don’t make similar requirements of them. (The Blaze)

FCC Rushing to Control News

They not only want to control the news, they want to control television, right down to the people who can star in television shows. They THINK the “private sector” can’t be trusted to bring us ALL the news. And they’re right. It can’t. But neither can the FCC, who will make things WORSE, as ALL government interference in our affairs does. Mark my words, if they get control of the news media, shows like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity will disappear. And your access to REAL news will go with them. Then they’ll go after the Internet. They’re already PLOTTING to take over the Internet before we can destroy their ability to get us to AGREE to let them make this into a “Soviet-style” socialist state. (The Hill)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Obama Is Destroying the Economy

Why do I say this? Am I just a “crazy?” No; I look at what’s happening and wonder, myself. Obama extends the unemployment another 13 months; why? Why should he have to? Why doesn’t he simply get out of the way and allow the free market to work? What EARTHLY reason would he have for purposely destroying this economy? First of all, he HATES this country and its system. He has made that plain in the many speeches where he takes this country to task for a few real, and many imagined slights on the rest of the world. He tells the world he is “ashamed” of America. The President of the United States does this! But the question is, why would he DO this? The answer is simple.

He thinks socialism (collectivism, communism, Fascism, progressivism, etc.) is what we need, and he’s determined to impose it upon us, whether or not we like it. First, he has to destroy this economy and convince us that the free market does not work. Even though the free market has created a country that is the envy of the world and made of it the destination of choice for EVERYBODY who wants to better themselves. A “bulwark against poverty.” He means to destroy that to prove his point. He is a collectivist through and through. He was BORN in a communist family, inculcated by communist ideas throughout his life, and told that communism or any other form of socialism is the ONLY way to go.

He BELIEVES that crap! He believes he has a MISSION to bring collectivism to us, in spite of hell. This is why he is destroying this economy. Don't believe that? The Germans didn't believe it about Hitler' the Russians didn't believe it about Lenin. The same reason Lenin helped destroy the economy of Russia and created the “Soviet State. The same reason Hitler created National Socialism. The same reason Mussolini created Fascism. The same reason Fidel Castro created the communist “paradise” in Cuba that he himself now admits doesn’t work, and the same reason the socialists in this country created progressivism. They do everything they can to promote their own particular brand of collectivism including lies, theft, and murder. (Just common sense)

Liberals Fixated on "Plame Leak"

And there were no0ne. Valerie Plame had not been a “covert agent” of the CIA for NINE YEARS when she was “outed” NOT by Vice-President Dick Cheney. But liberals still use it whenever they are “caught out” themselves, as Alec Baldwin was when he talked about WikiLeaks and Assange. The fact that there is no kind of connection between the two seems to escape him. But this is Alec Balwdin, sponsor of some of the funniest left-wing idiocy there ever has been in the past. What kind of a cave people like Baldwin live in is beyond me. You’d think someone like Baldwin would at least have a television set, or the Internet, and be able to at least ACCESS the truth, from SOMEWHERE. (News Busters)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Take Kids Because of "Oath Keepers"

The “child protectors” have done it again! They’ve taken a man’s children because he was a member of the “Oath Keepers,” an organization that insists that government employees KEEP the oaths they took. What the hell is wrong with that:? The “child protectors” will use ANYTHING they can to support their unconstitutional and illegal “taking” of people’s children. They falsely told my own mother the wrong date for a hearing on taking my own children more than 30 years ago after I dutifully showed up at hearing after hearing, only to have it postponed. They had NOTHING they could show against me, but used the fact I didn’t show up for that last hearing as an excuse to take my two boys, anyway. I haven’t seen, nor spoken to them since, even though I was found guilty of NOTHING, never even ACCUSED of anything. They LIED, then took my children, for NO REASON. Is it any wonder I hate the very ground these evil people walk on? (Oath Keepers)

We Got "Gravitas"

Remember when the Democrats opined that “none of the Republicans running for president had ‘gravitas?’ “ Whatever THAT means. Well, let’s look at a few things that people they figure DO have “gravitas” have visited upon us: The TSA’s scanning and groping system; Obamacare; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the mortgage crisis; Our tax code; Our federal and state budget deficits; Our (purposely failed) immigration system. We need gravitas, because gravitas has worked so well so far.” (Stolen from ProfessorWilliam Jacobsen, Associate Professor, Cornell Law School)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Crisis to Crisis

This country goes from crisis to crisis every day. Each day a new crisis arrives on the scene and is announced. Some crises even are the OPPOSITE of one another, but that doesn’t stop those who USE those crises to advance their agendas. There is a reason for this. It’s called the Hegelian Principle. It is this principle our politicians use to get us to AGREE to things we would not ordinarily agree with. It involves 3 points, and has been used for many years:

1: CREATE A CRISIS: It doesn’t matter what, just create it, or expand an existing crisis beyond recognition; 2. PUBLICIZE THE CRISIS: Every day a new crisis is announced and the publicization begins. They pound it and pound it every day until the people DEMAND a “solution” to the crisis; 3. OFFER A SOLUTION: One that allows the government to take away a few more rights, while adding one or more new taxes (to pay for it). One of the “crises” we’re seeing today is the “fat children” crisis Michelle Obama is pushing. She says there are way too many fat children and it has even gotten to the point where it is a “national security problem.”

Meanwhile, others are screaming about “child starvation” in a country that has more food than any other country in the world. A country in which NO child should ever be starving because there is still PLENTY of food to go around, and many programs in place to feed anybody who doesn’t have enough food. These “crises” oppose one another, but they don’t care. They “play on your heartstrings” and talk about their individual “crisis” every day as if the other didn't exist. Notice in both cases it’s “the chilrun” who are suffering. It’s ALWAYS “the chilrun.” Don’t let them manipulate you this way. (Just common sense)

Democrats Give Us the Finger

They’ve spent the last two years since they “took over” the government doing it. Now they’re doing it for real. They thought that since they controlled two of the three houses of government, they could spend as much money as they could get away with, and that’s a lot. They’ve managed to spend more money than there IS. More money than has been spent by this government since its inception. Meanwhile, they’re surreptitiously giving us the finger. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Typical Democrat Arrogance

Obama’s “press hack,” Robert Gibbs (Fibs) says the unconstitutionality of part of Obama’s health care swindle will not have a “practical impact” on Obamacare. What? Are they going to just IGNORE the courts? AND the Constitution? In the biggest defeat (so far) for the Obama administration, a federal court declared the provision that FORCES people to buy health insurance of pay a fine to be unconstitutional. But he thinks it won’t have a “practical impact” on the enforcement of the law? What arrogance! For my part, I will NEVER buy health insurance on orders from the government, and I will NOT pay a fine for not doing so. So jail me. (The Blaze)

Will the Liberal Media Cover This?

Bob Decheine, chief of staff to Steve Rothman, (D-NJ), has been arrested (and fired, surprisingly) for soliciting sex from a minor, according to the cops in Gaithersburg, MD. But will you ever hear about this in the New York Times? Or any other liberal media outlet? Doubtful. I’m surprised he even got fired, since he was working for a Democrat. In this world where a top Senator (Teddy Kennedy) could murder his pregnant girlfriend and get nothing more than a six-month driver license suspension (which isn’t much for a rich man who is usually driven around in a limousine), who could famously join yet another Democrat Senator (Dodd) in the now famous “waitress sandwich,” how does an aide to a Democrat get fired for soliciting sex from an underaged girl? I presume it was a girl, but with (D) Barney Frank still in the Congress, I wonder. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

74% Doctors to Quit!

