Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Working Against Logic

Liberals constantly work against logic and common sense. Example: they want to punish achievement and reward sloth. People who do nothing contribute nothing to the economy. Those who achieve things tend to BECOME rich. And they create opportunities and jobs for others while they become rich. so common sense says to let them alone while they do it, and leave those who are too lazy to do anything constructive to their own devices, and they will soon cease to be a problem. EVERYBODY wants to become rich. Becoming rich relieves them of the necessity to worry about where their next meal is coming from. They build things, create jobs, and help others to also become rich. Most liberals are rich, mostly from clipping coupons that come from the industry of their forebears, or from the taxes they rip off from the rich. Somewhere in time, they LOST that "industry," and they don't want others to have it, so they try and tax them unmercifully, which reduces the effect of their industry, since they then have less money to INVEST in projects that CREATE jobs and profits for others. Liberals hate profits--when others are earning them. They LIKE profits when they come into THEIR pockets. Today, most of the profits that come into the pockets of liberals come from the taxes they loot from the rich, and the near rich. They work on the JEALOUSY of those who do make it for themselves, and they want to TAKE some of it for themselves, UNEARNED. (Just common sense)

The "Foreign Intrusion"

The Dumocrats like to talk about the "foreign intrusion" into our elections. They're talking about the imaginary "Russian connection" to the Trump campaign that they can't prove. Meanwhile, on the Dumocrat side, there is the Awan Brothers family (Pakistanis), which had inroads into many Dumocrat computers, since they were hired by Debbie Wasserman Schulrz (DNC Chair) to be IT specialists for a number of Dumocrats. Then one of them was caught and arrested trying to leave the country with a bundle of cash. Computers were found in one of their houses that had been smashed, but still held some sensitive information. Schultz even threatened the cops if they didn't return one of her computers. All the things they TRIED to prove on Trump. But is the liberal media listening? Is the FBI seriously investigating this intrusion into our election? Not a chance. They're Dumocrats, after all. (Politico)

Me; I would Want To

The New York Times asks, “Who would want to live in a world where everybody is armed for self defense?” My answer is, “Me. I would want to. I'd feel a lot safer if good people carried guns to protect themselves, and me, from the “bad guys” who carry their guns ILLEGALLY, in spite of all their “gun laws.” People who are dumb enough to ask such a question completely ignore that little fact, and keep honest people disarmed, so the “bad guys” can victimize us at will. By so doing, they make life a lot more dangerous for everybody. But don't tell them that, doing so is like throwing a rock at a boulder. It just “bounces off.” And they keep on making laws that only get good people killed, as in Chicago, where they have some of the tightest gun laws in the nation, coupled with some of the highest gun crime stats. But they never learn from experience. They just make excuses, blame something else, and keep right on making their deadly, USELESS gun laws, while people die. (Breitbart)

Monday, December 11, 2017

NYC A Target--Again

Seems like a fool from Bangladesh, fergawdsakes tried (incompetently) to fashion a pipe bomb and become a suicide bomber, killing himself and as many others as he could. He says he was "inspired" by ISIS, and learned how to build his pipe bomb through ISIS videos online. He obviously wasn't very good at it, because all his "bomb" did was injure HIM and cause a few others to be deaf for a while. It fifn't even kill him. What was he mad at? He couldn't have been mad because we "bombed his country," because we haven't bombed Bangladesh. Nor had reason to. He simply listened to ISIS propaganda and they did a bad job of teaching him, He imagined himself to be some kind of a martyr, but all he really was, was a fool. No, he didn't manage to kill himself, but I think we should finisn that job for him. If he's found guilty in a MILITARY court in GITMO, he should be executed. All terrorists, no matter what they lay claim to, should be executed, after being tried in a MILITARY court. in GITMO. One thing about this is just like all other such scenes: a bunch of cops (some with a lot of braid) and politicians standing around, wondering what to do next, with their thumbs in the appropriate place. In this case, firemen, too. (Wall St. Journal)

Death of the GOP

They're committing suicide, and they have no idea they're doing it. They've been given the best opportunity they've ever had to flat DESTROY the Dumocrat Party, and they're throwing it away because they're afraid of Donald Trump. They control all three houses of government, and they refuse to get anything done because they don't want Trump to have ANY accomplishments, and they don't want him to "drain the swamp," because THEY are IN the "swamp" and they don't want to lose their little fiefdoms. They're letting the Dumocrats continue to run DC, even as a minority, thus abdicating their responsibility to be "the brakes" upon the Dumocrat efforts to make this into a socialist country. Now, instead of being the "opposition," they're ALLOWING the Dumocrats to continue theur "dirty work," and the voters can clearly see it--and WILL react again, in the next elections. (Just common sense)

