Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another Clinton Murder

There's a suspicious number of deaths connected with attempts to call a Clinton to account for their crimes. That's with both Bill and Hillary. Some of the ones attached to Bill are so absurd they're impossible. Like one that was labeled a suicide with TWO bullets in his head. How does one shoot himself TWICE in the head? The latest is the death of a journalist responsible for the exposure of million dollar bribes to the Clinton Foundation. Of course, it is possible that her death was a result of an investigation of a local Maltese politician, but the juxtaposition of deaths like this to a connection with the Clintons is very suspicious. There are just too many, and too well timed, many coming just BEFORE someone was to testify about a Clinton crime. I guess the Clinton family is like the Mafia. If you are going to testify against the "Clinton Crime Family," you may be killed, just in time to stop it. (DC Clothesline)

Does Your Fork Make You Fat?

Rush Limbaugh asked an important question today, on his program: "Does your fork make you fat?" Does your pencil or pen write nasty things, all by itself? No. Neither does your gun shoot somebody without your finger pulling the trigger, But you can't convince the anti-gun fools of that. They think a gun can magically jump up off the table and shoot somebody, all by itself. They also think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and that they can magically eliminate all guns from existence, just by making a few laws. It is this kind of ignorance that makes "easy targets" out of law-abiding people. How such people gain positions of authority where they can impose their ignorance and stupidity on the rest of is is a mystery to me. But they do, in more numbers than I can count. Even so, they are in the MINORITY, a VOCAL majority. They worm their way into positions of authority and are way more "effective" than their numbers should allow, because of their big mouths, coupled with lack of intelligence. (Just common sense)

Totally Stupid Thinking

Shannon Watts, kingpin of "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) thinks background checks could have stopped the Las Vegas shooting. But what if the shooter has not committed a crime before? Other anti-gun fools say "gun-free zones" could stop it. the Mandalay Bay Hotel WAS a "gun-free zone." So how did that affect this killing spree? Word is the shooter had numerous guns in his room at that hotel. How did he get them into his room at a hotel that was a "gun-free zone?" The same applies to all the silly laws about "safe storage." Somebody bent on a mass killing spree isn't interested in "safe storage" of his guns, and couldn't care less about these piddling little laws. He's scheming to commit a crime much worse than violating a piddling little law that says he has to store his guns a certain way. This guy had no record, so he bought all his guns legally. Laws did NOTHING to stop him from his deadly purpose, and neither did a background check, which he passed with flying colors. It's STUPID to think otherwise, but the anti-gun fools do. That's why I call them FOOLS. (Mandalay Bay Security)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Real Russian Conspiracy

While Congress wastes millions "investigating" whether or not the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign to get him elected, they're ignoring completely the REAL "Russian connection" to the American government. The sale, by Hillary Clinton (as Sec. of State) of American uranium to Russia in return for a million dollar "contribution" to the Clinton Foundation (approved by Obama). It's all going on, "behind the scenes," because the liberal media will not cover it. Unfortunately, for them, they can't stop the less than liberal media from covering it. Will there be charges filed? Doubtful. This is HILLARY, fergawdsakes! They can investigate Hillary all they want, just don't file any charges against her. The "fix is in."The fact that she and Obama "colluded" to sell our uranium to our biggest enemy is beside the point to keeping Hillary from being called to account for her crimes. (DC Clothesline)

"A Divided Country"

Dumocrats don't like having opposition to their hair-brained schemes, so they decry that very opposition by saying this is a "divided country." Well, good. That's the way the Founders DESIGNED it to be, knowing that ONE OPINION running everything was a dictatorship--and they didn't want that. That's why they designed the government to be THREE houses: The Executive, The Senate, and the House. all with different rules, and ways toward election and power. The presidency (Executive) restricted to two four year terms, the Senate, required to be elected after six years, and only two senators from each state, and the House of Representatives, with the number of members dependent upon the state's population and required to be elected every TWO years (Or is it the other way around? I forget.) They WANTED there to be division between the three as a "check and balance" between them. And that's what the Dumocrats don't want. They want ALL the power, think they're entitled to it. And that's why they'll never have it. At least, I hope they never do in my lifetime. (Washington Post)