If Obama’s health care swindle stands. I don’t blame them a bit. Obama’s health care swindle will make it virtually impossible for them to make a living, let alone any money more than that. The measure FORCING people to buy health insurance has already been declared unconstitutional and covering pre-existing conditions has already caused many insurance companies to go out of the health insurance business. As time goes on, many more drawbacks from this legislation will become apparent. (The Lonely Conservative)

Insufferable Insult

The promoters of the “Ground Zero Mosque” want to use American taxpayer dollars in its construction. This is an insufferable insult to every innocent person who died there on 9/11, plus to EVERYBODY the Islamic terrorists have MURDERED since. Is there ANYBODY up there THINKING? I understand there is “serious consideration” being given to their application for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS from the U. S. government. Who up there is this STUPID? Don’t they know a majority of Americans are unalterably OPPOSED to this Mosque even being BUILT in this location? If it ever gets built, with or without American taxpayer help, I guarantee it will become a TARGET for the crazies who think violence is the answer to everything they don’t like (those who are not Muslims, anyway). (Live Shots)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Huffington Lies Again

She calls Glenn Beck’s “attack” on George Soros “pure, unadulterated fantasy.” But, as usual, she presents no PROOF of anything. Beck does. He uses Soros’ own words to show him for what he is. His supporters have nothing to use in discrediting Beck, so they try the ridicule route, knowing they have NO proof of ANYTHING untoward in Beck’s presentation. What is true is that Beck is RIGHT. He has PROVEN his case. They have not, and CANNOT. Soros himself attacks Beck, but HE also was unable to show any PROOF Beck is wrong. (The Blaze)


There’s a lot of that going around. First, the economy. Caused by a very shortsighted law forcing lenders to loan money to people who couldn’t ever repay it, supported by Fanny and Freddie, who “bought up” those bad loans to “keep the lid on” until it was “needed” to ensure a Democrat win in the 2008 election, and many other examples, for instance, the Minneapolis MetroDome, which collapsed because of heavy snowfall. It was built in Minnesota, where they KNOW the snowfall is going to be heavy, and made the roof out of some sort of canvas, FLAT, and not designed to shed snow. It has collapsed three times in the past, and still was not redesigned to withstand double digit inches of snow, as Denver’s DIA airport roof is designed to do (I think). There are many other examples of incompetence on the part of the people “running things” in this country, but I won’t mention them all (I couldn’t; there are too many). We need to do something to make sure the people we put in charge have at least a basic knowledge of what their job will entail. (Just common sense)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hidden in Plain sight

The so-called “New World Order,” once something to be whispered about in “conspiracy circles” and not believed elsewhere, is now openly urged upon the world by top-level politicians. Presidents actually openly speak before the Council on Foreign Relations and other NWO organizations. They think that now since the President of the United States is a communist, born of communists, and who SAYS communist things such as “redistribute the wealth,” “tax the rich,” and other mainstays of the socialists, they need no longer hide what they are. George Soros is not a communist. He IS a collectivist who has more money than he can spend in his lifetime. He’s eighty plus years old and won’t be with us much longer, but he seeks what he HOPES all his money will buy, the POWER to tell others what they may or may not do.

At a recent meeting in Washington sponsored by liberal (collectivist, socialist, Fascist, progressive) politicians, communists and socialists paraded themselves with huge signs proclaiming their communist and collectivist ties. They think they no longer need to hide it, as they did in the 40s and 50s. McCarthy was right. The government, at the time, was RIDDLED with communists and other kinds of collectivists, and it still is, today. But now they think they don't have to hide it. We have moved ever closer to collectivism, and the American people, who mostly do not pat any attention to politics until a couple of months before an election when lies are flying, don’t even realize it. Watch this video and be scared . . . I am, and have been for a long time. (You Tube)

We Got Gravitas!

Remember when the Democrats opined that “none of the Republicans running for president had ‘gravitas?’ “ Whatever THAT means. Well, let’s look at a few things that people they figure DO have “gravitas” have visited upon us: The TSA’s scanning and groping system; Obamacare; Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the mortgage crisis; Our tax code; Our federal and state budget deficits; Our (purposely failed) immigration system. We need gravitas, because gravitas has worked so well so far.” (Stolen from ProfessorWilliam Jacobsen, Associate Professor, Cornell Law School)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sheriff Burns Down Private Home

The reason given is that it is “filled with explosives” and it would be too dangerous to try and empty it. They HOPE there will be no explosion. That the flames will be so hot they will kill that possibility. They “hope.” The “dirty little secret” here is it is a rental property and the home owner is NOT the one who put the explosives in there. But the homeowner loses because the Sheriff is NOT going to pay them for the house.

What I want to know is under WHAT LAW does this sheriff burn this house down without paying the owner its value? WHAT LAW allows the cops to burn down somebody’s private property without paying the owner for its value? ARE we now under a “police state” that allows the cops to do just whatever they want to do? I recommend the owner SUE the sheriff for the value of the home, PLUS damages and loss of rental income. (The Blaze)

Soros: "China Has Better-Functioning Government"

I bet they have. They can just kill you if they don’t like what you’re saying about them. Obama can’t, although he’d like to. George Soros would like very much to be “in the driver’s seat” so he could manipulate us DIRECTLY, instead of Indirectly, as now. It’s not surprising that he “admires” a totalitarian government like communist China. They DO “get things done.” But do WE want such a government DICTATING what we can, and cannot do? I don’t think so. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Disrespectful to Non-Christians"

How is a Christmas display in a Christian country including the Baby Jesus that has been up for 57 years “disrespectful” to ANYONE? and who cares if it is? In a country that was STARTED by Christians, how could this BE? There are NO displays of Baby Jesus in Muslim countries, and there will never be. Because it’s AGAINST THEIR LAW to represent ANY religion but the Muslim religion. That’s “disrespectful” to ME. That OFFENDS me! Will they put one up because of that? Not a chance! They don’t care what offends me. I’m an “Infidel.” That means they want to KILL me. So why should they worry about what offends me? (The Tree of Liberty)

Disabling Cell Phones In Cars

As an excellent example of punishing all for the wrongs of a few, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says there will soon be cell phone disabling technology REQUIRED to be installed in ALL cars so NOBODY can talk on a cell phone in a car . . .any time. Even when an emergency occurs. Think about it. Some idiot runs you off the road and you hit a tree. You’re pinned in, unable to get out. You try your cell phone, and . . .nothing. You’re in an inaccessible spot where nobody can see you.

You wait, and wait, all the time in excruciating pain . . .until you die from exposure and the injuries you got in your accident. These are the things bureaucrats like LaHood do not think about until AFTER somebody dies. Then he “leaps to the rescue” and does what he should have done before and gets credit for "fixing" it. This is the way the government operates. Punish EVERYBODY for the sins of a few, rather than make it worse ONLY for those who are “the sinners.” If I’m still alive when this comes out, I’m going to disable it. If that makes me a criminal, so be it. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Palin's "Slip of the Tongue"

At every opportunity, Democrats (and sometimes Republicans, too) rip Sarah Palin, saying she hasn’t enough “experience” and “knowledge” to be president. So she accidentally said “North” instead of “South” when referring to our “South Korean allies.” So what? At least she doesn’t think we have 57 states, as Obama does, or think we planted a flag on Mars, as liberal Democrat Shiela Jackson Lee does. She must really scare the pants off liberals in both parties, or they wouldn’t “single her out” for every faux pas she makes, while ignoring those made by Democrats and other liberals, chiefly Obama. Come 2012, they’ll have eight years to “single her out” while ignoring the goofs of liberals. (Big Journalism)

It's NOT "Society's Fault!"

