Thursday, August 17, 2017

Anything Trump Says

Will be taken out of context and twisted by the liberal media to mean something it was never meant to mean. Editorial cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star-News Gary Varvel put out a cartoon showing Trump saying, "I'll take a few questions," while bunch of "advisers" were rushing to stop him, as if he couldn't be trusted to properly answer questions. But the problem is not with Trump. It is with the liberal media. They will twist anything he says way "out of shape" and make it seem like he's some kind of stupid in everything he says. That's how they hope to make Trump irrelevant. I don't think I've ever seen such hate in the media for a president as they show toward Trump. But then, I wasn't "paying attention" during Reagan's two terms, which he won by LANDSLIDE victories. Trumps victories probably can't be described as "landslides," but they were clear victories, showing that Americans supported him, even if the liberal media did not. (Gary Varvel)

NO Medicare Cuts!

They arrested a bunch of handicapped people recently, at Sen. Corey Gardener's Denver office,who were protesting “Medicare cuts” in Trump's “replacement” for the silly, stupid, Obamacare law. Sad. They say the cuts will eliminate many services they need, every day. Only one problem: there ARE no cuts in Medicare in the bill. Dumocrats are using an old, tired, scam on them. The scam is, if any reductions in the INCREASE are planned, they CALL them cuts, to fool you into supporting their position. That's what is operating here. Those handicapped people are NOT going to lose a single service! There ARE NO CUTS in Medicare planned—ONLY REDUCTIONS in INCREASES! This is how the Dumocrats fool you into supporting things that are not good for you. They did the same thing many times in the past, when reductions in the INCREASE in the school lunch program were contemplated. There were no actual cuts there, either. There's another scam they use in conjunction with this. It's the “baseline budget scam, where every program gets a 10% automatic INCREASE, every year. ANY reduction in that INCREASE is called a cut.(Washington Times)

"Self Defense: A Bizarre Premise"

That's what the NY Times says, anyway, again showing their complete ignorance about the real world. What the hell do they think guns are FOR, anyway? They aren't MADE for criminals to use in victimizing people. When they do, they're misusing them. They're angry that 11 states have passed laws to allow “concealed carry” on campuses. Of course, as usual, they got the number wrong when they reported it. They said it was 10 states. They talk about the “risks” in allowing “concealed carry” on campus, completely ignoring the unalterable fact that people carry guns on campus ILLEGALLY, every day. As usual again, they decry people's ability to handle guns safely, again ignoring those people who ILLEGALLY bring their guns on campus. What they're really against is people's ability to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns already out there. They want us to be DEFENSELESS when thugs attack us. They deny it to their dying day, but it's undeniable. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Life Lesson

A very small, fat little guy with a strange looking haircut walked into a western bar. He walked right up to a very large man. He came up to about that man's belt buckle. The man was engaged in a serious conversation with a bar girl who sat on his lap. The little guy commenced hitting the big man on his knee. Left, right, left, right. The big man looked down with an irritated look on his face, reached down, and slapped him away like he would a fly. He didn't even pause in his conversation. The little man flew through the air, through the wall, having made his own hole. He landed on the ground after bouncing off the big man's horse. The horse (whose name was “Army”) was so offended by this that he promptly stomped the little guy with the funny haircut into a bloody puddle. The lesson? Don't mess with the big guy (or his horse) unless you have a death wish. Somebody should send a copy of this to Kim Jong Un. (Just common sense)

It's Okay for Me

But not for thee.” The Dumocrats have been flailing around ever since the 2016 election trying desperately to find “evidence” of “collusion” with Russia to benefit Donald Trump. The media has been digging right with them, and IGNORING the PROVEN collusion (in TWO cases) to help Hillary Clinton. The worst case is the Post Office, where the unions put pressure on postal executives to approve unpaid time off, sometimes weeks at a time, so employees could be ferried to “hot states” to knock on doors, and do other things to benefit Hillary, even when such approvals caused them to be understaffed. Those employees were PAID by the union for their time off working on Hillary's election campaign. This was in direct violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from being forced into working on election campaigns. I'll be interested to see if this ends in any punishment for those who laid on the pressure. The other case was when Hillary's campaign workers collaborated with the UKRAINIAN government to get what they thought was information that could help them win. Still no evidence of Trump's collusion with the Russians after many months and many “investigations.” (American Patriot Daily)

Absurdity In Gun Control

The anti-gun fools are constantly working to come up with more plausible reasons to control legal access to guns. Their most recent one is to say that, “thugs who are killed while breaking into somebody's home are being denied their right to a fair trial.” It's absurd, but they don't know it. They think it's genius. Also his right to a fair trial only arises if he is ARRESTED for breaking into this guy's home. Not when he threatens the life, and very existence of the homeowner and his family. The fact that those thugs are violating the homeowner's right to be “secure in their property and papers” is ignored, as is that homeowner's right to life, which is threatened by this thug's action in breaking into his home. This is a typical twisting of things the anti-gun fools are best known for. (The Blaze)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

It's NOT the Far Right!

The liberal media is doing it's best to paint the racist riots in Charlottesville, VA as a “right-wing gathering.” Nothing could be further from the truth. To say so is “fake news.”To begin with, the Nazis are based on “National Socialism,” and socialism io a definite LEFT wing system based on the THEFT of the fruits of the production of new wealth for the benefit of the “drones” of society. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was STARTED by the Dumocrats (liberals), which are also LEFT-wing. They started the KKK to make sure black Americans stayed down. They were the instrument of domestic TERRORISM and the violence arm of the Dumocrat Party, which again, is on the LEFT. Liberals work very hard to convince the world that the “right” is the “party of racism,” and that's WRONG! Those who believe it (those who pay no attention to politics) are the only ones who should believe it, but they're not. They tell others the same thing over and over, and it comes to be believed by simple repetition. Now even Fox News is calling that gathering “far right.” Fox ought to know better. I don't think they do it on purpose, just through ignorance. I really get tired of this kind of crap getting “into the language.” (Just common sense)

A "Mighty (Unarmed) Warship"

The government recently commissioned the new aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford. A mighty warship, named after a president who was never elected, but was APPOINTED VP through political finagling so that he could replace Vice President Spiro Agnew so he would not become president when Richard Nixon resigned. He was known for braining people with golf balls and hurting himself. Another notable “warship” was named after anti-gun fool Gabrielle Giffords. This “littoral combat ship” (whatever that means) was properly UNARMED, since it was named for a fool who wanted us ALL to be unarmed in the face of ARMED criminals and other “bad guys.” Naming Navy ships after this kind of fool is the best reason why our enemies are laughing at us. (America's Navy)