Deluded Survivor

Tiara Parker, who survived the shooting at the “Pulse Night Club” in Orlando, Florida, is now helping to push a gun control law that would have done NOTHING to stop the shooter at the Pulse Night Club. The politicians working to pass the law probably know it would be completely ineffective in stopping such shootings, but they work to pass it, anyway, because it makes them “feel good” about “doing something,” whether or not it does any good. That's what the anti-gun fools do—infringe on our constitutional rights to make themselves “feel good,” while actually getting people KILLED by disarming them in the face of all the ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who just want to do us ill. One of these days, SOMEBODY will come up with a REAL law that will do some good, but it won't be these people. And these people will probably oppose it. (KVPI Channel 6)

Friday, December 8, 2017

He's Not Resigning

He's retiring, NOW. This minute. It's simple semantics. Dumocrat Rep. John Conyers, who has been in Congress since 1964, is QUITTING. But not resigning. What the difference is, is beyond my comprehension. The important thing is, he's QUITTING as a result of the pressure on him TO resign because of his sexual misconduct accusations. But that's not why. The reason why is because he spent thousands of dollars of OUR MONEY to shut the women who accused him up by paying them off with taxpayer money. That's his biggest CRIME. He thinks he can replace himself with his son, but the voters will make that decision, hopefully with a more honest representative--MAYBE his son. But his son is as flawed as he is, just not in Congress--yet. Next on the resignation list is Al Franken, and good riddance. I wonder what he will call HIS resignation so he can say he did not resign? The difference between these two and Judge Roy Moore is PROOF. There IS proof with these two Dumocrats, while there is NO proof that Moore's accusations are true, at all. In fact, one of his accusers has admitted to lying ABOUT it. But Dumocrats, and even some Republicans, are treating it as if there WERE proof, because they don't want to strengthen Trump's hand in the Congress, at all costs. (Just common sense)

Why Is There Poverty?

In the richest country in the world, there is still poverty. It is that, they blame for the "gun violence" and gang activity. But why IS there poverty in a country that is the richest in the world? Why are there pockets of poverty? The reason is drugs. Some people get rich selling them, and others get POOR buying them. The next thing they have to do to "support their habits" is start stealing. They can't make enough money to support their habits by working, and the drugs increase the tendency to do NOTHING, rather than go out and work to improve their lot in life. The next thing you see is them living in squalor, not caring about anything except where their next "fix" is coming from. The only "work" they do is robbing, burglarizing, and even KILLING to get enough money for the next "fix." And that's the basis of gun crime--not the gun, itself. But they ignore that and go after the guns, which is useless. (Just common sense)

Deluded Anti-Gun Fools

They think the Dumocrats are losing elections because they're not sufficiently anti-gun! They also say that only 19% of gun owners are members of the NRA! Really? Then where do they get their millions and millions of members? Pew Research recently came out with a poll that purported to show that 84% of Americans supported background checks. I don't know how they get such figures. Maybe they do their polls in the lobby of the Dumocrat National Party. Joe Scarborough thinks Dumocrats lose elections because they are so vocal about their SUPPORT for gun control! DUMOCRATS! What FOOLS these people be! Voters support gun SAFETY, not gun CONTROL. There's a difference. One that escapes anti-gun fools. They continue to think their useless gun laws “protect people,” when in fact, they get people KILLED, by DISARMING them, while the “bad guys” never have any problem getting their guns, in places where the gun laws are the tightest—like Chicago, where their laws are some of the tightest in the nation, while they have the single highest gun death rate in the nation. They try and ignore that. (Huffington Post)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why Do They Bother?

