Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pelosi's Sour Puss

You could tell Dumocrats didn't like what they were hearing as they listened to Trump extolling all the good things he had accomplished in his first year in office, taking directly to the American people without the usual "filter" of the liberal media. The truth was out. Nancy Peelosi's facial expressions were very instructive. She was moving her mouth as if she mistook her Peparatation H for her false teeth glue this morning. Her expression looked much like it would if Chuckie Schumer had let a "toxic fart" in her direction, thus fouling the air in the room. Chuckie's face looked like he had swallowed something brown and stinky. And there were similar expressions on the faces of Dumocrats all over the room. You can't keep the truth hidden forever, when the results of Trump's workings are "noticed" by their usual dupes, while Trump put them out there without depending on the liberal, lying media. (Just common sense).

I Say "Get Serious"

Trump is telling the world to use military forces to fight Islamic terrorism. What the hell does he think we've been doing for the past thousand years? I say we just need to "get serious" about HOW we fight Islamic terrorism, and USE the military EFFECTIVELY in the fight. The "rules of warfare" used for the eight years of Obama's "reign," for instance, got more of OUR people killed than the enemy. We need to make rules that allow the best use of our military and become completely ruthless in our treatment of the enemy. They are ruthless in their treatment of ALL people, INCLUDING our military, so why should we treat them with kid gloves? Just KILL them, as many as possible, as quickly as possible, and never mind limiting the WAYS we kill them, And don't "coddle" Muslims in your countries. Don't allow them to pressure you into giving them special privileges, disguised as "equal treatment." And absolutely most important, don't even THINK about allowing "Sharia Law" anywhere in the country, not even supposedly applying only to Muslims. That is "the camel's nose in the tent" and will lead to Sharia Law being applied in other places, as they plan. (Just common sense)

Going to the Limit

Gabby Giffords, the former congressperson who was famously shot in the head and survived, has become one of the most prominent anti-gun fools out there trying to disarm the whole country (and the world, if she could). She is completely CRAZY in her efforts, now wanting to BAN a lump of metal that COULD be made into a "ghost gun." That's because the fool in Tehama County, California, who went on a killing spree SUPPOSEDLY made his guns because he couldn't buy them. She doesn't recognize that he bought them LEGALLY by the simple act of LYING on a form, telling the government that he was NOT disallowed to buy a gun. Where she got the idea he made his own guns, I don't know. Maybe she listens intently when conspiracy theorists speak. But if she succeeds in getting this lump of metal banned, look for her to go after many other stupid things next, because there are many ways for felons to get their guns, ILLEGALLY. (AmmoLand)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another Democrat Scam

Tell a lie. repeat it often until people begin to believe it, and when proof emerges it is a lie, demand they PROVE it is a lie. Currently they're trying to discredit that "Trump Dossier" that is due to be released soon. They say "After a year of talking about it (they're the only ones talking about it)," there is NO EVIDENCE to prove the "dossier" is true, but there is NO PROOF it is NOT true. Actually, the fact that, after a YEAR of trying they could find NO PROOF it is true, IS proof it is not true. Without proof that it IS true, there is nothing to say it IS true, and THAT is proof it is NOT true. They think Americans don't understand that, and those who believe their BS won't. That's what they depend on. Their "captive media" doesn't report things they don't want us to know, and they disparage the single media source (Fox News) that tells BOTH SIDES of every issue, to keep their liberal lunatics from ever knowing the truth about anything. (Just common sense)

Assassinating A 10 Y/O Boy

That's what ISIS is threatening, anyway. That's how deranged they are. Just because he's the son of the President of the United States. This boy hasn't done anything TO them, but innocence has never stopped them in their murderous intentions, before. that's their "stock in trade." Killing innocent people to make a political point. We have to start getting REALLY tough with the Islamic terrorists, and Trump is just the guy to do it. I suggest making being a terrorist (not just an ISLAMIC one) a death sentence crime, and putting out the word to shoot them on sight when they're caught in the act. They deserve nothing more. Of course, the liberal fools will make us out to be the "bad guys" if we do, but who the hell cares what liberals think? Don't put them in GITMO so some later version of that fool, Obama, can let them go to kill more and more innocent people. Just kill them, and do it with bullets dipped in pork fat or pig blood. (Godfather Politics)