"Silencers Cost Lives"

This writer says he is still alive because the mass shooter at Virginia Tech had an unsilenced gun. Hearing the shots gave him time to go out a window and fall 19 feet, to break his leg in two places, but he is still alive. All well and good, but why not consider what would have happened if he had had a legal gun and a carry permit. Instead of taking the coward's way out and breaking his leg, he could have shot the shooter to death as he came in the classroom door and saved a bunch of lives--everybody that shooter killed after coming into his classroom, including a classmate and his professor. But no! Anti-gun fools, which is what this fool seems to be, will never even consider allowing the average law-abiding person to have and use a gun for self defense. He thinks--wrongly--that that person will "go nuts" and shoot somebody over a trifle, while running away leaves others to die by being shot by a gun (legal or illegal) in the hands of a mass shooter while he splits. It's incomprehensible to me why people like this keep trying to violate the Constitution by INFRINGING on a RIGHT guaranteed by that Constitution. I guess they're just that stupid. (USA Today)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Democrat Pipe Dreams

The Dumocrats are hoping a string of unlikely happenings will yet get Hillary in the White House. It all hinges on Mueller finding SOME evidence of a "Russian Connection" to Trump in the 2016 election. If one is found (outside of the DUMOCRAT "Russian Connection," that is), they hope Trump will resign because of it, leaving Pence as president. Then they hope he will appoint Paul Ryan as vice president, and then resign, himself, because he also "benefited from the Russian Connection," leaving Paul Ryan as president. Then they hope Ryan will appoint Hillary as his vice president, and then resign, himself, realizing that she is really the "entitled president." All this is a pipe dream, but they still have high hopes of it going just that way, which is really stupid. But with Dumocrats, I EXPECT such stupidity. (Just common sense)

Mueller On A Witch Hunt?

That has become obvious. He is out to "get" Trump for anything he can. He is engaged on a fruitless, desperate search for a crime. There MUST be a crime in order for a special prosecutor to be appointed, and here there IS no crime. So his appointment is ILLEGAL. He has hired more staff than any previous special prosecutor, and they are all liberals, former Obama and Clinton people, all of whom hate Trump. And he has now EXCEEDED his mandate, in that he is now searching Trump's business practices going back ten years! His appointment was specifically to investigate "the Russian connection" to Trump in the 2016 election. That's ALL. Anything else is irrelevant. He has found NO EVIDENCE of such a connection in more than six months of desperate searching for ANYTHING he could use against Trump. It has become transparently OBVIOUS that he is "out to get Trump." and will stop at nothing to do it. (Just common sense)

Well, No Kidding!

he Bradenton Herald actually printed a letter to the editor that went against the usual agenda that "criminals obey gun laws." That's the point of the whole letter: that criminals and crazies DON'T obey gun laws. And why should they? They violate every other kind of a law, so why should they suddenly obey a gun law? When cops are asked, almost all the felons they arrest are in possession of a gun. How is that? Felons aren't allowed to have guns! So they just disobey the law! Outrageous! Lawbreakers not obeying laws? Whoda thunkit? The fact that anti-gun fools will not accept, is that lawbreakers routinely IGNORE all their laws that say they can't have a gun. So they ignorantly insist on still making the same INEFFECTIVE laws, over and over again, and then wonder why criminals are still using guns they get illegally. It is this kind of stupidity that makes "sitting ducks" out of people who DO obey laws. It's a known fact (to those with intelligence, anyway) that gun laws only apply to the law-abiding. But those who make them are clueless to this fact. (Keep and Bear)