The Usual Crap

MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) are trying to get a law passed. “In an effort to improve gun safety,” Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) has reintroduced The Handgun Trigger Safety Act [an already failed bill -RT], "forward-thinking legislation to use new and emerging technology to prevent gun deaths,” a press release from the congressthing proclaims. “The bill would promote the development of new ‘smart gun’ technology that only allows an authorized user to fire a gun. It would also mandate that all newly manufactured handguns use this technology within five years, and that existing handguns be retrofitted with this technology within ten years.” As usual, this law would only apply to LEGAL guns, just like ALL their current laws do. All those MILLIONS of guns already out there in the hands of “bad guys” would not be affected. Only the ability of law-abiding folks to defend themselves against them would be affected..”Same old, stuff.” (Oath Keepers)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Ignorance On Display

That's what we had in Charlottesville, VA the other day. Basically three ignorant groups “demonstrated” (rioted) in favor of racism and bigotry. Racism and bigotry is ignorance. Those who practice it are ignorant. The KKK announces their ignorance wherever they show up, just by their presence, as do the Neo-Nazis, who try and emulate a defeated system from bygone days. Then there are the “white supremacists.” Their “thing” is promoting the supremacy of the white race, which is ignorance personified. Just because the black race was (WAS!) a race in slavery doesn't make them stupid. The slavers were the stupid ones. And those who celebrate that stupidity are today's stupid ones.

Naturally, liberals try and paint those ignorant people as Trump supporters, but I doubt there were any real Trump supporters there. The mother of the fool who used his car to run many rioters down says she “thinks” her son was going to a Trump rally. But that's impossible, because Trump was nowhere near there and Trump is not the racist in this scenario, no matter how much the liberals want to make it look that way. This gathering was NOT of Trump supporters, even though liberals want to paint it that way. INTELLIGENT people judge people as INDIVIDUALS, based on what they say and DO, not by the group they are in. Especially of they are in a group not of their choosing, and that they can't change. (Just common sense)

The Black KKK

There is one main outfit CREATING a new brand of racism. The “Black Lives Matter” movement. What they're promoting is white against black racism, and they're getting a lot of response from blacks who are still smarting from PAST treatment by white against black racists, most of the practitioners of which don't even exist any more. They're also promoting hatred of cops, completely forgetting that if cops didn't exist, they would be in danger as much as the rest of us. The only thing standing in the way of mass murder and unopposed crime is the cops. But they're too ignorant to figure that out for themselves. Or they plan on BEING the criminals and want no opposition. They're responsible, by their rhetoric, for the deaths of numerous dedicated police officers who were killed from ambush by ignorant thugs who buy it. Cops who do NOT go to work every day and think, “Let's see how many blacks I can kill today?” They are truly the black equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. Except they don't use rope, they use other IGNORANT blacks who think it's a good thing to kill innocent cops. (Keep and Bear)

They're NOT Children!

Anti-gun fools publish articles telling about lots of “children” being shot. What they don't tell you is that those “children” are up to 19 years of age and are gang members who are shooting back. The articles never say WHO is shooting at them so they can paint a picture in your mind that the ”victims” are “toddlers” dancing around in a grassy field, chasing butterflies, which is NOT the case. At age 19 they are, for all intents and purposes, ADULTS, and are, themselves, (ILLEGALLY) armed. This is how they twist things to make you think things that are NOT true. Included in their “16 Children A Day Being Shot” figure are those19-year-old gang members, and they are on both sides of any shootings covered. Only THREE out of that 16 are really children, and they are usually shot by people using ILLEGAL guns—another stat they ignore. (Gun Free Zone)

Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Always Trump's Fault

N. Korea is pushing and pushing, threatening nuclear “first strike” on an American protectorate. He has shown himself to be insane, and his comic book generals with their medals down to their knees just as insane. So Trump, instead of “knuckling under” to his damfool threats, tells him just what will happen if he makes a single move toward ANY American protected territory, and it's TRUMP'S fault. It's not the soft, wimpy response we've come to expect under Obama, so it's TRUMP who is “moving us to the brink of war.” I submit that it is KIM JONG UN who is “moving us to the brink of war,” and it will result in his END if he continues, and rightly so. Some fools think we should do ANYTHING to avoid a nuclear war. But WE are not the ones threatening nuclear war, It is that pitiful fool in N. Korea who is, and he must be met with superior force—which we have the ability to do. Yes, some Americans will die if he launches. And even more N. Koreans will die, and it's KIM'S fault, not Trump's. (The Week)

Injecting Racism Everywhere

The liberals inject racism into everything. We've become so used to it, many of us don't even notice it, any more. Meanwhile, racist professors tell us that BEING white is racism. They use anything they can to CREATE black against white racism, and certain blacks are “eating it up,” because they think it empowers them. The cartoon pictured is subtle in it's injection of racism into the “gun question,” but it's there, for all to see. They take standard phrases and tell us they are “code words” to mean racism, so they can CLAIM racism where it does not exist. These people spend all their time SEARCHING for racism, in everything that happens, which indicates racism on THEIR part. Yes, there are a few racists left. They had almost disappeared when Obama began whining about racism in his attempt to get a race war started, so he could exploit it. That he failed during his 8 years of terror says a lot about the REAL racism situation. (Just common sense)

Fewer Guns, More Murder

That's fewer LEGAL guns. That's a stat the anti-gun fools will not tout because it proves that they are on the completely wrong tack, in targeting guns, rather than people. The study was conducted by the Crime Prevention Research Center, whose dependability is legendary, while being hated by the anti-gun fools because of that. Their research can be backed up, fully, as it is with this study. Their methodology is proper. Of course, the anti-gun fools will say it is not, because that's all they have. With no proof of anything with which to back it up. The fact is, statistics PROVE that, the more LEGAL guns are out there, in the hands of law-abiding people, the fewer murders there are in any area where that is the case. They found that 54% of the counties with the LOWEST murder rates are, coincidentally, counties with the lowest percentage of tight gun laws and the highest number of legally-owned guns. (Breitbart)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just Call 'Em Names!