Vladmir Putrid....er, uh, Putin has announced that he is going to run for another term as president of Russia. Why does he bother? Everybody knows Russian elections are a sham, and whoever is the strongest among party members (which at this time is Vladmir) is guaranteed to win. The list of opposing candidates is not yet "set in stone." Of course, we know they don't have a "snowball's chance in hell" of beating him, unless something weird happens. He served two terms in the 90s, then was "appointed" Prime Minister" under Medvedev, and then resumed his presidency. This will be his second term this time as president, and if he lives long enough, will probably become Prime Minister again after that, then "run" for president, again. And so on and so forth.... I don't know who he thinks he's fooling, but I don't think he cares, so long as he is "the power" in Russia. We're getting to the same place in America, but we're just not as good at it, as witness Hillary Clinton's abysmal loss in the last election. (Sputnik News)

Totally Scewing It Up

That's what the liberal media is doing about the "DACA thing." They want you to think Trump is ready to deport all those "children" (most of whom are now in their thirties or more). He is NOT. He is merely demanding that Congress do their job on the subject. Obama violated the Constitution when he instituted DACA, and Trump is merely demanding that Congress make an up or down vote on it, and LEGALIZE the result. That's ALL he is doing. He's NOT "canceling" the program, just demanding Congress make it legal OR throw it out. What Trump is doing is NOT "canceling DACA. He is merely insisting that Congress do its job and either vote it in OR out, as prescribed by the Constitution. If it takes canceling Obama's ILLEGAL order, that's what he is doing. Congress CAN maintain it, and that's what he's working for. Although if it happens, it will be painted by the liberal media as a complete DEFEAT for him. (Just common sense)

"But Not for Thee"

Congress is saying, “Guns for we, but not for thee.” There is a movement in Congress to allow members of Congress to be armed, after the shooting of Rep, Scalise. Members of Congress have begun to realize the fact that they are sorely threatened, and have no means to defend themselves. Rep. Mo Brooks says, “’Right now when we’re in Washington, D.C., once we’re off the complex … we’re still high-profile targets, but we have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of Washington, D.C.’s rather restrictive gun laws,’ Brooks, R-Ala., told Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’ And he's right. The same rights should be recognized for all of us, but they're not. Every one of us is subject to being attacked, injured, and even killed, every day, at home, or on the street. We're high profile targets and have absolutely no way to defend ourselves because of the “rather tight gun laws” in most areas of the country. Even the “gun-grabbers” in Congress could be armed, while attempting to make more and more laws PREVENTING us from doing the same. The contradiction here is obvious, made even more obvious by the danger to members of Congress that are equal to our own. (Oath Keepers)

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Swamp and the Cesspool

President Trump calls Washington DC "The Swamp," but I call it the "cesspool" to better illustrate what's floating around in there. In a swamp, what floats around is just rotting garbage, for the most part. But in a cesspool, that rotting garbage has been filtered through a human body and expelled, and we all know what THAT is. We didn't really know what a cesspool it was until recently. The Dumocrats tried to "take the high road," pretending they were "pristine" and guiltless, so they could accuse a few Republicans of sexual misconduct, and therefore ruin their lives. But they forgot that "two can play at that game," and soon one Dumocrat after another was accused (with proof) of sexual misconduct, and it wasn't an aberration. It was widespread. Harvey Weinstein was just the beginning, and soon many of the best known names were accused.

The difference here is there is PROOF of their sexual misconduct. The cesspool is widespread. The Friar's Club Roast of Matt Lauer a few years ago (not televised, but with notes taken) was Trump's "last straw" because it revealed that EVERYBODY knew what Lauer was doing, and thought it was funny. So Trump left that bunch and ran for president. He won, and they hate it. The only thing they have against him is that tape of him talking to Billy Bush about the fact that celebrities could do about anything they want, including grabbing women's crotches, kissing them without permission, etc. Everybody thought he was talking about himself, but he was really talking about Hollywood and DC. And it sickened him. So he determined to "clean out the swamp." And he's doing it, which has enraged "the elites," and scared the hell out of them. They're trying everything they can to stop him, without success. (Just common sense)

What's With Hillary?

She just can't seem to accept the fact that she LOST the election. Again. She thought it was "in the bag," and she didn't even need to seriously campaign. It was NOT. She had NO real policies, relying, instead, on telling the world (with no proof) that Trump was nasty, and should never be president. She placed way too much emphasis on the fact that she was a WOMAN, calling on all women to vote for her, regardless of their political leanings, ignoring the fact that large numbers of women (and men) are solidly AGAINST socialism, which is what they would get if she was elected. Obama was the best example of what we DON'T want, and her election would just be a continuation of what Obama was doing. After she lost, she disappeared for a time, to recover from being "slapped down" like that.