Collectivists (liberals) are still preaching the LIE that criminals are “shaped” by their society and thus, their criminal acts are not their fault. They are the fault of society. But they’re wrong. The crimes committed by criminals are THEIR FAULT. There are many people who grew up under the exact same circumstances as I was, and they became criminals. I did not. Conversely, many criminals grew up rich, never wondering where their next dollar was going to come from, had exemplary parents, who gave them everything they wanted. They became criminals in spite of it. The fact remains that some people are BORN criminals. Society had nothing to do with it. (Just common sense)

"Under the Radar"

Oil is nearing $90 a barrel again, and nobody cares. They got used to $3 and higher per gallon prices during the last “put up” oil crisis so this isn’t such a “big thing” to them. They survived before, and these prices can’t last, they tell themselves. The liberal media ignores it, and we have to depend on sources they hate (other than the gas pump itself) to learn of it. What’s new about that? The liberal news media has long ignored such things because they might reflect badly on the president. But if we don’t do something to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, such as using synthetic oil in huge quantities, we’re going to soon be seeing $10 a gallon gas. (Breitbart, another source George Soros hates)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Happened to ACORN?

ACORN was very instrumental in getting Obama and a lot more Democrats elected by their ballot-box stuffing and purposely inaccurate vote-counting activities. They were found to be willing to FINANCE a whorehouse operation and lie to the government to cover it up. They have DISBANDED. But they’re still there, operating under MANY different names, as liberal organizations always do when they’re found out. They reorganize under different names, so we won't know they're still operating. But if you look at the NAMES of the people involved, you can ferret it out. But that's a lot of work, and not many want to do it. That's what they count on. (The Blaze)

SIEU Members Counting Ballots

How is this possible? Everybody KNOWS SEIU members are HEAVILY BIASED toward Democrats and they will fine EVERY excuse to put ANY ballot in the Democrat column, thereby STEALING the election for the Democrat. This is how Democrats gain and stay in power. They have infiltrated the election workers and see to it that EVERY election that is close, goes Democrat. Something needs to be done about the Democrats who inhabit the election vote-counters. But as long as Democrats are in control of so much of the process of running this country, that isn’t going to happen. (The Blaze)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Supply Side Economics Doesn't Work"

The liberals call it “trickle-down economics,” or “Reaganomics.” Those terms were terms of derision, coming from liberals. They scoffed at (and still scoff at) the whole idea that “the rich” actually CREATE jobs as they go about investing their money in various projects that DO create jobs AND profits, both of which create taxable income. But it DID work, no matter how much they deny it today. They call us all sorts of names if we believe in it, but they can’t DISprove it. They don’t even try. They just call us names and ignore the argument. That’s how they always handle it when they can’t answer an argument with facts. They just call us names and ignore the argument, itself. (Just common sense)

Peelosi's "Achievement Party"

She thinks what she did was an “achievement.” She actually thinks helping Obama’s scam to take over 1/7th of the American economy and plunge us into socialism is “an accomplishment.” She is STILL in “deep denial.” Americans need to disabuse her of this notion. She’s “having a party” in Washington, attended by all her socialist friends, to CELEBRATE this theft of America’s property. Gad, this woman is STUPID! She doesn’t know that the only reason she is still a senator (though she just lost her power as Speaker) is that she lives in a city, within a state, that is overwhelmingly liberal and socialist-leaning.

They wouldn’t recognize a bad thing if it was shoved up their behinds. This is how Germany got Hitler. How other previously free countries got their dictators. I’m only thankful that they are ALL so blind that we can “come up on their blind side” and remove them from power in time, before they make unconstitutional laws to prevent it. They have no idea that the MAJORITY in this country is AGAINST them. So go on, Nancy. Party on! We’ll arrive soon to “take you out.” (The Blaze)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't Be Ashamed to Be Rich

Many rich people are just ashamed to BE rich. They should not be. They are the ones who keep the “motor of the world” running. They INVEST their money in projects that create jobs for the rest of us. They are the ONLY people who CAN create jobs. Government CANNOT create jobs. It CAN create an atmosphere where the free market and “the rich” CAN create jobs while also creating more taxable income. It can also (and usually does) create an atmosphere where it is IMPOSSIBLE to create new jobs. They think if all the money isn’t coming to THEM, it’s bad for the country.

But it’s not. They don’t know this, and won’t admit it. Rich people not only create jobs, they create other rich people. Bill Gates not only created many well-paying JOBS, he also created a large number of RICH PEOPLE. He does not, like “Scrooge McDuck,” just sit on his piles of money and let coins run through his fingers. He USES it to make MORE money, and when he does, he creates both jobs and more rich people, even if politicians (who create nothing but new laws to cost us more money) will not admit it. To me, this simply means those politicians are INCOMPETENT. (Just common sense)

Time "Honors" Glenn Beck

Time Magazine, who isn’t too particular about who they name “Man of the Year,” has named Glenn Beck “Person of the Year” this year with an insulting picture of Glenn on the cover and the headline, “Mad Man.” “Mad Man” for what? For taking on one of the richest men in the world, George Soros? For challenging Soros to prove what he says about him is wrong? For telling the truth about one of the most dangerous men in the world? A man who has destroyed the economy and money of FOUR countries in the past, and who has said, right out, that America is his next “target?” They’ll put Soros on their cover next. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

They Have the Power

Washington has decided they have the power to control your light switch without congressional approval. All they have to do is put out a “directive” and they can just “turn you off” if you’re using too much power. It almost seems like there is a power shortage in this country. There isn’t, but they want you to think there is. It’s how they do things in Washington. They CREATE a “crisis,” even if there is none. Then they publicize that “crisis” until some of you demand a “solution.” Then they “offer a solution” that will ultimately take away some more of your rights and more of your money. But they don’t tell you that. They extol the “benefits” of their “solution” without mentioning the drawbacks.

And those who “pay no attention to politics” (most of us) but who vote anyway, believe them. Pretty soon you’ll try and turn on a switch and it won’t work. Then you’ll call some number they’ve given you and spend a few hours on a “telephone tree” waiting to talk to someone who doesn’t care about what you want, anyway. The upshot will be that Washington will control your light switch and you won’t be able to do a thing about it except to buy lots of batteries—and soon buying those will be illegal. (Breitbart’s “Big Government”)

Politicians Are Incompetent AND Arrogant

That’s a dangerous combination. Obama thinks he is so much smarter than us ignorant constituents that he not only doesn’t need to pay attention to us, he needs to figure out a better way to get it through our thick skulls that what he has done, and what he is going to do is the RIGHT thing. We’re just too stupid to understand it. He just can’t understand that we KNOW that printing money with nothing valuable behind it is stealing the value of the money we HAVE. Or that the government spending our tax money will NOT make the business picture better; or that raising taxes when we’re already in money trouble only takes away MORE money from us, making it harder for us to survive. Politicians (mostly liberal) have been doing stupid, incompetent things for so long, when you point out their stupidities, they call US stupid and keep on doing them.

Yes, what they do is generally good for THEM, and keeps them in power over the rest of us. And that’s what they’re after. Obama, for instance, has said Jimmy Carter was one of our BEST presidents, well knowing he was one of the WORST. But he figures if he keeps saying it often enough, people will come to believe it. I could write on and on, on this subject, with illustration after illustration that people with COMMON SENSE will know is right, but I won’t. They do everything they can to make it hard on the very people who are the ONLY ones who CAN "create jobs," the businessmen whose invested money create the projects that DO create jobs. they tax them at a higher rate, and discriminate against them in every way they can. I know you’re smarter than he and his cronies are and will realize the truth of what I say (I hope). (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GOP Has No Ideas

That’s what Obama tells us after the last meeting he had with Republicans. They gave him many good ideas, but he rejected them ALL out of hand, then went outside to the press and said the Republicans have NO answers, but to criticize Democrats. The problem is, Obama REJECTS all the ideas Republicans offer him. After the last meeting, the message to Republicans was: “We won. Live with it.” Now we need a new message, from the Republicans: “We won this time, Obama. Live with it.” (Just common sense)

Obama NEEDS Violence

He’s doing everything he can to incite violence among Americans because when it erupts, he is then able to do the drastic things he wants do to but doesn’t dare to do otherwise. Such as “crack down on the media,” which he is saying is INCITING the violence HE is inciting. He’s talking about that “dangerous, ARMED Tea Party.” The big lie is that the “right” is dangerous and armed, which it is not, on either count. Bill Ayers’ girlfriend, herself a terrorist, is now saying “a revolution is eminent.”