Liberals don't have anything else, so they just call people who disagree with them names. They have no cogent arguments to support their ignorant positions, so that's all they have. “Scandal” star Joshua Malina calls people who disagree with him homophobic, antisimitic, mysoginistic, and transphobic. I doubt if he even knows the meaning of those words, but he throws them out to describe Trump supporters. If he had anything else, he'd use it, instead of just calling us names, but he does NOT. Other Hollywood figures are the same. Their rants are suspiciously devoid of FACTS, and contain mostly name-calling. So I guess we can ignore them. They're not worth a second look. It amazes me how people who pretend to be somebody they're not for a living think that qualifies them to insult their betters—it does not. Their rants simply make them look like the FOOLS they are. (Breitbart)

CBO Is Always Wrong

The federal government always relies on the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to tell them how much a given program is going to cost before they pass it into law. But the CBO has never been right, any time in it's existence, for one reason: they don't realize that taxes CAUSE human action. They think it's a “zero sum game,” and that placing a tax on something does NOT cause people to change their habits to avoid it. You place a tax on something and people do things differently regarding that tax. Example: back when the highest tax rate approached 100%, people were starting foundations and placing many of their properties and possessions (and profits) into that foundation to avoid those taxes. CBO ignores that, and thus is ALWAYS wrong in their assessments. But the government continues to rely on their erroneous assessments, to their detriment. (American Thinker)

Drive-By--Big Mistake

Three thugs attempted a drive-by shooting on a licensed gun owner in Houston, Texas the other day. Big mistake. They missed him completely, but he didn't miss them. One of the thugs died at the scene, and another died at the hospital, which was their next stop. There is no word yet on the fate of the third, who is still in the hospital with serious injuries. Which proves, yet again, that what I say is true: armed citizens CAN reduce crime on the streets, if by no other way than by killing the thugs who try to victimize innocent people. At least two of these three thugs will victimize no more innocent people, and the third one will be a long time getting back to the point of being able to terrorize anybody—IF he ever does. And the crimes they would have committed will not happen. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Liberals Hate It

Anything that is good for this country, the liberals hate—even if the action they hate saves many lives. They have a “knee-jerk” reaction to hate it. AG Sessions told Fox News that the best way to keep MS-13 thugs from entering this country was to build Trump's wall and improve enforcement of illegal border crossing prevention, and the liberals dirtied their drawers, predictably. They hate any effort to limit illegal entry into this country. MS-13 members often enter in the hordes of unaccompanied minors Obama's policies let in on a regular basis, and his definition of “child” (up to 19) INCLUDED many of those gang members, who subsequently commit many crimes, including murder. It doesn't matter to them that these policies save many lives and actually REDUCE crime. If they reduce illegal entry, they're against it. They've actually reduced the flow of illegal entries by 50%, and the liberals hate ANYTHING that does that. I think we need to automatically dismiss anything the liberals say, about anything, anywhere, any time. That would solve most of our problems. (Conservative Tribune)

Soak the Rich Bulldung

And that's exactly what it is. The media are talking about a Trump adviser trying to get Trump to RAISE taxes on the rich, while LOWERING them, on the rest of us (which is probably fake news). This, of course, completely ignores the fact that, when you let the rich keep more of the money they EARN, they use it to EARN even more. And by so doing, create more jobs for the rest of us, and better economic times. Liberals aren't intelligent enough to realize this. Raising their taxes simply REDUCES such activity, making life harder for the rest of us. But you can't convince the “soak the rich” fools of this. It's simple economics, but they're not intelligent enough to realize it. They go right on with their “soak the rich” foolishness, even though that HURTS the economy, and they just will NOT admit it. (Just common sense)

Laws Didn't Work: Need More

The New York Times admits that all their tight gun laws did nothing to keep that doctor from wreaking revenge for his firing in that hospital in the Bronx. New York State was the first state to pass more stringent gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, in which 20 CHILDREN and 6 staff members were gunned down. But that law, called the “SAFE Act,” has done NOTHING to stop people like this doctor from killing people. One of its provisions is limiting magazine size to 10 rounds, but this mad doctor had three magazines, so he had his 30 rounds. He did have a record, but it was a misdemeanor record, which does not stop him from buying guns. All their laws do is disarm law-abiding people so that mostly nobody in that hospital was armed, including security, making them “sitting ducks.” That's what ALL the anti-gun laws in this nation do: keep law-abiding people disarmed, and thus unable to defend themselves against people like this—and they want more of the same. (New York Times)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Liberal Attack On Fox

Just as I thought. A woman who accused Eric Bolling of sexual misconduct has come forward. She is Caroline Heldman, an associate professor at Occidental College, and has a HISTORY of making accusations against Fox personalities without any kind of proof. She had made similar accusations against Bill O'Reilly and Fox executive Woody Frazer, but continued to appear on Fox for three years without a peep. And when she made her previous accusations against O'Reilly and Frazer, Bolling was not even mentioned. This woman is a KNOWN liberal. She talks about “knowing several other women who had similar experiences with Bolling, but strangely, they have not come forward, nor provided any kind of proof of these unfounded accusations. Nor have they been named. This appears to be a pattern of liberals accusing Fox people of sexual misconduct, and has been somewhat successful, due to new, liberal management of the organization, which seems to be “knee-jerk” receptive to such accusations. (Conservative Tribune)

Ignorant Judge Making Law

An ignorant judge in Florida thinks legislators can't make law—only judges do that. This judge ought to be removed from the bench for ignorance. County Judge Milton Hirsch recently ruled that legislators “overstepped their bounds” when they revised the self defense law, putting the burden of proof on prosecutors. An unattributed quote in the article said it best: “How can this individual sit on a bench and say stuff like that without fear of being tagged as a moron and removed for cause? If he cannot understand the principle of Separation of Powers, he does not need to wear the black robe.” This judge only showed his complete IGNORANCE by this ruling, and is sure to be reversed by the next court up—unless it is the Ninth, whose judges are just as ignorant. The Ninth is the most reversed court in the land, for a good reason. (Gun Free Zone)

"March for Impeachment"

Liberals (Dumocrats) have failed every time in every effort to get rid of Trump, so now they're taking a new tack: “Impeachment Marches.” They actually think a bunch of fools “marching” will get Trump impeached. Sad. What they seem not to know is that certain things are REQUIRED to happen before a president can be impeached, and that's what has defeated their previous efforts. They're “throwing everything against the wall” in hopes SOMETHING will stick. This is one more thing, and it's not going to stick, either. They might as well just admit defeat and give up. But they won't. Only intelligent people do that when they figure out they're supporting a lost cause. Stupid people and those who are insane just keep on plugging toward their own destruction. If they keep this up, the Dumocrats are headed the same direction as the Whigs went. History. (DC Clothesline)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Kim "Warns" DC