They Just Don't Get It

The medical profession journals, written by people who are supposed to be the smartest people around, are still promoting the tired, old, discredited anti-gun laws that never do ANYTHING to prevent gun crime. They're pressuring Congress to pull out all the laws that have been proven useless in the past many times, and impose them, again. The medical journals are again pushing the idea that "gun crime" is a medical or mental problem, and should be dealt with by THEM, not law enforcement. No law that has ever been made has been effective in halting gun crime, but that escapes these supposedly highly intelligent people. I just don't understand people like that. They are supposed to be in the business of keeping people alive, and to be smart enough to do it. But I'm beginning to wonder if many of them ARE smart enough to keep ME alive, although I've lived a very long time. There are fewer and fewer people alive today who are older than I am. That's somewhat due to the efforts of doctors who are not, fortunately, involved in writing articles for the medical journals. I suspect it is people who are more politician than doctor who do. (Macon Telegraph)

Monday, January 29, 2018

It's Always Race

Whenever Dumocrats look at anything, they try and introduce racism into things, even if they have to twist things out of all recognition to do so. The "PieGate" "reporter" who said Sarah Sanders didn't bake the pie she brought to a press briefing, also says that "White women were FORCED by their husbands to vote for Trump," and that's the only reason they did (As if white women didn't have minds of their own). She told TWO LIES there when she added the "white women" to the original lie. Naturally, she's black, and only insulted WHITE women, which is okay today, as liberals build racism against white people. I'm getting sick and tired of the liberals' efforts to build racism against white people.

Professors in liberal-run colleges actually teach CLASSES in "white supremacy" as a bad thing. Others say "All white people should be killed." Even at its worst, racism against blacks did not have people calling publicly for "all black people to be killed." They did that in private. We almost had racism against blacks beat until Obama started calling ALL opposition to his ignorant policies racism, after telling the nation that, to elect him would END racism in this country. They're trying HARD to CREATE racism against whites as a "lawful" thing. Now they try and CREATE phony racism against blacks where there is none by taking an innocent statement by a Republican and saying it is "code" to mean racism. They don't realize how they're making the racism label meaningless by overuse. But then, liberals are stupid that way. (Steadfast and Loyal)

Stock Market's Record Gains

Jeremy Siegel, a "finance professor (they didn't say where) "predicts a 'pause" in 2018, making it sound as bad as he can. Nobody seems to credit the presidency of Donald Trump for creating an atmosphere where the stock market can surge, nor is there any notice that the stock market always goes up, no matter how bad things seem to be at any given time. The general trend is UP. Even after the thirties depression, the eighties recession (what's the difference?), the market always ends up in an UP position. People always panic and SELL when things look "iffy," which adds to the problem. Never understanding that if they just KEPT the stocks they have, their eventual position WILL improve. A simple look at the chart of the OVERALL direction of the market will easily tell you this. Individual stocks will go down and stay down. But selling in panic will normally lose you more money than just keeping everything and taking advantage of those that do NOT stay down, whose profits will eventually make up for any temporary losses. I say that as a man whose eyes "glaze over" at the very mention of "finance," but a look at that chart tells even ME a story. (NewsMax)

Background Check "Loophole"

Just to show how stupid anti-gun fools are, they're whining about a "background check loophole" for gun thieves. It has been shown that thieves STEAL 237,000 guns from legal gun owners every year, and those guns are not subject to a background check. So now they want to make a law to "force" those thieves to submit themselves to a background check, to comply with the law. Dream on, people! If criminals don't obey other laws, how are you gonna enforce this one? Blaming the victim, they say that this is made worse by legal gun owners, who "fail to properly secure their weapons," making them easy to steal. They make a big thing out of that, saying gun owners being sloppy in their storage of their guns :make it harder on cops to do their jobs." Maybe if cops did their jobs better, thee wouldn't be so many guns stolen, in the first place. They'll always find an excuse, folks, for their own laxity in keeping guns out of the hands of lawbreakers. Now they pine for a law that criminals will NEVER obey, to submit to a background check on their STOLEN guns. (Business Insider)

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Swamp's Defense

If anyone wonders, Robert Mueller is the "swamp's defense" against a president who was elected specifically to "clean them out." That "investigation" began MINUTES after Trump was elected. Up to then, they thought they could "set aside" the election and Hillary would be president. They don't want to lose their little fiefdoms, and they INVENTED "the Russian Connection" to put a stop to Trump's efforts to "drain the swamp" and clean out the crooked politicians, of which there are many. But it hasn't worked. They can be identified by how loud their voices are in opposition to his election and everything he does. They whine and cry without a real reason, hoping their whining and crying will somehow stop him from "cleaning them out" of the government.