Monday, October 16, 2017

They Don't Know Why

Dumocrats are really clueless. They just can't figure out why their fundraising is down. Then they just keep on doing the things that are CAUSING fund raising to be down. Their obvious inclination toward socialism, for instance. Socialism might be popular in liberal circles, but, contrary to their popular belief, the majority of Americans are NOT on the liberal side. They are conservative. Which is something Dumocrats will not believe, no matter how many ways it is proved. Everything liberals (Dumocrats) promote defies logic. Like allowing men into women's restrooms if they SAY they're women today, so they can ogle all those young, naked girls. Or allowing gays to destroy the meaning of the word "marriage" by using it to describe their "unions." They've been offered contracts that include all the things that come with the marriage contract, but under a different name--and they have refused to accept it, revealing their real purpose, to usurp the WORD marriage. For these, and other reasons, they are losing money left and right. And they will continue to do so until they remove their blinders and correct some of their faults. (Constitution)

Harvey's Second Chance

Harvey Weinstein is asking for a second chance after being caught in a years, decades long pattern of sexual misconduct that has been covered up by the Hollywood elite, all of whom were aware of what he was doing, Young, "powerless" actresses found it necessary to "be nice to him" if they ever wanted to "make it" in Hollywood. Even young MEN were not safe, as gay producers did the same things to them. Some of his accusers are some of the best-known names in Hollywood--and there is ample proof of his activities. Yet he is asking for "a second chance." Did he or his friends offer a second chance to BIll O'Reilly and the others falsely accused at Fox News? Not a hint of it, because they were RIGHT-wingers and he is deep in the LEFT. And the left offers NO "second chance" to those on the right. In fact, such unfounded accusations are part of their arsenal AGAINST the right wingers. No "second chances" offered. There have been several sexual predators unmasked on the left recently. Harvey is one. Former Senator Wiener is another. Bill Clinton is the best known, and one of the LEAST punished. Clinton is still a "leader" in the Dumocrat Party, in SPITE of well-documented accusations. (Just common sense)

Obama's Abuse of Power

Anti-gun fool writers will use ANYTHING to knock gun owners. Mike Weisser writes for the Huffington Post and is a long time anti-gun fool. He wrote a book after the Sandy Hook massacre taking Dave Laguercia to task for the "crime" of legally selling several guns to the shooter's mother. "Laguercia’s 'offense' was that he had legally sold firearms to the shooter’s mother, Nancy Lanza. He sold a Bush Master AR-15 style “assault rifle” in 2011 and a Sig 226 semi-automatic handgun in 2010. All the paperwork was properly filled out, and Nancy Lanza had passed the background check. Laguercia did nothing wrong. Neither did Nancy Lanza. But Obama literally ruined his life after he sold her the guns Adam Lanza STOLE to use in his killing spree. That's the kind of thing Obama did; ruin people's lives for doing LAWFUL things, if it disagreed with his narrative. This is a typical Obama abuse of power--and some fools still think he was the best president, ever, (John Lott)

Friday, October 13, 2017

Turning Over A Rock

When Harvey Weinstein was exposed for the sexual predator he is, it was like "turning over a rock" and seeing all the "creepy crawlies" scurrying for darkness. And it begins--as soon as Harvey was exposed, it was soon found that Oliver Stone, another Hollywood mogul, had done similar things, And Ben Affleck, premier actor, has become known as "butt-man" because of his penchant for pinching women's butts. I'm sure, in coming days, many other scumbags will be exposed, because I'm sure this practice is widespread in Hollywood. For years, there has been a "rumor" about "the casting couch," and only spoken of as something "out of the ordinary," since professionals would not do such a thing. Turns out "professionals" DO. It's NOT "just a rumor." There's one commodity that drives everything in Hollywood, and that's what's between the legs of all the women, and men, too. Many would-be actors of all sexes have been propositioned by predatory directors, producers, and other powerful people, both male and female. (Just common sense)

Government Scams and Schemes

The government runs many scams on the American people, and those of us who are capable of THINKING know it. It's indisputable. It's not opinion, it is FACT. The basic scam is "baseline budgeting." Every year, each government entity gets an automatic 10% INCREASE in their budget, regardless of whether or not they need it. Even if they have money left over from last year. And if anybody tries to REDUCE that amount, that REDUCTION is called a CUT. Another Dumocrat scam is labeling every suggested tax cut as a "tax break for the rich." That ignores first the fact that a tax break for EVERYBODY benefits the rich more than those who did not make themselves rich, because their very activity in MAKING themselves rich benefited ALL of us while helping OTHERS ro become rich, as well. It is this kind of "slight of hand" that keeps those who pay no attention to politics ignorant of their scams. (Just common sense)