Kim Jon Un, that fat, ugly little dictator in N. Korea (you know, that guy who couldn't get lucky unless he had a gun pointed at the woman), has “warned” the United States about “consequences” for their new sanctions on him and his country. Something he calls, “an attack on his sovereignty.” He threatens to “END the USA.” That's like a FLEA warning an elephant: “If you step on me, I'll kill you!” As I've said before, this fool must have a death wish, or he really thinks he stands a chance against a county that WON two world wars, the last one against TWO COUNTRIES! Yes, he has a few intercontinental ballistic missiles. Yet if he fires ONE of them in our direction, he will soon cease to exist, while we shoot it down before it gets NEAR this country. Kim is an insufferable FOOL who is all puffed up with his own importance. He's like a frog in a small pond. He thinks he's really strong, but will be MASHED if he keeps it up. His comic book generals with their medals down to their KNEES on their uniforms (not in this picture) make me laugh. (The Sun)

Newsweek Is Amazingly Stupid

The liberal media is becoming increasingly obvious in their stupidity, as witness a recent Newsweek cover depicting Donald Trump as a “lazy boy” who never did anything. The Liberal media has been underestimating Donald Trump from the beginning. They laughed when he declared his run for president. They said there was NO WAY he could ever win. Then he won. Then they said he'd never be inaugurated. Then he was inaugurated and they said he'd never accomplish anything because he “didn't know his way around DC.” Then in his first 100 days he accomplished more than Obama accomplished in his first YEAR, and without the help of Congress. And of course, he was criticized for using executive orders so much, while Obama was LAUDED for doing the same.

Then it was announced that he was taking a 17-day (working) vacation while they worked on the White House. The liberal media went bananas. By this time in his presidency, Obama had taken FIVE vacations to play golf. Trump has accomplished, in his first 200 days, more than most presidents have accomplished in their entire presidencies. The liberal media AND the Dumocrats have underestimated Trump from the word “go.” And for this reason, they're going to LOSE, and lose BIG, again! They think they're going to take back control of the two houses of government in 2018, and the White House in 2020. I predict that they are going to suffer even more losses then, and Trump will be re-elected in a landslide, as Ronald Reagan was. The liberals on both coasts HATE him, but the average American citizen LOVES him—and their votes will prevail. (News Max)

Terrorists Have Won!

No, not completely. But their main purpose is to scare us enough that we change our rules and violate our own laws and Constitution because of what they do. They have accomplished that, in many places. One place is the airport, where the TSA (Tough Sh-t Authority) routinely fingers your genitals and paws through your luggage behind the scenes, messing things up, and then leaving you a little cryptic note telling you that it is “federal law” for them to do so. That if you lock your bags and they can't defeat it any other way, they can break the lock, and they're not responsible for repairing it. They did that to me on my recent trip to Indiana. They left my clothes in a tangle and dumped some of my pills all over the bottom of the compartment. No apology. Just the note. (Just common sense)

Friday, August 4, 2017

It "Spreads Like A Cancer"

The “Russian Connection” probe is “spreading like a cancer” on our government. It is the Dumocrats' attempt to reverse the 2016 election, which is one of the greatest losses the Dumocrats have ever suffered. They want to come up with something, ANYTHING, to support their contention that Trump is not a properly elected president, and should be impeached. But in the days since the election, they have not come up with a SINGLE bit of evidence that what they say is true, and they're digging like moles, looking. The latest is the action of the “special counsel” Comey leaked info to get appointed impaneling a grand jury in his witch hunt “investigation” that he has widened to include Trump's business dealings—something that has nothing to do with the possibility of his “collusion with the Russians” to get elected. Will they ever admit that it didn't happen and stop their witch hunt? doubtful—not until they get rid or Trump, anyway. (Patriot Post)

"Tweeting Isn't Presidential!"

That's what liberals (Dumocrats) say, and they're FOS* (*Full of Sh-t). They only say that because Trump uses Tweeting so well, and so successfully. He's not limited to depending on the biased liberal media to get his message out—and they want to put a stop to that. Trump has the inalienable right to use ANY method he wishes to get his message out. Who gave them the right to dictate what is, and what isn't “presidential?” The president can communicate with the public in any way he wishes, and they can't stop him—so they grouse and whine, and make themselves look like the fools they are. President Reagan used a simple thing like a weekly radio show, to which millions listened. If he had had to depend on the media to get his message out, things would have ended up a lot differently than they did. The liberal media gets very bent out of shape when a president “goes around them,” as President Trump is doing, very effectively. They're simply jealous. (Patriot Retort)

German "Civil Partnerships"

Well, the militant gays got their way in Germany, and by so doing, revealed their REAL purpose: the usurpation of the WORD marriage. They already had scored a law allowing “civil partnerships,” but they weren't satisfied. They wanted the “whole banana,” their “unions” being called, “marriage.” And they finally got it, with this new law. I have nothing against gay people, per se. What they do in private is not my business. But I DO have something against militant gays DEMANDING to usurpate the description of marriage, for their own purposes. Another thing I don't like is their push to teach our CHILDREN (in SCOOL) that “gay is okay” and they ought to try it. And such things as the current push to allow MEN into women's restrooms and changing rooms, where our young girls are often NAKED (young BOYS, too), (LGBTQ Nation) By the way: I don't go to this web site usually. It came up when I Googled “German civil unions.”

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Venezuela In Tatters

Why? Socialism is why. The same thing that destroyed Argentina's economy. Socialism and a president who is bound and determined to turn himself into a dictator. A president who is putting his opposition politicians in prison, and doing who knows what to them inside.; A country that was very rich, due to massive amounts of oil, is now BROKE, with not even enough toilet paper on store shelves, due to lots of regulation and government control. Yet socialism still has many adherents and believers, because of its promise of freebies without the bother of working for it. Add to that, a power-mad president, against whom thousands are rioting and getting themselves killed by government troops, and you have a disaster in the making. Venezuela is now on the brink of collapse, and the president doesn't realize it--or doesn't care. All he can see is his own power, and he does what it takes to solidify it, even if it means KILLING his citizens and imprisoning his opposition. He has even threatened to jail three foreign ambassadors if they attend a meeting of his opposition party, which will mean WAR with THREE countries, and the U. S. will probably be dragged into it, while he will lose and probably be killed, himself. (The Blaze)

Only Three Years Left

The former (fortunately) UN Climate Czar, Christina Figueres, says we only have three years left to stop global warming. And the answer she advises, is, “send money.” As usual. Global warming is one of the biggest moneymaking scams in the world, and there are a lot of people “feeding at the money trough,” including her. She says “Governments and businesses need to 'pony up' $1.3 TRILLION a year by 2020, 'earmarked' for climate action. And you can bet she has her own hand out to skim some of the money off the top. Funny; they usually don't make their predictions so short that we might actually SEE how wrong they are so soon. AlGore said we only had 15 YEARS about 30 years ago. Some people think this is true because so many people preach it. But that's wrong. They're only “jumping on the band wagon” to skim off some of the money. Or they've just “bought the BS” and are practicing the global warming religion. (Liberty Headlines)