The Swamp is cleaning itself out, to a degree, with many members of Congress "retiring," or refusing to stand for election again, after winning election after election for many years. They don't want the indignity of being "cleaned out" with the rest of the vermin. They're rats leaving a sinking ship. Robert Mueller and his "investigation" was their biggest hope to get rid of Trump. But he has worked for an entire year and found NOTHING. So h has abandoned the "Russian" portion of his "investigation" and is "casting his nets" far afield in his efforts to find something, ANYTHING he can use against Trump. He is destined to fail, but he isn't smart enough to know that. Mueller has his own "skeletons in his closet," but nobody, it seems, wants to talk about them. They don't want to "sully" their best hope to "take Trump down." They don't know they've already lost, and they keep flailing at it. (Just common sense)

A "Cottage Industry"

Accusing famous people of sexual abuse has become a "cottage industry" and one of the easiest ways for people (men and women) to get a payday, because such accusations do not require any REAL proof, of anything. It all started (recently) with Roger Ailes and other Fox News personalities, whose careers were ruined by such accusations, none of which were actually proven. women (and some men) saw how easy it was to ruin a person's life and get a good payday without having to PROVE anything, so they started "coming out" in droves, with equally unproven accusations. Now they've accused a 90 some year-old member of Congress and a LIBERAL TV personality (Charlie rose), who are old enough that it's doubtful sex is any part of their life, any more. Every time somebody accuses somebody, people "come out of the woodwork" to "pile on." It has become so common, nobody is surprised, any more. I'm not saying ALL these accusations are false, but I AM saying that it's difficult to separate fact from fiction with the low level of proof standards applied in this instance. It's getting tiresome, and I, for one, am getting sick and tired of it. As long as they rely on somebody's UNSUPPORTED WORD that sexual misconduct occurred, these accusations will continue, and more and more people (not just women) will take advantage of it. They have even accused a 90 some year-old former PRESIDENT who has never before been so accused. (CNN)

Liberal Gobernment Gone Stupid

I thought it was stupid for a federal judge to send Sheriff Arpaio to PRISON for doing his job, but some liberal COP has just done something even more stupid. A man wrestles a gun away from a criminal who tried to rob him in his HOME, then gets charged with attempted MURDER! How stupid is THAT? This happened in Porter's Lake, CANADA, where they have no Second Amendment. But it's still stupid! Kyle Edward Munroe and a friend were in his house and, when three criminals came in to rob them, wrestled their guns away. Shots were fired, and the criminals set out for the tall timber. Cops were called, and they arrested Munroe on a litany of charges, INCLUDING attempted murder of the CRIMINALS. Damn, there are some incredibly STUPID people enforcing the law in some places! Halifax “authorities” say the charges are just “pending” and may not actually be brought, but just the thought they COULD be brought is INSANE. (Keep and Bear)

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cop Killer Sanctuary

Denver, Colorado is a "sanctuary city." It's mayor even snubbed the president when he invited sanctuary city mayors to a meeting in DC to discuss them. And every city around them has been put in danger because of it. And that has caused the deaths of TWO cops in less than a month in the Denver suburbs. The earlier one in the south of town in an are called "Highlands Ranch." The second one north of town in a city called Northglenn. Both went on calls that sounded harmless and walked into a trap. I don't know yet who the shooter was in Northglenn, but It'd be a good bet he is a young gang member, many of whom were recruited from the ranks of illegal aliens whom the Denver mayor so diligently "protects.