Then she came out of hiding and started slinging around phony "reasons" why she lost, trying her best to make it look like Trump won illegitimately. She was joined by the liberal media, which also hated Trump, because they knew he would actually "drain the swamp," which is where all the power and money resided. She still thinks she was the "anointed one," and it was "her turn" to become president. It was not. And it never will be. She is now too old to even CONSIDER taking on that job, and that distresses her greatly. Now she (or one of her lackeys) has written yet another book that no one (except the media, who get it free) will read, laying out yet more "reasons" for her loss. Better she should go quietly into retirement, and enjoy the millions of dollars of ill-gotten gains she has made in her quest. (Just common sense)

Wa Po Pushes False Figures

In an obvious effort to make gun control look good, the Washington Post says that most of the 1,300 fatalities they mention are accidental deaths of CHILDREN. What they fail to mention is that a lot of them were suicides of people in their late teens, and of the others, most are gang members killed by other street gang members in “drug buys gone wrong, or "turf wars." Like all anti-gun fools, they regard guys up to 19 as “children.” This gives a false perception that this many TODDLERS are getting killed by guns. The “bad guy” in this case is, as always, the NRA, which teaches that public EDUCATION, which they provide, results in fewer suicides. Gun control, as we know it, DOESN'T WORK. It only serves to make the anti-gun fools think they're doing something REAL to stop gun crime—but they're not. They actually INCREASE gun crime, because they DISARM honest, law-abiding people while doing NOTHING about all the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of the bad guys. We keep telling the anti-gun fools that, but it's like bouncing a rock off a boulder. They just aren't listening. (America's First Freedom)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tired of the Lies!

Every time the Dumocrats open their pie holes, they LIE. I'm getting tired of it. Trump lowers taxes and they think that will take money away from their pet projects to give it away to those who didn't EARN it, and they make up all kinds of lies to defeat it. Before they could possibly even have read it, they say it will increase the national debt, and will "hurt the middle class." They ignore the good things it will do for them, and emphasize a couple of bad things. They never notice that the last time a Republican (Reagan) lowered taxes, the "tax take" almost DOUBLED, and it created an economic boom that even lasted through at least one Democrat administration, although that one did everything they could to derail that economy. It's a cyclical thing. A Republican administration does some good things and Dumocrats lie their way back into power. Then they do their best to derail the good things the GOP did, the economy suffers, and Dumocrats blame the GOP for that. But then, the GOP gets back in power, and it begins all over again. It's as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning. (Just common sense)

Constitution Say No

But the politicians do it, anyway, How is this possible? Because there is NO PENALTY for violating the Constitution. One of the best recent examples of this is DACA. Obama's "executive order" that "protected" people brought here as children by their parents from deportation. Obama spent much time telling us he had NO AUTHORITY to help those people. Then he did it, in complete VIOLATION of the Constitution, which is the BASIS fir ALL our laws. Now President Trump is trying to put that to rights, and is being VILIFIED in the press for it. Otherwise, look at all the anti-gun laws. Each one is an INFRINGEMENT on our constitutional RIGHT to be armed for self defense. Without conditions. Yet they put MANY conditions on gun ownership. Basically, it if does not conform to the Constitution, a law cannot be made, or enforced. But many such laws ARE made, AND enforced for years before being reversed by the Courts. But there is NO PUNISHMENT specified for a politician who does so, either blatantly, or in secret. That was a basic mistake made by the Founders. Apparently, they thought just reversing the effect of an unconstitutional law was enough. Unfortunately, the effects of such laws remain, long after they are reversed. They thought the politician involved would be sufficiently embarrassed as to never do it, again. Not so. apparently, some politicians are incapable of being embarrassed.. A law needs to be made to PUNISH politicians who ATTEMPT to make unconstitutional laws. But the problem is who must make that law. The very people who would be most affected by it. And it's going to be difficult, almost impossible, to force them to make such a law. Almost. (Just common sense)

FBI: "Gun Control Didn't Work"