China Knife Attack

In Changchun, China, 18 people were stabbed by an “insane” man who was only stopped when the cops arrived with their guns and shot him. Proving, once again, that lack of guns stops NOTHING in the way of violence. If somebody wants to hurt people, he will find a way. In China, guns are just not allowed for anybody but cops and other government officials. But still, 18 people are now in the hospital with all that involves. I've said, over and over, that if you take guns out of the equation, as did China, there will still be violence. But do the anti-gun fools listen? Not a chance! All they're interested in is disarming ALL the honest, law-abiding people in America. They know that will NOT get rid of the violence, but they don't care. In China, knife attacks happen often, because it's so hard to get guns legally. (Fox News)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

MAN Gives Birth

Right. That's what liberals want you to think, anyway. What actually happened is that a woman transgender living as a man gave birth, and the liberal media reported that a MAN gave birth (fake news). And they expect us to BELIEVE that. Just like they want us to believe a man can menstruate. He can NOT. He doesn't have the PLUMBING to menstruate. They may fake some “evidence” that he does, like a pair of pants with bloodstains on them, but we STILL don't believe it. They report now that there are some 50 different sexes. That's a lie, too. There are TWO sexes: men, and women. That's all. Any more are simply CONSTRUCTS, coming from their fertile imaginations. This whole thing comes from the liberals wanting to convince us that something that CANNOT be true, IS true. That's what they do: try to convince us of things that are IMPOSSIBLE. (Patriot Post)

"White Privilege"

The liberal media (which the liberals call facetiously “the mainstream media”) are talking a lot lately about “white privilege.” Which is a “construct” of the Black Lives Matter gang, to CREATE black against white racism. That's their current scam. Actually, the only “white privilege” there is, is in the imagination of the BLM crowd. It's a “code word” meaning hatred for whites by both blacks AND Hispanics. Muslims are included, as well. Anybody they can claim we are biased against. In reality, while there are still a few remaining racists against non-whites, most people judge people as INDIVIDUALS, based on what they DO, not what group they belong to. If they're good people, it doesn't matter if they're black, brown, yellow, red, or purple with pink polka-dots. Nor does their religion matter. It's their ACTIONS that matter, and liberals, who judge everybody by the group they belong to, just don't understand that. (National Review)

A Common Story

In Great Britain, where guns are just about completely banned, even for the cops, gangs are killing each other with guns with abandon. How is this POSSIBLE? Gun laws are supposed to keep them from getting guns! Anti-gun fools keep telling us that! And it's getting worse. One gang member says he LOVES shooting people and making them run away, then going after their PARENTS and killing family members. There are more than a half MILLION illegal guns in England, many left over from WWII. But what are Britons allowed to have for self defense? A “rape whistle.” Apparently to blow while somebody is killing you. That's about as STUPID as our “gun laws,” most of which only make it EASIER for the thugs to victimize honest, law-abiding people. (America's First Freedom)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Was Debbie Colluding?

Questions are being asked about whether or not Debbie Wasserman Schultz was involved with her Muslim family of IT folks in more than their bank fraud charges, which seem to be an excuse to arrest the patriarch of the family at the airport because he was trying to flee the country with millions of dollars. Other charges could come later. This guy and his family was very helpful to Debbie in blocking Bernie Sanders from the Dumocrat presidential nomination—that's something we know. But is her collusion with them deeper than that? We know she's a sleazy operator, but HOW sleazy? Why was she still paying them after the original allegations came up? Was he blackmailing her? Why did Debbie actually threaten the cops with “consequences” if they didn't return the smashed computers she CLAIMED were her property? Why were they privy to so much secret information without security clearances? And is ALLOWING such access not a crime? (Patriot Post)

Democrats and Bipartisanship

The Dumocrats talk a lot about “bipartisanship” since they lost the election and, with it, their power in DC. They NEVER talked about bipartisanship when THEY were in the majority, because that would allow the Republicans to have PART of their own way. NOW they want “bipartisanship” so they can “worm their way into” the decision-making in DC without having a majority. When they were on top, they never ALLOWED any “bipartisanship.” It was “their way or the highway.” NOW, they “want in.” Bipartisanship, to Democrats, means, “do it our way, not yours.” It's how they usurp the Republicans when they (the Republicans) are in power. It's a “routine scam,” but the Republicans always fall for it. (Just common sense)

Nobody Shot Anybody

If guns are the “root cause” of violence, as anti-gun fools tell us, how then, could more than 80,000 gun-rights enthusiasts (many presumably armed) gather in Atlanta at the NRA Convention and nobody shot anybody? That's just one more damfool notion of the anti-gun fools disproved. Their basic assumption that criminals will obey their laws when they don't obey any others is another. All their “gun laws” do is get people killed, by making them DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. Another of their foolish notions is that if guns magically disappeared from the Earth, there'd be no suicides. Have they never heard of sleeping pills? Or knives or razors, with which to cut their wrists? How about jumping off a high floor? (Town Hall)

Monday, July 31, 2017

No Replacement Needed

Trump keeps talking about “repeal and replace” for Obamacare. But we don't need a “replacement” for Obamacare, no matter what it entails. We were doing okay before Obamacare CANCELLED the AFFORDABLE health care insurance for millions, while MANDATING they buy HIS “insurance” at TWO, and THREE times the price, while adding deductions in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making his “insurance” worthless! Vladmir Lenin said, “Government-paid health insurance is the 'linchpin' to impose socialism on the people.” And it still is. Socialism is simply FORCING people who rarely use health insurance to pay extra so there'll be money to pay for older people who use it more. They do it by forcing them to buy coverage they don't need, like pregnancy coverage for single MEN, or for the elderly, who rarely get pregnant. And their mandate to cover “pre-existing conditions” is MADNESS. It takes it out of the realm of insurance, into WELFARE. Which is what they want. There are things we can do to make health care insurance more affordable and more USABLE without the government, which can't manage ANYTHING right, running things. (Just common sense)

That's What Racists Do

I'm constantly seeing news of new things liberals are designating as “racist,” so they can call people who are NOT racists, racists. One of the latest is their assertion that BEING white is racist, which is absurd, because being white does NOT make you a racist, automatically. They've got me listed as a racist in many liberal places, because I simply tell the TRUTH about what some black people do—such as the FACT that most of the shooters in Chicago are black. That is TRUE, but they don't like it being reported, so they call me a racist. They've got me listed as “homophobic and Islamaphobic,” for the same reason But you know what? I don't give a tinker's damn if they call me a racist. I know I'm not, and that's all that's important to me. I judge each person I meet according to their actions, not their color, nationality, religion, or anything else. There are people out there who spend most of their time worrying about whether or not somebody is white or black. I do NOT. That's what RACISTS do. I heard recently that some black college students want ALL white people to “go away” from their colleges. I'd be in trouble if I said that I wanted all BLACK people to go away, now wouldn't I? But black racists get away with it, because they're now in the process of CREATING black against white racism, and making it “the norm.” (Just common sense)

"A Real Constitutional Right?"