What she doesn’t say is that SHE will start it. Or her boyfriend will. With a president like Obama in office, appointing communists and other socialists to high office, they don’t even need to hide the fact that they are communists or socialists any more. So they proudly ANNOUNCE it and nobody does, or SAYS anything. They’re getting things ready for a revolution so they can “tighten up” on “regulations and make laws to further limit our freedoms. (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Look You Right in the Eye and Lie"

Howard Dean says “Sarah Palin can look you right in the eye and say things that are not true.” I wish he would produce some PROOF of THIS lie. But he can't. Actually, the people who are best at that are the liberals and Democrats (a redundancy, that), including Howard Dean. Liberals will look you right in the eye, KNOWING you know the truth and lie to you, DARING you to correct their lies. Who do they think they’re fooling? Only those who pay no attention to politics and only read the headlines—which are usually not anything LIKE what’s contained in the story. (The Blaze)

Elite Republicans Hate Tea Parties

So do the Democrats, and for good reason: they're going to get rid of them. The Republicans think the Tea Parties cost them several elections. They ASSUME the votes that went to Tea Party candidates would have inevitably gone to the Republican, which is wrong. The very reason there WAS a Tea Party candidate in the election is because the Republican was unacceptable, most likely a RINO (Republican In Name Only). But the Republicans better get it together and support the Tea Party candidates who won, or there will be no advantage from this election. The Tea Party candidates ARE Republicans; REAL Republicans. If the ”establishment Republicans” don’t “get it in gear” and work with the Tea Party candidates, now they’ve been elected. We’ll get rid of THEM, too, come next election. (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Starting, Folks

IT’S STARTING, FOLKS: They’re using the excuse that certain web sites are “infringing on copyrights” so they’re shutting them down. No charges, no trials, no proof of ANYTHING, except for the DEFINITION, by the government as to what “copyright infringement” IS. No "legal process," no opportunity for the owners to show they're wrong and are infringing on their First Amendment rights. (They'll say it is "administrative," so they don't have to obey the Constitution). Watch for it to “metastasize,” as do most government intrusions into our lives.

They start small, then grow, and grow, until they DOMINATE. Then they demand you BUY a “license” in order to HAVE a web site, of any kind. The FCC is already readying a “rule change” to TAKE OVER the Internet (for the good of the nation,” of course). They’re slowly drawing the noose tighter and tighter. Soon they’ll be insisting we call all government agents “comrade” or something else just as stupid. It won’t be long before they shut ME down for “insulting the government.” (The Hill)

Any Excuse Better Than None

Democrat apologist and race whore Al Sharpton is still making excuses for the Republican gains in this election. He says the GOP “seduced the electorate” into “hysteria” against Obama. Well, they didn’t take much “seducing,” since they were so mad at Obama and his henchmen they couldn’t speak. So they mostly just voted against everything he stands for. Sharpton should know about seduction, since he does a lot of it himself while extorting money from large corporations by threatening to accuse them (with or without evidence) of racism. (The Blaze)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Collectivism vs. Individualism

People talk about politics being a fight between liberalism and conservatism. That’s wrong. It is simply between collectivism and individualism; between the government taking from you your earnings to give to those who DON’T earn, and the government leaving you alone to do for yourself. The first settlers in this country tried socialism (collectivism) and it almost wiped out the colony until they switched to capitalism (individualism), which caused the colony to prosper. ‘Nuff said about that. Since then, socialism (collectivism) has been tried many times, and has failed eventually every time it has been tried, most notably in the Soviet Union. Socialists (liberals) today say it only failed because they didn’t try hard enough. That PURE socialism has never been tried.

What a load of stinky brown stuff! Pure socialism has been tried every time a socialist got into power, and has (and will, eventually) fail every time. Even Fidel Castro, who has “ruled” Cuba for a half century, says “It hasn’t worked for us.” Cuba is a formerly prosperous country that has been reduced to poverty by the communism (collectivism) he brought. There, only top government officials can drive cars less than 50 years old. The infrastructure is crumbling; cigars, made in Cuba, were once the envy of the world, are now being IMPORTED by Cuba. The socialist regime in Cuba is not long for this world, and will probably not survive Fidel’s death for long as the fight for power destroys it. It may not, in fact, last as LONG as does Fidel. (Just common sense)

We're "At A Crossroads"

That’s where we are. “From arbitrarily imposed rules on businesses to the revocation of many First Amendment protections, our current crop of politicians are leading us down a dark path. Can we turn it around?” (Thomas Sowell) Yes, we can; if we “hold Obama’s feet to the fire.” He has done a lot of damage, but it IS possible to reverse it if we work hard at it. But we MUST “work hard at it.” Obama wants to take us down the road of socialism, and he has done many things in his first two years to move us in that direction. We MUST move BACK. If we don’t. we’ll be the next Soviet Union under a different name. I won’t live long enough to see it (I hope), but my children and their children will. And that worries me. (Thomas Sowell/Atlasphere)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Communists "Out of the Closet"

There was a time when being a communist was known to be tantamount to being a criminal. It still is. But not as long as Obama (son of communist parents) is in office. They’re coming out of the woodwork and they no longer care if people know they’re communists. They now ask, “What’s wrong with communism, anyway?” Remember the recent “One Nation Working Together” rally in Washington? It was held to show Glenn Beck they could outpull him in Washington (They didn’t)? There were MANY communist, or communist-friendly organizations proudly “showing their colors” in the small crowd. What’s wrong with communism is it involves STEALING the earnings of one person and GIVING the proceeds to another. (Accuracy In Media)

"Quantitative Easing"

Do you know what that means? No? That’s what Obama wants. It simply means he’s going to print billions of dollars in worthless money with nothing of value behind it. Counterfeiting. Something we put people in PRISON for if they’re not part of the government. Every dollar printed without something of value behind it makes every dollar in circulation worth less. The government says so . . .unless they’re doing it. Then they give it a name you won’t understand . . .unless you’re paying attention. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Progressives" Now In Denial

Because they didn’t lose ALL the Democrat/far left seats, they think they’ve won. “While so called “centrist” or moderate democrats lost hugely, the Progressives lost only three members Alan Grayson, John Hall and Phil “don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare… [T]his means that Obama and the remaining Democrats now have nothing to lose by pushing hard to the left.” Maybe they didn’t lose ALL of them because few people RECOGNIZED them.

As people wake up more and more, and do their own research instead of depending on the election-time “attack ads” that usually lie, they’ll get rid of more and more of them. They just don’t get it: the people of this country want nothing to0 do with socialism, and will fight it to the last man . . .even if the far left DOES make “progress” on a short-term basis, they will “rise up and smite them” if (when) they try to go too far, as Obama has. Let him keep on with his excesses. That will just make it easier to get rid of him, as well as the far left “progressives.” (The Blaze)

Pelosi Fired As Speaker

"The outcome of the election does not diminish the work we have done for the American people," I would change one word in that statement: From “for” to “to.” “The outcome of the election does not change the work we have done TO the American people. And that is what the Democrats have done: not “for” the American people, TO the American people. They have done nothing FOR the American people. They have spent more of our money than there IS; they have moved us ever closer to SOCIALISM, a system that has FAILED every time it has been tried, and is based on STEALING from those who EARN and GIVING to those who don’t, to maintain their power.