The FBI recently came out with a report that basically says, “Gun control, as we know it, wouldn't have stopped the Alexandria shooting.” Virginia anti-gun fools say “lax gun control in Virginia is responsible,” but that's wrong. The guns the shooter used were bought LEGALLY in Ohio, not Virginia. It is said that he shouldn't have even been ABLE to buy a gun because he had been CHARGED with domestic abuse in the past. Note: he was “charged,” but not CONVICTED. Thus, he had a “clean record.” He is also known to have converted one of his guns to take an illegal magazine, after purchase. Frankly, NONE of the current gun control laws now in force would have had a bit of control over his gun purchases. And if they had, he simply would have gotten them ILLEGALLY, as most criminals do. (National Review)

Monday, December 4, 2017

Trump Haters Are Desperate

They've thrown everything they can think of up against the wall in their efforts to stop Trump, and nothing has worked. They've tried to block his every move as president, and still he has "gotten by them" and has had some of the biggest victories they ever saw. He has accomplished more without Congress than most presidents do in their entire presidency, even if it is for eight years. They even had some of their liberal (often Obama-appointed) judges try and block him from enforcing his measures, and THAT failed. Now they're having people UNTRAINED in mental health accuse him of being "mentally unstable" with NOTHING to show it. They must be going insane, themselves, as he is just about to have his biggest victory yet with his tax reduction bill, in spite of all the lies they have told in their efforts to derail it. They've gotten an ardent Trump hater appointed as special counsel with a mandate to "get rid of Trump" any way you can, and all he can do is indict a couple of former staffers for "process crimes that have nothing to do with what he was appointed to "investigate." And that special counsel hired up to 15 other Trump haters for his staff, and THEY were given similar instructions: "Get Trump, even if you have to LIE to do it." Meanwhile, Trump keeps slapping them aside while going right along getting his programs started. (Just common sense)

Not A Democrat?

NJ Sen. Bob Menendez is a Democrat. The first Democrat to be tried for corruption, ever. I guess they're better at covering up their stinking brown stuff than Republicans. Anyway, the liberal media goes out of its way to AVOID mentioning that he is a Democrat. The NY Times published a 1,400-word article about it that only mentioned his party once, in the fourth paragraph. NBC even tried to falsely claim that he is a REPUBLICAN! I guess they just can't handle a DEMOCRAT actually getting caught at corruption. Menendez says he will be vindicated after his court appearance (don't they all?). It was funny. NBC actually called him a Democrat later in the item. They actually took it from an AP post, but the AP post did not make the same mistake. It appears the mistake was NBC's own. It looks like the usual impediments were not in place, Not the same ones in place for Hillary, anyway. Hillary could do ANYTHING, and nobody would notice. (Daily Caller)

Misguided Lawmakers

In California, they passed a law allowing teachers and other school staff to be armed, so that, if some crazy came to their school to kill children, they could shoot back, Now, you'd think that would be a good idea, wouldn't you? But Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (Dumocrat, of course) doesn't think so. He has introduced a measure that, if passed, will DISARM those teachers, who are NOT the problem, and leave them DEFENSELESS when that crazy comes to their school to kill children, which IS the problem. When that happens, they'll just have to wait until the cops (finally) get there to dispatch the crazy with THEIR guns. Meanwhile, the crazy will have killed many children, and probably some staff, as well.

I don't know what's wrong with people like McCarthy, but it's catching. Lawmakers all over the country have succumbed to it, and are getting people killed in large numbers. McCarthy says, “It is essential for there to be a 'safe environment' in which children can learn and that is not possible when civilians are allowed to 'roam the halls,,' armed.” What makes him think teachers and other staff who have been deemed sufficiently responsible to be ALLOWED to carry their guns on campus are a problem is beyond me. But the thinking of ALL anti-gun fools escapes me. They're just not logical in their thinking. I would even go so far as to say it is STUPID. (Breitbart)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Steinle's Killer Acquitted

Unbelievable! The man (man?) who killed Kate Steinle will be a free man sooner than he expected. A San Francisco court found him not guilty of Murder Two and didn't even really consider convicting him of Involuntary manslaughter. They DID convict him of being a "felon in possession of a gun," which is a slap on the wrist for a man who re-entered the United States illegally SEVEN TIMES and was convicted of felonies FIVE times, and killed a young lady. Will he come back an EIGHTH time and kill someone else? I just don't understand the THINKING of people who would ACQUIT this man, but then SF is a liberal mecca, and liberals just don't think the same way as human beings. They never even knew, or considered his seven illegal entries, OR his five felonies. But the jury must have known about them, because they have been in the news for the last two years. They coudn't have missed it. Kate's father must be crushed. And I wouldn't be surprised if someone, maybe her father, shot and killed him. I know I would if it were my daughter he murdered. And I wouldn't blame him if he did. (Fox News)