Gun Rights Policy Conference

They held the "Gun Rights Policy Conference" recently in Dallas. The main emphasis was on not resting on your laurels since Trump was elected. To keep the pressure on your legislators NOT to pass more useless gun laws. There are way too many anti-gun fools still in office. There are so many of them in government, both elected and appointed, that new laws will inevitably be proposed, and passed, in the months and years of Trump's administration to come. Trump will not sign any that come before him into law, but state and local laws are a different matter, with anti-gun fools being in many governor's offices. They also debunked the liberal media's attempt to show that gun sales are declining after Trump's election by showing that the recent slowdown is routine in the summer, and that gun sales since have risen sharply. Part of the drop is that many who need guns already have them, having bought them in fear of a liberal win at the polls last November--and Trump's win does change things drastically. (Guns)

Thursday, October 12, 2017

"Tax Breaks for the Rich"

The Dumocrat song is always, "a tax break for the rich" WHENEVER anybody talks about a tax cut. And why NOT? Why shouldn't "the rich" get more dollars out of ANY tax cut? They put so much more INTO the tax-creation activities. They create the JOBS that improve the lives of the middle class by their very activities to make more money for themselves. It is their creativity and achievement that have MADE them rich. And have, in the process, made OTHERS rich, and just well-to-do. They keep the "wheels of commerce" going. They are indispensable for that. Why Dumocrats (liberals) insist on PUNISHING their achievement when it does so much good for others is beyond me, except for the STUPIDITY that reveals on the part of the Dumocrats. They've been singing this song for as long as I can remember--and that's a LONG time--and it rings as false today as it always has to those of us who have the ability to think. (Just common sense)

Today's Outrage

How many days has it been since a crazed fool shot and killed 58 people and injured almost 500 in Las Vegas? Now another crazed fool drove up on the sidewalk (again) in London and toppled a bunch of pedestrians like ten pins. What is going to be the new outrage tomorrow? In New York City, they broke up a terror plot to blow up a subway station. What's next? What the hell is it that, all of a sudden, since Columbine and the Twin Towers, has resulted in the creation of a "cottage industry" of killing as many people as you can, for either stupid reasons, or no reason at all? I'm almost afraid to turn on the TV each morning because I'm afraid to see what new outrage has been visited upon us by deranged fools. Anti-gun fools blame guns, even though these fools use many methods to kill people.

Trucks, cars, pressure cookers, bombs, grenades, even swords and knives. But it's not the TOOLS they use, it's the MINDSET of the fools who commit these outrages. It almost makes me want to close myself up in a room, lock the door, and never come out, except maybe to eat something. Somebody, somewhere, is coordinating all these attacks. This sort of thing is not something individuals from different walks of life come up with. The fools who commit these atrocities are weak-minded, and easily led. Like those people they caught in New York City wanting to blow up a subway station; three just out of their teens, and one a 37-year-old. Who do you think was LEADING this plot? We have to be better able to PREDICT such outrages so we can stop them BEFORE they kill a lot of people. (Just common sense)

"Let Me Count the Ways"

How many different ways can you say the same thing? There is one basic premise to my "Unarmed Citizen" blog, and I've said it every way I can think of. It is, very simply, this: "The way to self defense is NOT to disarm yourself." But no matter how many times I say it, and in how many ways, I can't get through the thick skulls of the anti-gun fools. They are bound and determined to take away every legal gun they can, under Whatever pretext they can come up with. That this not deter armed criminals in any way seems to elude them. The criminals still get their guns, any way they can. They buy them illegally, from other criminals in a back alley, somewhere. Or they steal them from an unwary legal gun owner who doesn't take sufficient care to prevent their theft. Writing down the names of legal gun owners will not; nor will designating places where guns cannot be brought, will not; "safe storage" laws will not. Nor will all the other laws and regulations they make to disarm law-abiding people. The ONE WAY to defend against an illegally armed gunsel is another gun--in the hand of a law-abiding person. That person can reduce gun violence by KILLING that gunsel. Experience proves that a dead gunsel kills very few people. (Jusr common sense)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just Gotta Criticize!