Nancy has lost most of her power because of what she and her accomplices did TO the American people and when they “woke up,” they rebuffed her. I think one of the STUPIDEST statements I’ve ever heard a politician make was when she said, “We have to pass this bill to . . .uh . . .find out what’s in it.” That statement, more than any other, woke people up to the con that was going on in Washington. No, we didn’t get rid of Harry Reid, nor the Democrat majority in the Senate. But hopefully we can keep some of the bad bills from ever getting TO the Senate with our new majority. Yes, she and Reid barely won re-election, due to the stupidity of many of their constituents. But that isn’t going to last long as they both soon recede into the woodwork of history. Nancy has run for, and won the office of MINORITY leader in the House. I guess the Democrats are too stupid to see what she has done to them. (ABC News)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama In Over His Head

Obama’s recent defeat overseas reveals something I’ve known all along: he’ in WAY over his head. Presidents usually do not even go to meetings like this without some sort of an agreement they can tout upon their return as a “success.” Obama has brought us back NOTHING from the last few such meetings. This tells me he just does not know what he is doing, and neither do his advisers. They “poo-poohed” Sarah Palin for having no experience, but this man actually DOES have no experience . . .and will not get any while he is president because he does not LISTEN to advice, from ANYBODY. Not even those he PAYS to give it to him. (Christian Science Monitor)

Bill Maher's Ego

He thinks everybody else but him are stupid, and he isn’t afraid to say so. One of these days he is going to say something to insult his boss and he will just disappear. His ego is so huge he can’t see around it. And he’s stupid and arrogant on top of that. He shows his stupidity every time he opens his big mouth . . . and that’s often. He just can’t keep it shut, and that’s good. It makes him the “poster boy” for stupid political statements. Stupid, not ignorant. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. Stupid is having access to knowledge, but refusing to accept it. He carries it one step further and shouts his stupidity from the rooftops. He doesn’t even help the liberals with his tirades because it's so obvious how stupid he is. (The Blaze)

Olbermann Is Unstable and Unqualified!

He did an almost half hour tirade against “Tea Partiers” the other day, calling them “unqualified and unstable,” which only shows just how unqualified and unstable HE is. I have to laugh out loud at the hijinks of this guy. I’m sure the only reason he keeps his job is that his bosses think the same way he does. He doesn’t know “Tea Partiers” is simply a name given to intelligent Americans who are tired of being lied to, and overtaxed and are doing something about it. This guy is so ignorant he makes Obama look like HE is smart. He actually thinks the things he says resonate with Americans. Actually, he is a source of merriment, even among his listeners . . . both of them. (The Blaze)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So what The Hell ELSE Is New?

“We will threaten your security” say the Islamic terrorists. What the hell have they been doing on a regular basis for years? Why did we have to invade Iraq and depose Saddam, except to stop him from giving them money, terrorist training, and a safe haven? Do they think we don’t KNOW they are “threatening our security?” But then I guess a mind that is stuck in the fifteenth century doesn’t know any better.

They think we’re not any smarter than they are. Maybe I can’t imagine anybody that stupid in this day and age. Example: they are still trying to convince us that bin Laden is still alive with their lame audio tape or “file footage” of Oba . . .er, uh, Osama before we made him into a cinder early in the Afghanistan war. What a bunch of idiots we’re fighting. And apparently there are enough other idiots in our government to allow them to actually escape punishment, for the most part. (The Blaze)

Proving Their Stupidity

Media Matters (one of George Soros-financed liberal lie machines) asked Sarah Palin to help them repudiate Glenn Beck, then accused her of being a terrorist when she predictably refused. Whatever made them think there was ANY chance she would help them in ANYTHING? What a bunch of STUPES! Why ANYBODY believes anything this screwy outfit says is beyond me. But then, I have some intelligence. Apparently the people who believe their lies do not . . . or just don't pay attention. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Am I Wrong?

Many people just “shut down” whenever I say the word “communist” because they’re convinced the threat from communism “went away” with the soviet Union,” and it wasn’t all that bad, anyway. WRONG! The Soviet Union was just ONE example of the danger of communism, and all the different other kinds of collectivism. The communists, who are just “taking one step back” to “let the Americans go back to sleep (Soviet Premier said to their main lawmaking body just before “the collapse”).” They have so much power today with a dedicated, radical SOCIALIST (with communist parents) in the White House, they don’t even have to hide it any more. At a recent gathering of Democrats (10-2-10) in Washington, there were plenty of signs showing the people there were socialists and communists (a repetition, that). They figure with Obama running things, they no longer have to hide their connection to collectivism as they did in the fifties and sixties. Now the Communist Party USA has even ENDORSED the Democrats. To me, that ALONE would be the “kiss of death.” (The Blaze)

Napolitano Swears In al Qaida Sympathizer

This is the kind of people Janet Napolitano swears into important posts in our fight AGAINST al Qaida. An al Qaida SYMPATHIZER. How stupid ARE the people who are (by virtue of being elected by gullible people) “in charge” of our government, today? Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has sworn in a member of her agency's Advisory Council who is a strong supporter of the radical Islamist theologian who calls for "war" with the non-Muslim world and whose teachings inspired and continues to govern al-Qaida and Islamic terrorist organizations worldwide. Mohamed Elibiary, president and CEO of the Freedom and Justice Foundation of Carrollton, Texas, also spoke at a conference that honored the anti-U.S. founder of the Iranian Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini. Elibiary has strongly criticized the government's persecution of fundraisers for Hamas and is a defender of the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR.” This government is IN FAVOR of the Islamic terrorist “Jihad” against ALL “unbelievers.” Some people think Obama IS a Muslim. I don’t care about that. It makes no difference. He has SHOWN he is a Muslim SYMPATHIZER and those he has appointed to high office are, too. (World Net Daily)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Quantitative Easing?"

What the hell does THAT mean? Most people don’t know, and that’s how the liberals like it. So they can go right on and print more and more money without anything valuable behind it: you know, government counterfeiting. The Treasury Department goes on and on about how counterfeiters reduce the value of every dollar out there when they print their piddling amounts of money. But they say nothing about how much printing BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars, even TRILLIONS of dollars does to our economy because that’s what THEY'RE doing. That's what “quantitative easing” IS. This is how they slip their various scams and swindles by us. By renaming it into something we don’t understand. Therefore it stays “under our radar” until it’s too late. (Just common sense)

Lies Your Government Told You

The lies you’re being told by your government every day are legion. But none so pernicious as the ones told you about guns. They want you to believe that the way to reduce gun violence in the USA is to pass more and more “gun control” laws. But consider this: Will CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, obey a law that says they can’t be armed? Not even! The tighter the “gun control laws” are in a given area, the EASIER it is for criminals to buy illegal guns on the streets. What we need is more guns in the hands of responsible people to COUNTER the illegal guns in the hands of the criminals, so they’ll never know if their intended victim will be armed and able to shoot them, instead. This link goes to excerpts from the book, Lies Your Government Told You,” which covers many lies you’ve been told, and the truth. (Judge Andrew Napolitano)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Taking Over

Some years ago, the government, in its infinite wisdom, declared smoking to be dangerous, on very thin “evidence.” They have never been able to definitively PROVE their thesis, but that hasn’t stopped them from putting limits on the way they can advertise cigarettes (like causing Winston to stop sponsoring NASCAR racing) and banning cigarette advertising in magazines and newspapers. Then they forced cigarette makers to put labels on every pack sold telling their lies. No law has ever been made to declare smoking illegal, but they persist in their propaganda program to destroy the tobacco industry. Now they want to increase the size of their labels on cigarette packs to cover fully HALF of BOTH SIDES of each pack, and print gory pictures they SAY is disease caused by smoking (even though there’s nothing but statistical inference “proof” of it).