Creating Racism

The forces of evil, i. e.: "Black Lives Matter" and their allies are working hard to CREATE black against white racism. they are doing it by taking every small instance of white against black racism that occurs and building it way out of proportion to its importance. They are taking words innocently spoken by people who are NOT racists and making them into "code words" to indicate racism. Yes, there is some residual racism left in this country. But it is not nearly as widespread as they would like for you to believe. And as they create more and more "evidence" of racism, it infuriates people and they rebel. Then they call that rebellion racism and point to it as "evidence" of widespread racism. Then their accomplices in the education industry, aided by the liberal media, call for the "white race" to be punished, to the point where it becomes a CRIME to be white. What they're working for is the complete subjugation of the white race, period. They will not be satisfied until the white race is under complete subjugation by the black and other non-white races. It is one more way to divide us and get us fighting amongst ourselves and thus, paying no attention to what liberals in government, media, and education are doing to us. (Just common sense)

Gun Laws Mean Nothing

Not to criminals and other bad guys, anyway. Whoever told the anti-gun fools they could stop them from their crimes by making a law that says people who don't OBEY laws cannot be armed is ignorant. And the politicians who believe that crap are incompetent. Criminals who have been asked their opinion of gun laws tell us they APPROVE of it, because it makes it a lot easier for them to rob and kill, because the chances of their intended victims being armed is a lot smaller, And that's something the anti-gun fools will never understand. They don't have the INTELLIGENCE to understand that all they are doing with their insane laws is making it easier for the bad guys to victimize the law-abiding people who DO obey their laws. (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Poking the Eagle

Gary Varvel is good at summing up things perfectly in one single picture. He has done so again in this cartoon, which shows that fat little waddling, applauding himself dictator who is systematically starving his people while using all the money he can con out of other countries to build nuclear missiles so he can commit suicide for himself, and homicide for his people. What he hopes to accomplish by prodding the biggest, most powerful country in the world into "taking him out," I don't know. What he will accomplish is his own DEATH, along with that of millions of his own citizens, and the destruction of his country. If he were smart (which he is obviously not), he would use that money to make things better for his people so he wouldn't have to "rule" his country with an "iron hand" to keep them from overthrowing him and stringing him up (if they can find a strong enough rope to hold that fat little fool). (Gary Varvel)

Peek Under the Rock

You all know what happens when you lift up a rock that has been sitting there for a long time. All the bugs scurry to get out of the light of day. That's what's happening to the liberals in all walks of life after they made the mistake of lifting the conservative rock to find one or two (maybe) sexual perverts. I say maybe because they couldn't provide any proof of ANY of their accusations. But the conservatives (finally) fought back, and opened a real bag of crap among liberals. There are so many liberal "icons" falling like flies, I wonder which ones that have yet to be named are keeping their sanity as they await the next exposure. Liberal perverts (proven) have been found in government, in media, and in Hollywood. Those in academia must be shaking in their boots, waiting for the "other shoe to drop" on them. As many have been found among liberals elsewhere, one wonders how many will eventually be found among professors and other staff. It's a real epidemic for which there is no "cure." (Mail News)

"Americans Want Gun Control"

At least that's what Dumocrat pollster Maggie Omero says. She recently took part in a poll to promote gun control. She said they fielded 16 different proposals on gun control, and THAT was assumed to be proof that “all Americans want gun control.” Of course, she gave no details on those proposals, because there probably weren't any. Nor was there any mention that any such proposals came from people who took part in their poll BECAUSE they were anti-gun in the first place. They were only in her imagination. CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill said “We need to get beyond the power of particular lobbies if we're going to get anywhere,” not mentioning the fact that that the top “lobbyist” organization is the NRA, which is supported by millions of Americans who don't agree with their fantasies. The unfortunate part, for them, is that that statement revealed their bias in FAVOR of more limiting gun control laws. Anti-gun fools like to fool themselves that a majority of Americans really WANT gun control, but it just is NOT true. And their continued losses when attempting to make such laws is proof of that. (News Busters)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

They're all Sex Fiends!