President Trump and VP Pence both came to Puerto Rico to see for themselves the damage, and the efforts to overcome it. They pledged to be "with them" however long or how much money it takes. And of course, the liberal media did not show the many interviews with the intelligent people who know how the world works who complimented our efforts. They showed the ONE interview with an ignorant man who CRITICIZED the fact that Trump took a week to get there. Damned fool; does he think PR is the only place we're helping? Or needed? And nary a word about the millions of dollars in men and equipment we sent, within HOURS of their disaster. Some fools just gotta criticize! Others are just ungrateful because they think what we do is their DUE. And some are just too lazy to do for themselves, and want others to do for them. Fortunately, they're in the minority. Then there are the "Trump haters" who will criticize ANYTHING Trump does. The REALLY stupid ones. I get really tired of listening to these fools grumble, and I wish they'd just SHUT UP. (Just common sense)

Liberal Cheap Shots

I'm constantly seeing "cheap shots" aimed at Donald Trump. Shots based on IGNORANCE and no proof of anything bad. Just this morning, I saw one in a cartoon strip I will not identify because the artist does not deserve to be named. He said Trump had "given up on taking health care away from millions of people and is moving on to tax reduction." That displays an abysmal IGNORANCE. Those "millions" who would lose their insurance will only "lose" it because they OPTED OUT of the unnecessarily expensive insurance required by Obamacare, and the ridiculously high deductibles that make the "insurance" USELESS. If Obamacare is repealed, NOBODY will "lose" their insurance who doesn't WANT to lose it. That's a typical twisting of facts to advance a phony narrative that liberals are famous for. This is how they advance their phony narratives, and it sickens me how many CARTOONISTS join the fray. (Just common sense)

Typical Anti-Gun Ignorance

The Scientific American, no less, has come out with an article that says basically that "more guns equal more crime and more rape." Which is a very ignorant statement. Only more guns in the hands of "bad guys" means that. More guns in the hands of the law-abiding means LESS crime, rape, and murders. These people are supposed to be in the "upper echelon" of Intelligence. Instead, they prove themselves to be as ignorant as are ALL anti-gun fools who think they can eliminate crime by getting rid of guns. Intelligent people know that even if you COULD get rid of all guns in the hands of law-abiding people, the thugs and murderers, and rapists would have a field day in the absence of ANY meaningful opposition. Those who don't obey laws will always be able to get guns. They can't stop that, so they content themselves with disarming the law-abiding, and think they're doing something good. Crime continues on, and even INCREASES when honest people don't have the means to self defense. But they pat themselves on the back and keep on doing stupid things.(Scientific American)

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Columbus Day Boycott

The first thing I heard on turning on the TV today (Columbus Day) was some fool asking the question, "Should we still celebrate Columbus Day?" all because some liberal damned fool (a repetition, there) said we should not. I'm getting very tired of the STUPID things the liberals are trying to DICTATE we do, Yes, Columbus might have done some things that weren't the best, But he WAS an explorer of note, even if discovering America WAS an accident. Anybody who does what liberals "order' him to do is a fool. Everything liberals try and foist upon us is STUPID. Everything they promote is contrary to common sense. Like men in women's restrooms. And allowing gays to destroy the very MEANING of the word "marriage" by using it to describe their "unions." They've been offered everything a marriage entails, but under a different name, and have refused, thereby revealing their REAL purpose. And then there's "gun control," which is a misnomer. They just want to disarm Americans and make them defenseless when "federal agents" come to take their belongings. I could go on and on, but I won't. I'm sure you have a few of your own favorites. (Just common sense)