I predict that in the not so distant future, they will insist on 100% of the pack for their grisly pictures. Manufacturer’s logos will be restricted to only one panel, probably on the bottom. People will continue to smoke in spite of all this, and in desperation, they will FINALLY ban smoking, altogether. All without a shred of real proof that smoking is bad for you. Mind you, I’m not saying it ISN’T, just that they have not proven it to my satisfaction, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to make that decision FOR you. It's just one more of the decisions that should be YOURS that they want to take over after "conditioning" you. Just for your information: I haven't smoked in 20 years so I have no "dog in this fight." (Yahoo Answers)

Maybe Iran Needs to Be Next

We invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam because he was training Islamic terrorists and giving them a “safe harbor” where the people they attack can’t get at them for a while. He was also a source of a lot of money to buy what they needed in order to kill as many “Infidels” they could. Now Iran is doing the same thing. PLUS, they're fast moving toward being a nuclear power, which Saddam could never do. And they have the aid and comfort of the liberals all over the world, who BELIEVE that crap about his nuclear plants being “just for electricity.” Maybe we need to invade and conquer Iran, too, just for our own safety. It would certainly be easy enough. If we got rid of Ahmadinijerk we wouldn't need as many troops in Iraq because he would no longer be financing and training terrorists to hassle us there. (Washington Examiner)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Not About Abortion!

It’s about yet another Obama broken promise. And I’m surprised anybody noticed, with all the OTHER promises he has broken. Sarah Palin is making a “big thing” of his promise that abortion wouldn’t be paid for in his health care swindle law, and it is. Liberals are asking, “Why all the noise about abortion? Abortion is about 14th on the list of things people worry about.” Really? Murdering your infants rather than use a contraceptic? That’s only 14th on the list? But I digress. This is just ONE of the major promises he has made and broken. For instance: he said there would be no “death panels” in that bill. There were not. It was in another bill that has been passed, and is now the law of the land.

This is how Obama operates on a regular basis. Hide it in a different bill so he can truthfully say “it isn’t in THAT bill." They can do that because those in Congress no longer READ the bills they sign into law, so they don’t know what’s in it. Liberals are working hard to make us think Sarah is losing her popularity. I just heard on CNN (a real conservative bastion, that) that in a recent survey, 52% said they no longer liked Sarah. We’ll get the REAL picture after the 2012 elections when she “whups ‘em” and makes Obama a one-term president. (Washington Examiner)

Voted GOP, Machine Recorded Democrat Vote

Nobody knows what goes on inside of those ubiquitous voting machines. They may be set by elections officials (most of whom are Democrats) to record something just the opposite to what you wanted, and here is evidence of it. Maybe they forgot to make the machine hide what it recorded. Democrats AND Republicans should not be allowed to be election officials. How they’re going to work that, I don’t know. Maybe by setting the machines to be completely transparent in what they record. (Sun Journal)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks, Obama!

For “waking up” this country. Your excesses have done more for the conservatives than anything else I could name. I recently received an e-mail enumerating the many things Obama has done to show America just what liberalism (socialism) means to us. First, he destroyed the Clinton Machine and Hillary’s hopes to ever be president. He “killed off” the Kennedy Dynasty and destroyed the Democrat Party. They’re now fighting for their very lives. He has destroyed many Democrat careers. He has caused the resurgence or REASON in politics while exposing liberal Democrats for what they are: people who want to control EVERYTHING we do and want to steal our money to do it. They tax us unmercifully (they’d like to tax us 100% but that would cause another revolution). He has brought more people back to conservatism than Reagan ever did. For that, I thank Obama. That’s the kind of “hope and change” we REALLY need. He promised it, and he delivered it. But I don't think the "hope and change" he delivered was what he intended. Thanks to Barry Cooper for this. (Greensboring)

VOLT is an Obama Swindle

It doesn’t get nearly as much mileage as they claim. It is NOT entirely an electric car, as advertised. When it begins to run down, and at 70 or above, that little gasoline engine they CLAIM only “assists” the car in charging itself, is DIRECTLY running the front wheels, along with the electrically-driven back wheels. Charging “plugs” still are almost nonexistent, and the cost is so high the car needs a $7,500 “shot in the arm” to entice people (even "green" people) into buying one. Investor’s Business Daily called it “an electric Edsel.” Which is an insult to the Edsel, which was actually a pretty good car. The world just was not ready for it, like it wasn't ready for the Edsel or the Tucker). Conversely, this car is not ready for the world. It’s just another one of Obama’s swindles. (Investor’s Business Daily)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gore's Chicago Climate Exchange Fails

If Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange, started to capitalize on the sale of “climate credits” after the “Cap and Trade” bill passed fails, will the mainstream media make a sound? Well, the bill passed and it made no difference whatsoever. So his “Climate Exchange died, and not a peep out of the so-called “mainstream media.” Poor Al will make no money from this particular swindle. Which just proves that you need to go elsewhere to learn things the liberals would rather you not know. Thanks to TYSK for this. (Pajamas Media)

Liberals Welcome Criminals

Alcee Hastings was IMPEACHED as a federal judge for corruption and perjury. Then he ran for Congress and his gullible constituents elected him. He has been there ever since. (His alleged co-conspirator, attorney William Borders went to jail again for refusing to testify in the impeachment proceedings, but was later given a full pardon by [then] President Bill Clinton [Democrat --RT] on his last day in office). The Democrats (liberals) welcomed him with open arms, as they do ALL criminals who get themselves elected; the Democrat ones, anyway. Democrats make a “big thing” of it when a Republican is SUSPECTED of being gay, but they don’t utter a peep against their own KNOWN gay congressman, Barney Frank, whose boyfriend was found to be running a gay whorehouse out of Barney’s apartment (he got a “slap on the wrist”). When former congressman William Jefferson (convicted of 13 counts of corruption) gets out of prison, he’ll probably run for office again, and if he wins (he probably will), they’ll probably welcome him with open arms as they did Hastings.

They don’t care if their people are criminals. Most of them are probably criminals, uncovered. People like Bill Clinton, former Democrat PRESIDENT and convicted felon (also suspected in many murders), who lost his law license for five years because he LIED to Congress. He apparently thought he could get away with doing to them, what he has done for years, to all of us. This is the Democrat Party. Liars, killers (Teddy Kennedy, Chappaquiddick), swindlers (many have been found out, but few prosecuted because the Democrats controlled the means of prosecution). The best known recent Democrat swindler is Barack Obama, who has swindled this nation out of TRILLIONS of dollars. But will he be prosecuted? Don’t hold your breath. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Illinois "Dragging Feet" on GOP Winner

He won by 70,000 votes. His opponent has already conceded defeat and had a post-election “fence-mending” session with the winner. Everybody knows he has won except for the election officials (Democrats all) who say they won’t be able to make it official until November 23 (too much paperwork), at which time the “lame duck session” will be largely over. He will not be able to do anything to stop Obama’s schemes until then, and you can bet they’ll have them done by then if they can. This is how the Democrats get things done. They take every opportunity to “throw a monkey-wrench” into the works when Republicans threaten to stop their scams and schemes. Then they say, “Who, me?” when you accuse them. Meanwhile, they go right on with their scams and schemes. (Hot Air)