The Ninth Circuit (Circus) Court of Appeals says, we “must treat the Second Amendment as a REAL constitutional right.” What? Only the anti-gun fools have NOT. The Second IS a “real constitutional right.” It always has been, despite all the ways the anti-gun fools try to “get around it.” Their decision talks about “how to reclaim Second Amendment rights after a criminal conviction.” A question that should not even be asked. Criminals and the insane are the only people (besides terrorists) that should be kept from owning guns legally. Forever. If a person has been pardoned or otherwise had his conviction(s) expunged, he is no longer legally a criminal, and SHOULD get his gun rights back. Actually, in “real life,” the whole question is moot. A real CRIMINAL is more likely to get his gun ILLEGALLY, anyway. Criminals are funny that way. They don't OBEY laws. (Washington Post)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sessions' Good Decision

President Trump is mad at Jeff Sessions because he recused himself from the “Russian collusion” witch hunt. I don't think Trump has thought it through. Sessions must have seen that this “investigation” was useless, insipid, and a big time and money waster and wanted no part of it. It doesn't NEED his input to fail. They have been searching for “evidence” of Trump's collusion with the Russians ever since he was elected, and have found NONE. And they won't, unless some is MANUFACTURED, because there ISN'T any. The whole thing is an effort to make Americans think Trump is an illegitimate president, and it is DOOMED to fail because it does not sit on a solid foundation, only on the pipe dreams of Dumocrats who can't believe they were beaten by a better man. (Just common sense)

Tears Comey A New One

A former CIA officer has just torn former FBI Director Comey a new one. He says that Comey's admitted leak to a university professor was not only a violation of his oath, it was against the law. That if he was “uncomfortable” with his conversation with Trump, there were several ways to get the word out legally, and he did not even ATTEMPT to use them. Instead, he leaked the information to his old buddy, a college professor, with instructions to give it to the NY Times. He was so self-absorbed that he didn't realize how he wrecked his own reputation by those leaks, and that he could, in fact, be prosecuted for them, if Trump (or anyone else in government) so desired. I find it hard to believe that we actually had such a stupid fool running such an important, and powerful agency. (Off The Wire)

Stupid Headline

“ISIS Appreciates NRA'S Work.” Why is it stupid? because, like most of the things put out by liberals, it lacks logic. As in their insistence that the Russians actually HELPED Trump become president, the very idea that ISIS would WANT to face a nation of ARMED people is ABSURD. What they would really like is a nation DISARMED by their government. It would then be a “turkey shoot.” They could kill “Infidels” at will without fearing for their own lives. As usual. Liberals (anti-gun fools) paint the NRA as badly as they can because it is their biggest block in their efforts to make us all DEFENSELESS against the ILLEGAL guns already out there. ISIS would really rather NRA work toward disarming them, too. They know they'll lose many of their own lives if they try to kill an ARMED people. Naturally, they're still putting out their usual LIE that you can buy a rifle without a background check at a gun show and that “90% of Americans object to that, and LIKE gun control.” That's just as STUPID as that headline above. This article, in New York Magazine, displays “institutional stupidity” beyond belief. (New York Magazine)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Her Only Answer

Maxine Waters has only one answer to every criticism: “It's RACIST!” She thinks the white world is racist, but she is proving that SHE is the worst racist around. Waters represents a very poor district, but lives in a multi-million dollar home OUTSIDE her district, and Tucker Carlson (Fox News) wondered how she could afford a $4.6 million dollar home on just a lawmaker's salary. She has been in elective office for 40 years, but is now one of the richest in people in Congress. It seems that she feels her ONLY job in DC is to say nasty things about Donald Trump. She does it every other day, usually based on NOTHING. And if ANYBODY criticizes her, for ANYTHING, she calls them a racist—again, without ANYTHING to back it up. She ignores the facts of the matter, asking, “Why is it bad for a black woman to do well?” I'll answer that: it isn't—unless she gets the money through political corruption. (DC Clothesline)

They Think Wrong

The Japanese and Germans in WWII thought they could go up against us, and they were wrong. The Russians, in Syria, have now “drawn their red line” that they THINK we cannot cross. While Obama was president, that would work. But not with the fighter that is now in the White House. If they fire ONE missile at an American airplane, there will be consequences that they will not like. Their armed forces are on the “ragged edge,” due to lack of finances, but ours is NOT. Some of their people haven't been paid in MONTHS. The Soviet Union fell when they tried to match us in an arms race, and they have not recovered, no matter how big, uh, Putin's mouth is. They'd better think two or three times before they fire on an American plane. It could be disastrous--for them. (Conservative Tribune)

She Turned the Tables

What can a woman do when she is followed home at night and forced to let a thug into her home to rob it? Shoot him, of course! That's if she can get damfool “authorities” to LET her get a gun to use in self defense, that is. When I look at most of the laws made that are called “gun safety laws,” I shudder, because most of them are DESIGNED to make it hard for law-abiding people to defend themselves against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there. Some are designed to slow down access, and others are designed to prevent access, altogether. Which makes the gun USELESS for self defense, and defeats the purpose of HAVING the gun, altogether. Thankfully, this woman's gun was not stored that way and she had easy access to it, to the chagrin of the thug. Even armed, however, you need to be “situationally aware” of your surroundings. If you see someone following you, drive to the nearest police station, or at least to a well-lighted place where a lot of people are, like an all-night gas station. Thugs usually shy away from “doing their thing” in such places. Whatever you do, stay aware of your surroundings—always. (Jenn Jaques)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nothing But Good

President Trump has done nothing but good for the United States since he was elected, in spite of what liberals say. Liberals (Dumocrats) hate that, because it makes them look like the FOOLS they are, and always have been. They just don't understand why Trump was elected over their highly-touted candidate who didn't seem to be able to tell us why we should elect her, except that she wasn't Donald Trump, and that she was a female. She seemed to think that was all that was needed for her to score a landslide victory. She did not even visit states she thought, in her misplaced overconfidence, that were “in the bag.” They were NOT. Every day we hear about yet another good thing Donald Trump has done for this country. But not from the so-called, "mainstream media."