Incompetent Terrorists

Islamic terrorists in Kabul fired at least 40 rocket-powered grenades at "Mad Dog Mattis'" airplane HOURS after he had left the airport. The airplane was to be the target, but the munitions landed in an unoccupied part of the airport. Not one soul was injured. their "big attack" flopped in a major fashion and showed (again) they are incompetent. They're like the "crooks who couldn't shoot straight." If they had any brains at all, they'd have attacked while Mathis was on the ground at the airport--and maybe they could have actually HIT something. They think they're so fearsome, but really, they're the clowns of this war. I wonder if they are wearing big, floppy shoes and bright Day-Glo red wigs--and maybe a red ball for a nose. They're very funny, even without that. Their only "accomplishment" was to serve to induce our military and the Afghan military to stiffen our defenses so as to kill many more terrorists. (American Patriot Daily)

Yes, It's That Stupid

Gun control is like putting up a sign next to a bunch of sheep saying, "no wolves allowed." Who's gonna read it? The wolves? No; the wolves are going to come in and kill a few sheep for dinner. The same is true of the "wolves" of society. The criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, and others who just want to commit mayhem will walk right by the signs saying, "no guns allowed," and shoot as many unarmed people as they can. They couldn't care less about the stupid gun laws that are dependent upon lawbreakers to OBEY their laws. If their laws worked, they wouldn't need metal detectors in so many places. "Gun-free zones" have become obvious "killing zones," since the bad guys KNOW that the chances of the law-abiding there being armed is very low. Mass shooters, after being caught, will willingly tell you they CHOOSE gun-free zones, for that reason. All their background checks will not stop a previously non-criminal who wants to kill a few people from getting a gun. And even if they did, he would just get his gun ILLEGALLY or find something else, such as a knife or a sword, or even explosives. Maybe a pressure cooker, or even a car or truck. Anti-gun fools are "tilting at windmills," and continue to do so. (Just common sense)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Violating His Rights:

The liberals think only they deserve to have civil rights. Like the right to disrespect the American flag and all who fought and died to keep that right for them. They scream bloody murder when the vice president of the United States walks out of a football game when some of the players refused to stand for the National Anthem. They called his action a "planned publicity stunt" that amounted to oppression. How stupid do they think human beings ARE? If the government WANTED to oppress them, there are many ways to do so, But rights ARE being violated here. The right of the vice president to speak his mind about their disrespect. One thing they don't realize is that he ALSO has the right to his own opinion. Not because he is the vice president, but because he is a human being and an American citizen. And to call his action a publicity stunt akin to oppression does just that. For my part, they can stick it where the sun doesn't shine, then sit down. Suddenly. (Star-Herald)

Owners Making A Mistake

The team owners who can be seen linking arms with their players to diss the National Anthem against the wishes of their fans (customers) are making a big mistake, and it is costing them millions of dollars. Yes, if the players don't show up, there'll be no game, while if the fans don't show up, the game will go on--but at what cost? The liberal media says they're doing a good thing. But the lack of attendance by fans tell another story. If the players don't show up, I'm sure there is something in their contract that allows them to stop paying them. When they do, they WILL show up. It is ludicrous for the owners to bow to the wishes of the players, rather than that of the fans. That costs them bundles of money and the popularity of the game suffers. Maybe irreparably. And if that happens, the game suffers terribly. They don't want that to happen. I'm sure they are men of logic. But they need to REALIZE the logic or illogic of their actions. (KTLA 5)

McAuliffe Must be Mad

The court in Charleston, W VA, a close neighbor of the state of which he is governor, ruled AGAINST the prohibition to legal gun carriers bringing their guns onto some city property, anywhere (mostly). School property was excepted. That's pretty close to anti-gun Virginia. Does that show a trend in the area? Will other cases be similarly decided, and will some anti-gun laws be repealed? That'll sure make Terry mad. The City of Charleston has enforced these unconstitutional laws for the last four years while the issue made its way through the courts. Will they work to eliminate the effects of their illegal decisions? Probably not, unless the courts order them to do so. It really frosts me how so many politicians (and bureaucrats) can be so stupid as to make laws they have to know are unconstitutional if they are intelligent--and I don't think they are simpletons, although they make it look like they are. (AmmoLand)