Obama Still Blaming Others

He’s going to have to start recognizing reality soon. He’s been in office almost TWO YEARS, and what’s happening today is the result of HIS policies, NOT those of George Bush. But he will NEVER admit it. He’s “in denial” about many things, as is his chief “henchwoman,” Nancy Peelosi, who thinks congresspeople voting things into law without even READING the bill is okay. At least, when SHE or her own staffers wrote the bill. If the Republicans tried that, you’d heart the screaming in Hawaii. (Brian Darling/Human Events)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nancy Just Doesn't Get It

She's still “in denial.” The electorate has told her she made MANY mistakes while she was Majority Leader, but she is still thinking she made none. She says she wants to become minority leader to “protect our good works.” But there ARE no “good works” to protect. There are only BAD works to reverse, and the Republicans (I hope) are going to do it. “The National Republican Campaign Committee welcomed Pelosi's announcement ‘based on her proven ability to create jobs for Republican lawmakers.’ " Then the electorate is going to “speak” again in 2012, getting rid of the chief cause of the danger to our way of life, Barack Obama. He needs to be sent back to Chicago with his tail between his legs, and we mean to do just that. Obama is also “in deep denial” about the message sent him by the voters. But hopefully, he will get the message as the new Congress rebuffs him, time after time. (Fox News)

More Guns, Less Crime

It has long been predicted by people who have “no axe to grind,” that more guns in the hands of honest. dependable people will cause a reduction in violent crime. “First, the number of guns has risen to an all-time high. Second, for decades Brady Campaign has repeatedly predicted with unfettered confidence that more guns would necessarily cause crime to rise. But third, the nation's violent crime and murder rates have instead fallen to 35- and 45-year lows, respectively.” (NRA-ILA). The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is that as the number of guns increases, violent crime reduces. They can’t factually deny that, though they rail futilely against it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama:..."Maybe I Won't Steal Billions"

. . . This time. After being forced to realize that he will NOT be in “total control” for the next two years (the last two years of his only term), he has signaled his willingness to “compromise” on not letting Bush’s tax cuts “sunset,” which would create the biggest tax increase in this nation’s history. He still thinks he has the power to tell people that if they EARN more than a certain amount, they have to give more (a bigger percentage) of their earnings to the government. Liberals still push the lie that “the rich” don’t pay their “fair share” of taxes while the FACT is, they pay the biggest percentage. The MOST taxes of ANYBODY while the “poorest” pay NO TAXES at all. I don’t know what he will demand in return, but it will cost us a bundle. (source: the IRS itself). They are “net receivers” of tax money. (Rush Limbaugh)

Harrah's Pressures Employees

The pressure was to help Harry Reid retain his seat in Congress. He was so desperate, he sent an e-mail to Harrah’s, PLEADING for help, which he got. It’s illegal, but he got it anyway. “Elizabeth Crum of Nevada News Bureau has discovered that executives at the casino giant Harrah’s pushed company employees to vote early in an all-out effort to help the Harry Reid campaign, according to internal emails. The stepped-up effort began Wednesday when a Reid staffer sent an email pleading for help to Harrah’s top lobbyist, Jan Jones. Soon after, Marybel Batjer, Harrah’s vice president of public policy and communications, distributed that plea via email to executives throughout the company.” I wonder if Harry would have won without that illegal help?This is the way Democrats will always sway close elections their way. (National Review)

The "Roots of Obama's Rage"

This is one of the most important books to come out yet. It delves into Obama’s early teachings by his father and mother, both of whom were communists, and were attacked by British and American people who were investigating such people. His father was even TORTURED by the British in an effort to gain important information. He has been taught to HATE capitalism, America, AND Britain, which explains one of his earliest actions as president, to send the bust of Churchill back to Britain. If you can’t understand why an American president would try to destroy America, this book will inform you. When you read it, don’t take its word, do your own research about what it tells you. (Borders Books)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well...The GOP Won

So now what?: Now we set out to reverse everything Obama has done. And as fast as possible. Repeal his health care swindle, first thing. Yes, I know, he’ll veto every effort to do so as long as he is president. But it must be done, as often as it takes, until he either finally signs the bill or is no longer president. They need to make him SHOW what he is. Get rid of his giveaway programs. End his “out-of-control” spending. Force him to do what is necessary to WIN in Afghanistan and Iraq. Make him get rid of every law against gun ownership or limitations on it. In other words, force him to do all the things he is against. Otherwise it will have been all for naught. The Republicans have been given a mandate. Now they need to “man up” and DO it. (Just common sense)

It's All In The Name

I have nothing against gays doing what they do behind closed doors, as long as they do not try and force me into APPROVING or disapproving publicly, or as long as they do not try and teach my children and grandchildren (or anybody else’s) that “gay is ok; that it’s natural.” It’s not. It is the opposite of “natural.” But that’s okay. But gay activists want to usurp the NAME of “marriage” by changing the meaning of the word. I have no problems with gays forming unions similar to marriage so they can enjoy the privileges and rights of marriage. They have been offered these rights and privileges many times, but have refused, as long as the use of the word marriage is not included. This tells me they’re not after these rights and privileges, they’re after the NAME marriage. This, I will not allow. They can do what they want in PRIVATE, just don’t demand the redefinition of the WORD “marriage.” Their unions, no matter how binding they may be by law, can NEVER be “marriage." (Just common sense)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama Goes To India

Takes 3,000 people (3,000 PEOPLE!) with him; uses 40 airplanes; reserves ALL the rooms in a hotel (over 500 rooms); and no telling how many cars were sent over there for the use of him and his entourage while there. Rush wonders if he’s coming back. It almost looks like he’s fleeing into exile, right after the election where his majority in Congress is due to be destroyed, mostly because a majority of people in this country HATE what he has done in just two years. He SAYS the trip is to “help” US-Indian relations. I guess $200 million a DAY in spending there will do that. This guy just can’t seem to quit spending our money, it seems. I guess he's going to get as much as possible while the "getting is good." What the hell does he need with 500 hotel rooms”? To house some of the 3,000 people he’s taking with him? What does he need with 3,000 people in India, fergawd’ssakes? This guy apparently thinks he can keep on spending money forever. But we’re BROKE! He doesn’t seem to realize that, and that makes him DANGEROUS. We need to disabuse him of that notion. (Wall Street Journal)

Soros: "Even I Can't Stop It!"

George Soros, financier of most things progressive (socialist, collectivist) now says he can’t stop the Democrat massacre that’s coming in the next election. He doesn’t say it, but he means Obama has just gone too far and he can’t help him any more (though he’ll be trying). He says he doesn’t usually get involved in politics; what a pile of excrement THAT is! He’s involved whenever Democrats speak. Mostly it’s “behind the scenes” or using one of his phony front organizations, but you can count on Soros to BE involved. But when it gets "too hot" for even him, we have a reason to hope. (The Blaze)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too Much Corruption Out There

When I first got into this, I wondered how I would find enough material to keep things going. But I didn’t have to worry. There is so much “good stuff” out there I couldn’t cover it all if there were fifteen of me. I can’t possibly cover even a small amount of the corruption that is out there, especially with the Democrats “in control” in Washington. Worse, as I get older, I SEE a lot more than I can possibly capture in this computer and put into the SIX blogs I own, not to mention the two books ("What's Wong IN America!" and "Pay ATTENTION to Politics!" Both available on Amazon) I’ve written about the crime and corruption in this country’s government. I don’t have to “hunt,” it’s all right there, right in the open to those who pay attention. It’s not even HIDDEN any more. Obama appointed an ADMITTED communist as one of his "czars." Glenn Beck exposed it and he had to resign under pressure, but Glenn was predictably vilified for it. they hate him even more than Rush for that.