His actions have created a MILLION new jobs for the Americans who have been out of work for so long under Obama they have given up looking—until Donald Trump was elected. Dumocrats continue to say the lowest, filthiest things about Trump. They insinuate (nay, SAY) that he is not only illiterate, stupid, and yes, even INSANE. They say they're “deathly afraid” that he, in his ignorance, will do something very bad for America. In reality, the only things he will do that are bad, will be bad for the Dumocrats (liberals) as he has PROMISED to do. And that frightens them, because none of their gratuitous insults have fazed him, nor done him a whit of harm. He continues to do good work, in spite of all their efforts to block his every action—and he will continue to do so as long as he is president. (Just common sense)

"Use What You Can"

That seems to be what the Islamic terrorists are telling their “believers” today. With all the “gun laws” tightening up because of their deadly pursuits, guns are becoming harder to come by (though not impossible). So now they tell them to use whatever they can find to kill unbelievers. Trucks? You can rent those easily, and use them to mow down innocent unbelievers like hay in a field. Knives? Go in any kitchen. You can use them to stab everybody in sight. Pressure cookers? Go back to the kitchen. They make dandy bombs. Hammers? Any hardware store. Recently in London, a rental truck was used to kill a bunch of people, and when it stalled after killing a bunch of unsuspecting people, the killers jumped out with KNIVES and stabbed everybody they could in the eight minutes before “good guys with guns” arrived to kill them. The next day in Paris, a man attacked a cop with a HAMMER! And, of course, since a “good guy with a gun” was the one under attack, the hammer-wielder was stopped. All this proves again what I've been saying, all along. If they can't get guns, they'll use anything they can find to kill people. So getting rid of guns make NO difference. (BBC)

"Don't Mess With A Texan"

In a home just north of Houston, TX, three thugs waited in the bushes for a man to come home. They pistol whipped him and forced him to let them into his home, where his wife and children were. Once inside, they lost interest in him and went about collecting goodies to steal. While they were doing that, the homeowner was able to get his own gun, and shot one of them. They “lit out for the tall timber,” with one stop on the way at a hospital for one of their number who now had a new hole in his hide. The cops arrested him there. He is expected to recover and will be jailed when he does. The others are still running and haven't been found—yet. They learned a good lesson: don't mess with a Texan. The man's wife and children were unharmed in this—physically, anyway. And the anti-gun fools keep telling us these things never happen, that legal gun owners are more likely to shoot themselves, rather than a “bad guy.” dream on, folks! (Bearing Arms)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

They Got Debbie's Computers

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has consistently refused to turn over the computer hard drives demanded by the FBI, probably because they contain incriminating information about the way she, and other Dumocrats conspired to get Hillary Clinton elected president. But now the FBI has the hard drives used by her IT guy, and some of her own, in a RAID on the home of her IT guy, who has “disappeared” and says he is “homeless,” after renting out his home. This began as a CRIMINAL investigation by the Capitol Police, and the FBI recently entered the investigation. The hard drives were “trashed,” and kept HIDDEN in the garage of her IT guys, who are Pakistani immigrants. Debbie has been trying DESPERATELY to get them back, even threatening “consequences” for the Marine (who rented the house from the IT guy) who allowed the cops to confiscate the hardware. The Dumocrats are working desperately to get evidence of Trump's “collusion” with the Russians to get him elected, while IGNORING existing evidence of DUMOCRAT corruption and slimy, dirty tricks to get HILLARY elected. This may be the beginning of the end for the Dumocrats—or at least for Debbie. That's if they actually prosecute the guilty for what they find. I'll be waiting to see if they do. (Liberty Headlines)

Preferring Criminals

In California, they just passed a measure in the legislature that shortened the sentences for convicted violent criminals who committed crimes with guns. This confirms what I've been thinking, all along. That Dumocrats prefer the criminals to the law-abiding people. These are the same Dumocrats who moan and whine about how bad GUNS are, and then they make sure there are many more violent criminals out on the streets. Sen. Stephen Bradford (D-of course) says he introduced the bill after a 17-year-old who was in a car involved in a drive-by shooting but didn't shoot a gun said because he didn't shoot a gun, even though he was part of the gang that did the shooting, he was innocent. Have you ever heard of a criminal in prison who DIDN'T declare his innocence? I thought the law said that everybody involved in such things was guilty, whether or not he fired a shot. This is a good example of how Dumocrats coddle criminals, all over. It's just a little more obvious. (Daily Caller)

It Happened Again!

The anti-gun fools keep saying it doesn't happen,. But it keeps on happening, to the detriment of users of ILLEGAL guns, who go where no law-abiding people go, bringing their guns with them. In this case, a man walked into a bar and killed the bartender, and was, himself, killed by a “bystander” who happened to have a carry permit and his own gun. There's no telling how many others this guy would have killed, but the concealed carrier not only did away with the threat he represented to others, he saved the government a lot of money in trial costs if the shooter had been arrested and prosecuted for his crime. That's TWO good reasons for more and more people to be able to carry their own guns. This concealed carrier was in a bar with his gun. But it was not him that killed an innocent man, but he was the one who took immediate action to keep the shooters from killing anyone else. Anti-gun fools will just call this case “gun violence,” ignoring the fact that a gun ENDED the violence perpetrated by a guy with an ILLEGAL gun. (Breitbart)

Monday, July 24, 2017

The "Affordable" Care Act

This is the most ill-labeled legislation ever. This makes health care ANYTHING but “affordable.” The first thing it did was cancel the insurance coverage people HAD, and FORCED them to buy policies at costs that DOUBLED, even TRIPLED their premiums, or pay a fine. They made one mistake, though; the fines weren't high enough to keep people from just paying the fine and not buying their crap. Premiums continued to go higher and higher while the outfits tasked with making the thing work kept closing. Insurance companies went out of the health care insurance business all over. The whole thing is collapsing before our eyes, and Trump is trying to fix it, WITHOUT the cooperation of the Republicans while the dumocrats are just blocking his every effort. The Dumocrats are trying to blame Trump for the failure, but aren't making much headway, there. They've been too obviously against everything trump stands for. (US News & World Report)

Awww....Poor Babies!