Or not. We'll probably never know, since so many sexual misconduct accusations have NO PROOF they actually happened, and none is required. In many cases, the woman who accused is NOT IDENTIFIED. The accused (victim) is not allowed to know who she is, nor to "confront her," as is required by the Constitution if the case ever gets to court--which it will most likely never do. The accusation alone can ruin a man's life. It all started with liberals accusing conservatives in a blatant attempt (sometimes successful) to shut them up. Then it backfired, big time, as numerous liberals, in government and television (and radio) have been accused, and many have lost their jobs. Today, TWO of the best known liberal TV and radio personalities were summarily FIRED after being accused (presumably WITH proof) of sexual misconduct. Are they all sexual perverts? Or are they being falsely accused? We'll probably never know the answer. I think the liberals will be sorry they ever started this, because two can play at this game. (Just common sense)

Spending Money for Nothing

OUR money. Politicians love to spend money that isn't theirs, to do things they think will actually accomplish something, but which will not. It's only OUR money, so they don't give a damn that their ideas don't work. They just keep offering them and spending our money. Such a thing is San Antonio's "ShotSpotter" program, that was supposed to be able to "spot" gunshots from a distance, and locate them so the cops could go in and solve any problems that have arisen. But there's one problem. It didn't work. And it "only" cost us $546,000.00 and resulted in FOUR arrests. That's about $136,000.00 per arrest. So they'll come up with yet another expensive idea to try next. It doesn't matter to them that they've wasted a lot of money--it isn't their money. So they'll come up with another hair-brained idea and spend a lot of money on it. (Gun Watch)

Cops Did Nothing

At least at the beginning in Charlottesville, VA, when they could have “nipped things in the bud early,” before those Nazis, KKK thugs, and white supremacist racists were able to do much damage. It did NOT have to be an all-day affair where many were injured, and at least THREE killed. At one point, the COPS were routed by tear gas—which was thrown by the rioters (I REFUSE to call them “demonstrators.” They “demonstrated” nothing except stupidity and mass racism). As soon as they saw people coming in wearing helmets and carrying weapons (that included guns), they should have KNOWN those people PLANNED violence, and immediately arrested them. Even if they had carry permits (which I doubt). Not to charge them with gun crimes, but with fomenting a RIOT. In this item, they call the rioters “far right,” but they are NOT. Liberals continue to promote the FICTION that Nazis and KKK members and white supremacists are “on the right,” but they are NOT. Nazis are SOCIALISTS (that is on the “left). KKK was STARTED BY Dumocrats (liberals), and white supremacists have NO PLACE in any right of center group, no matter how “far out” they may be. (Yahoo News)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Trevon Martin Lie

Trevon Martin's mother is playing the liberal media like a violin. repeating the LIE that Trevon was a simple, innocent boy walking along, and was accosted and later shot to death by a "mean ol' white man" (who happened NOT to be a white man). She fails to mention that at the time he was shot, he was sitting on that man's chest, banging that man's head on a concrete walk, after Trevon accosting HIM because he didn't like him looking at him. The man shot him in self defense because Trevon was trying to KILL him. She lumps his killing in with all the other "black children" (mostly teen gang members killed by other gang members fighting over their "turf"). That's the LIE she's telling. She says his killing is just one more "child" who was an innocent victim of "white rage," forgetting the fact he was trying to KILL that man when he was shot, and the shooter was NOT white. That's how liberals push a false narrative, and they need to be called on it. This kid was a THUG, pure and simple, and he got what he had coming to him. Had he not been shot, he would have KILLED that man. That's NOT an "innocent kid." (People Magazine)

Now That's Really Funny!

Minnesota Dumocrat Rep. Kieth Ellison *a Muslim) says the GOP is “the party of racism.” Coming from a member of the REAL “party of racism,” that's hilarious! I mention the fact that he is Muslim not because of racism (Muslim is NOT a race), but because I know what is the mindset of most militant Muslims (which he is). Facts prove that the Dumocrat Party has always BEEN the “party of racism.” Martin Luther King demonstrated AGAINST Dumocrats. And Dumocrats filibustered the Equal Rights Amendment, hoping to defeat it. Many openly racist Dumocrats have been in Congress, some actually former Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members. They think race all the time, while trying to convince the world that the GOP is the “racist party.” AlGore's father was one of the most virulent racist members of Congress. For them to be saying that the GOP is the “racist party” is hilarious. It's typical of their usual efforts to slam the GOP for what THEY are. (The Constitution)