Take the communists who are active in our government: In the fifties and sixties, they hid themselves until ferreted out by people like Senator McCarthy, who was vilified, even by people in his own party for doing it . . . but he has been proven to be right in most cases. Maybe his tactics were a little extreme, but that’s what was necessary to expose them. Today it isn’t necessary for the communists to “hide themselves.” Now they proudly proclaim that they ARE communists and Obama dutifully appoints them to powerful positions in his government. Obama is a dedicated radical SOCIALIST and that is “ first cousin” to communism. Call me nuts if you want, call me a "radical." But you’ll soon find out how true it is as they become stronger and more confident. I may not live to see it come, but if we don’t “wake up,” and SOON, we’re going to be the next “Soviet Union,” under a new name. If it is "radical" to want to make my own decisions and keep more of the money I EARN, and for the government to obey the Constitution, then so be it. (Accuracy In Media)

Our Government Creares Poverty

That’s what race whore Jesse Jackson says, and he’s right. But not the way he means it. He wants you to believe it was Bush’s government, but it is Obama’s. He says the government “subsidizes” the rich. Actually they subsidize poverty. They make it more profitable to be on welfare than to work. I suspect ANYTHING Jesse Jackson says because he’s almost as good a liar as is Obama. But in this case, he’s right, though not in the way he wants you to think. This is the guy, remember, who goes to big business and tells them to give money to his charities (to which he has full access without oversight) or be accused of institutional racism. That’s against the law if anybody will enforce it. (The Blaze)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reporters Leaving Liberal Media

“Howard Kurtz, Peter Goodman, Jim VandeHei, and Richard Johnson are just a few of the many reporters voluntarily exiting the legacy media to join online news ventures.” Why? Because they’ve apparently gotten tired of being forced to lie and twist the news for their liberal bosses. “The mass exodus from the traditional media comes at a time when the newspaper industry is struggling. Figures released this week by the Audit Bureau of Circulations show average daily circulation fell 5 percent in the April-September period, compared with the same period a year earlier.

"A March 2010 report from the Pew Research Center's annual Project for Excellence in Journalism showed that 2009 was a devastating year for the traditional news media. Among Pew’s findings were that newspapers currently spend $1.6 billion less annually on reporting and editing than they did ten years ago and over the last three years 15,000 full-time reporting and editing jobs were lost.” You’d think they’d realize why this is happening. But liberals can’t even conceive of the idea that they just might be wrong and that SOME people might actually realize it amid the crumbling nature of their business and profession . . . and that they might even realize why. (Online Journalism Review)

Typical Response: Ban It!

Yes, people talking on cell phones while driving IS a problem. I, myself, was a victim of a woman who turned left in front of me while talking on a cell phone. She hit me dead center and totaled my car, doing minor damage to hers. But the solution is not to punish EVERYBODY. The solution is to apply harsher penalties to those at fault in accidents proven to be involving people EITHER talking on cell phones, or texting. Thus punishing the people RESPONSIBLE, not everybody. There are situations where talking on a cell phone, at least for a few moments, is necessary. Naturally, a FEW people take advantage and spend HOURS driving with a cell phone screwed into their ears. But BANNING any cell phone use while driving is not the answer. Especially not doing it by bureaucratic dictat. (The Blaze)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama PURPOSELY Destroying This Economy

Now why would he be doing that? The answer is simple: he doesn’t like capitalism. He has been brought up by his communist father and mother to believe capitalism is EEEVIL! He figures now he is president, this is his best chance to “make this country over” as he wishes it. He knows we will fight him every step of the way so he’s making it impossible to continue a capitalist economy. Meanwhile he’s mounting a propaganda campaign to convince us that capitalism doesn’t work.

But it DOES work, as long as our own PRESIDENT is not “throwing monkey wrenches into the system” while telling us it is capitalism that’s at fault It is to his ADVANTAGE for the recession not only to continue, but to deepen while he’s lying to you about capitalism being at fault. Don’t let him continue. Get RID of his voting majority in Congress, and get rid of HIM in 2012. (The Desert Conservative)

Double down

Obama will ”double down” if Republicans win a respectable victory in November. He is already talking about doing things “by executive action” instead of congressional action, and blaming the Republicans if he can’t get anything done in Congress. They already have considerable power to use in the new laws he has already passed. Now all he has to do is USE those laws to take in even more territory. He KNOWS he’s governing against the will of the people, but he thinks the people don’t know what’s good for them and will “come around” when they begin to see the “good results” of his policies. That there will BE no “good results,” in our opinion, he just doesn’t believe. In his arrogance, he thinks he has done many good things for America, and many ignorant Americans still agree with him. These are the people he is counting on to help him impose his will on the rest of us. (Just common sense)

Ignorant People Shouldn't Vote

Because people ignorant of politics still have the right to vote on who sits in the White House, and everywhere else in our government, we now have a dedicated, radical socialist with communist friends that he has appointed to high, powerful office (Van Jones, ADMITTED communist), a domestic terrorist (Bill Ayers) who is his close, personal friend and says he’s “sorry we didn’t do more bombing," and many other radical socialists and communists. All because people IGNORANT of politics still get to vote. I say they should be made to PROVE they have kept up on politics BEFORE they are allowed to vote. Of course, that’s never going to happen because our politicians, on both sides of the aisle, DEPEND on their ignorance to stay in power. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GOP: Sit In The Back

That’s BO’s opinion if the Republicans win the 2010 election (which they’re going to do), but he’s wrong (and he KNOWS he’s wrong). He is NOT “all powerful” and if he wants to get ANYTHING done on his agenda in the last two years of what I hope is his ONLY term as president, he will cooperate with the REPUBLICANS (maybe I’d better keep him ignorant—forget I said that)). Not the other way around. He will “compromise HIS principles,” rather than demand that the Republicans compromise theirs. He keeps saying the Republicans “drove us into the ditch” and now that we’re out, they have to work with HIM. But we’re NOT “out.” That’s his twisted view of things. It was the DEMOCRATS who “drove us into the ditch,” ON PURPOSE. To get him and a lot of other Democrats elected so the Democrats can have a “bloodless coup” and take over the government. They did it with the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” and Fannie and Freddy.

The law was made to FORCE lenders to make those “risky loans” he is criticizing them for now.Fannie and Freddie were to buy up all those loans to keep “the lid on” until they figured it was time to “pull the plug,” which they did, just before the 2008 election. Now he’s in office, they resurrected Fannie and Freddie and gave them unlimited money with which to buy up those bad loans to keep the lid on until they’re out of office. We’re NOT “out of the ditch.” We’re digging ourselves deeper in the ditch every day with his every action. I keep saying this, and people keep ignoring me until I get tired of it. People need to start realizing that this guy means to make this into a SOCIALIST nation. And if you don’t know what that is, and why is is bad for this country, you’d better learn, and learn NOW. Before BO makes this into the next “Soviet Union,” under a different name. (Yahoo News)

Obama's "Personal Friend" Is A Terrorist!

He makes no bones about it. And NOBODY says anything. What is WRONG with the people in this country to elect as president a man whose personal friend used to be (still is?) a bomb-thrower! Who appointed an ADMITTED communist as one of his “czars?” Again, nobody but Glenn Beck said anything, and when the hooraw raised by Glenn caused him to abruptly resign under pressure and return to his powerful post he already had, they criticized, not the communist, but Glenn Beck! What the hell is this country coming to? Are we STUPID, or just ignorant? People who IGNORE politics, and thus know NOTHING about the candidates still vote, and thus we have a communist-appointing, terrorist-friendly president who is working night and day to destroy our way of life and make this country into a socialist nation like the Soviet Union used to be before it collapsed. (Town Hall)