Hollywood is “melting down” after the victory for a Republican in the Georgia race that was supposed to spell THE END for Trump when a Dumocrat won. Only the Dumocrat DIDN'T win. Dumocrats spent $50 MILLION dollars in gullible donor's money to get that Dumocrat elected, and they lost again. Seems like, in the last few years, they can't beg, borrow, or steal an election win with all their vote fraud, dirty tricks, and donor's money. One would think they would figure out that they're doing SOMETHING wrong, and try to “change their ways.” But it appears there is nobody in the Dumocrat Party smart enough. Their lack of intelligence has led to the FAILURE in all the areas where the are “in charge,” but they just can't see it. When they lose, they blame everybody BUT themselves and don't change a thing. I would predict that they would soon go the way of the Whigs, but there are still way too many gullible Americans out there to at least keep them in the game with their money. (Breitbart)

The Dumbest Anti-Gun Argument

“Guns should be banned because they deny 'due process rights' to the dead criminals.” Never mind the right to life and liberty to their victims! Anti-gun fools can really come up with STUPID arguments! From their basic concept that CRIMINALS, Who obey NO laws, will obey a law that says they can't use guns in their crimes to “gun free zones,” that expect them to obey those rules when they obey no others, their ideas are uniformly stupid, and should be rejected at every point. Their entire argument is based on a simple fallacy: that criminals will obey their laws. That this gets many people killed goes without saying, but that seems to elude the anti-gun fools. (Liberty Park Press)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Just Too Suspicious

I've made mention several times about the long list of people who are about to, or have revealed something the Clintons didn't want known turning up dead in suspicious circumstances. And I've heard of THREE instances of that in just the last couple of days. The latest is the Haiti official who “exposed” the Clinton Foundation turning up dead. This is beginning to enter the realm of something happening too often to ignore. What I want to know is, is ANYBODY going to investigate this? Or are they too afraid of becoming the next “suicide?” This Haiti official's death is officially listed as “suicide” by gunshot to the head. How easy is it to shoot somebody and fake it as a suicide? He recently told people he feared for his life because he “exposed” some of the Clinton foundation dealings. And he was right. He was due to testify about Clinton foundation criminality in Haiti, but that will not happen, now. He's dead. And the Clintons have “dodged another bullet.” (Freedom's Phoenix)

Violent Politics

Have you ever heard of violence being committed by REPUBLICAN politicians or their supporters? Have they ever gone “into the streets” and RIOTED? I don't think so. But the same can't be said for the Dumocrats. There have been many riots in support of their efforts to dislodge Donald Trump from the office he LEGALLY earned in the 2016 election, and, while it has not been PROVED, there is word that there are many PAID demonstrators among them, paid by the Dumocrats. Then there are the individuals who are moved by the Dumocrat rhetoric to do violence. Such as the shooter in Alexandria, VA, who put several Republicans in the hospital before the cops killed him. This guy actually made sure they WERE Republicans before he started shooting. He actually had a LIST of Republicans he wanted to kill! He “camped out” in his van for THREE MONTHS before he did his “dirty work,” showing a complete dedication to his wish to kill Republicans because he didn't agree with their politics, and he BELIEVED the crap the Dumocrats put out. (National Review)

"Illogical Beyond Words"

Anti-gun fools call allowing adult college students, school staff, and teachers to bring their guns on campus “illogical beyond words.” 100 years ago CHILDREN brought their guns to GRADE school, and few of them randomly killed other students. But what IS “illogical beyond words” is keeping them from being able to defend themselves against people who bring their ILLEGAL guns on campus to kill people they can pretty well be sure won't have their own guns for self protection. That's the fallacy in ALL today's “gun laws.” They only affect the people who OBEY laws while keeping law-abiding people from being able to defend themselves. All their “laws” do is get people killed. Meanwhile, those who would do us harm bring their guns on campus without a problem—until they kill a few people, while the people who OBEY laws just DIE. (NY Daily News)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Students Love Socialism

But they can't say why, for real, and they can't define it. They SAY “If it is to help people, I'm all for it.” What they don't know is where all the money to SUPPORT socialism in America is going to come from. Where it will come from is from THEM. As they earn a living, a large part of what they earn will be taken from them by the government, to pay for “helping” others. They say we use the word “socialism to frighten them. Okay, what word SHOULD we use to describe socialism? The point is, they love socialism (whatever we call it) but don't know what it is. They haven't been on this Earth long enough to know ANYTHING. Yet they THINK they know everything. Instead of “revering” their elders as do the Japanese, they think of them as “old fogeys” who know nothing, (Western Journalism)

Firing Mueller

The news media is “going gaga” about the possibility of Trump firing the “special prosecutor” when he is NOT. It's only in their feeble minds that he is “considering it.” And their musings are based on the imaginings of one man, not on anything concrete. But Trump is in a very precarious position regarding Mueller. He has an OBVIOUS conflict of interest, in that he is a long-time close friend of James Comey. He has DEMONSTRATED his conflict of interest by the people he has appointed as his “investigators” and other staff: they're, if not all, MOSTLY Obama operatives, and are demonstrated ENEMIES of Donald Trump. If there is any way to “take Trump down,” they'll find it—or manufacture it. If he allows Mueller to do what it seems he was put there to do by the Dumocrats, he's in trouble. If he rightly fires Mueller, he's in trouble. It only remains for him to figure out which action will cause him the LEAST trouble. The Dumocrats will be “on him,” no matter what he does. (CNN)

Calif. "Tight" Gun Laws

Did nothing to stop the rash of gun crime that came right after they were passed. Proof, again, that gun laws, as we know them, don't work. Even so, they're insisting on even more of them. As this is written, “authorities” won't even tell us how many were killed in the shootings in Whittier, La Mirada, and Norwalk. Nor will they speculate on whether or not the shooters used LEGAL guns, even if they DID keep such numbers. In San Diego, where it is nearly impossible to get a carry permit, a man went into a birthday party where he knew nobody and started killing people at random, over the breakup with his girlfriend, who was not at the party and also knew nobody there. In Fresno, a Muslim went on a killing spree, killing white men, after killing a security guard the week before. Californians CAN'T GET PERMITS TO CARRY FOR SELF DEFENSE, but criminals never have any problem getting their ILLEGAL guns. Anti-gun fools know this, but it doesn't seem to make any difference as they keep making their USELESS gun laws that get people killed. (Totally Right)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Asset Forfeiture

It's unconstitutional on it's face. They make no bones about the fact that it's DESIGNED to deprive “certain people” of the right to defend themselves against the government. People the government (without proof) DECIDES are lawbreakers. I have no brief for drug dealers and other organized criminals. But even THEY are entitled to “their day in court,” and “civil asset forfeiture” denies them that right. Especially the part where the government can TAKE their property and money WITHOUT convicting them of a crime. Only on the OPINION of the government that they are lawbreakers, without any kind of “due process.” They have even decided that the government can take the CAR of someone who does dope in it. That is “cruel and unusual punishment,” because they may not be able to afford to lose that car WITHOUT due process. And thousands of dollars in property forfeited because of a minor crime is just too much punishment. (Just common sense)