And I'm absolutely sure they were killed as a result of the inflammatory rhetoric of the anti-cop "Black Lives Matter" fools, who should all be arrested for making "terrorist threats," but have not been for some reason or other. We need to stop coddling these criminals and start putting them in prison for their crimes. The killer in this case was captured, not killed, as the one on the south side was. Too bad. He deserved "no quarter," and puts the lie to the BLM rhetoric, that the cops are looking for reasons to kill people, particularly black people. They had every right to kill this person, but they didn't. Now we watch, while the anti-gun fools again jump on this and try to get even more of their USELESS laws passed to disarm law-abiding people and make them even more defenseless, without even ASKING if the gun the killer used was legally owned. (Denver Post)

Lift Rock, Bugs Scatter

That's what is happening in Hollywood, right now. Several women (finally) came forward and accused Harvey Weinstein, a powerful Hollywood mogul, of being a "casting couch king," and then women from all over the Hollywood scene jumped on the bandwagon and revealed the fact that they had been similarly sexually abused, not only by Weinstein, but many others in positions of power, and with the ability to promote, of hinder their careers. And the victims were not limited to women, as many MEN came forward and told of THEIR experiences on the casting couch. Hollywood has been shown to be the "soft underbelly" of slime in that regard, but it only took ONE courageous woman to uncover the slime. Everybody knew this was going on, but accepted it as "part of doing business" in Hollywood. New starlets (and male stars) knew "getting screwed by the boss" was just "business as usual," in order for them to get ahead, and the bosses loved it, because they got a lot of sex. Some of the most famous people have been so accused, and often by others just as famous. Hollywood may never recover from this scandal, if scandal is even a strong enough word. (Journal Star)

But Not for You

I thought about using the headline, “Okay For Me But Not For Thee” for this, but I've used it before, and I don't want to wear it out by overusing it. This story is about a politician thinking he's better than everybody else. This is a REPUBLICAN, fergawdsakes! And he thinks he's better than the rest of city employees, many of whom actually come in contact with people who violate city ordinances, and are far more likely to NEED to be armed, but to whom he wants to deny that right. There's a new ordinance up for a vote in Fresno, California, to allow city employees involved in ENFORCING city ordinances to be armed, just in case. The mayor is opposed. This wouldn't be as much of a problem except the MAYOR is armed, and carries his gun all the time, saying he is “more exposed.” I don't know how “more exposed” he is than people who are daily face-to-face with violators, but this is a good example of how certain politicians reserve such rights for themselves, while denying them to others. This happens regularly involving anti-gun fools, who want to deny this right to EVERYBODY, while carrying guns themselves, or hiring gun-toting “security.” Such a one is Sen. Diane Feinstein, who is one of the most notorious anti-gun fools, but carries her own gun, AND has an armed detail surrounding her at all times. (Breitbart)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Swamp Drains Itself

The chief justice of the 9th Circuit (Circus) Court, whose judgment helped ban President Trump's "Muslim Travel Ban," has now been accused of SERIAL sexual harassment of his female clerks. It is alleged that he called them into his office, alone, and not only made sexual suggestions to them, he actually showed them PORN not connected to any case on which he was working and asked if it "turned them on." He scoffs at this, saying, "If that's all they've got after 35 years, I'm not too worried." But he should be worried, since most such accusations do not require any sort of real proof in order to ruin a man's life. But he is a liberal, and they will probably REQUIRE such proof, and denigrate his accusers if they cannot provide it. Something they do not require when the accused is a conservative. With them, the accusation is accepted as Gospel. The whole "sexual harassment" thing has backfired, big time, on liberals. For every one accusation of a conservative, it seems there are 100 women who have been harassed by liberals in power. (Three Percent Nation)

Kawless Presidency

Barack Hussein Obama's "reign" was one of the most lawless in recent memory. even more than that of Bill Clinton, who treated the White House as his own Playboy Mansion. There haven't been any accusations of sexual misconduct in Obama's White House, but I expect at least one to come along soon, as the "epidemic" of such accusations grows. But he didn't need anything like that, since he was slow to enforce almost every law on the books except anti-gun laws. One of his Attorneys General infamously refused to prosecute a couple of black men who obviously came to a polling place during an election to intimidate voters with their black "cop-like" outfits and their batons. He said he would not prosecute them because they were "my people." And the Obama administration was very slow to prosecute those who were barred the use of guns for trying to buy them, anyway. Additionally, he refused to recognize the real threat of Islamic terrorism, and worked HARD to import as many young, male Muslims into this country, disguised as "refugees." Meanwhile, the rape statistics went way up, as Muslim men "just couldn't control themselves" when they saw a woman not wearing a hijab and raped them, thinking that, as it was in their home country, okay to rape any woman who didn't dress as they thought was "proper." (Daily Caller)

Gun Buybaxk Failure

All these highly touted “gun buybacks” are supposed to get guns “off the streets.” But what happens to the guns they collect, after everybody stops looking? One county judge found out recently. He turned in a gun he got from his father, handing it to a couple of cops in return for a Visa debit card worth less than $100. Then recently, the same gun was found next to the body of a street gang member who was shot by a Cicero, IL cop. Now he's asking what happened? How did a gun he thought was “off the streets” end up back ON the street in the hands of a gang member? Seems like the cops “lost track of” (or sold) 130 guns that had been taken in such buybacks, or confiscated after they were used in crimes, and were stored in a warehouse since the 1990s. FOUR of these guns were seized during arrests later. This article didn't say if this one was the fifth, or one of the four. SOMEBODY who had access to those stored guns must have taken some and sold them. Kinda makes those who set such store in buyback programs look pretty silly, doesn't it? But then, they're pretty silly, anyway. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Highest Level Corruption

Trump is fast "draining the swamp," but they're still fighting back as best they can. The top "investigators" in the plot are PART of the corruption. Comey, for instance, was the FBI Director and "cleared" Hillary before she was even asked a question. This after he listed her crimes and determined that :"she didn't mean it," so no charges would be filed, and the then AG agreed. Then he was replaced. But just below him were others who are KNOWN to have "presided" over much "lost evidence" in the past. Evidence that, if seen, would have incriminated some top-level politicians. The man in charge of the "investigations" of the e-mail practices of several top politicians is KNOWN to have disposed of evidence in other cases, and now six months' worth of key texts have "disappeared," due to a "procedural error." There are so many cases of "lost evidence" in important investigations, it is doubtful they'll EVER find out anything real. Now the FBI itself is being investigated by the Inspector General. Whether or not that will ever result in any damning revelations is doubtful, since the politicians have their people in key places and can "lose" evidence, almost at will. The criminals are in charge, folks. And I don't mean Trump. He is "the new sheriff in town" and is fast "draining the swamp," but the "swamp" is fighting back, as hard as it can. (Town Hall)

Back To "An Ice Age"

Most of today's global warming religion acolytes are too young to remember the seventies, when "scientists" were moaning about "the coming ice age" before they got all bent out of shape about global WARMING. Then they had to change it to "climate change" because the climate figures weren't cooperating. All the while they moaned and whined about the globe "warming," it was NOT warming, and hadn't been for almost 20 years. Now they're talking about an "approaching ice age" again. It must be hard to be a global warming/climate change fool because the climate does what it has always done, work in CYCLES. Sometimes warming, sometimes cooling. Now it's getting close to cooling again, and they don't know what to think, so AlGore tells them, and his swindle continues to make millions for his bank account. And those of us old enough to REMEMBER things try to tell those youngsters the truth, and they call us "old fogeys" and discard all our experience. (The Blaze)

Gun Control's Next Step

Blame the owner when guns are stolen. A recent report by John Podesta, once Obama's chief of staff and Hillary's campaign manager, says, “Gun thefts are a scourge on our society” and he wants new laws (surprise, surprise!) made to punish OWNERS when their guns are stolen—not the crooks who steal them. They still think a LAW will stop the bad guys from stealing people's guns to use in victimizing others. He recommends all sorts of measures to put the blame on gun owners when their guns get stolen, as if that will actually DO something to stop it. As usual, their ideas for laws DEPEND on the CROOKS obeying them or penalizing the innocent LEGAL gun owners when their guns get stolen, instead of the criminals. ANYTHING to avoid placing the blame where it belongs—on the CRIMINAL. The one thing that WOULD work, arming the law-abiding, they will not hear of, in their ignorance. (The Gun Writer)

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Government of Fools

That's what we have. The Dumocrats are keeping the government shut down over a bunch of ILLEGAL aliens. Legislation that puts illegal aliens before American citizens! And it's not even an "emergency situation" until March. But they persist in hijacking the money our military and intelligence services NEED in order to keep us safe. After 8 years of Obama's (Dumocrat) "stiffing" the military on the money they NEED, the military is in "iffy" shape. Entire squadrons of warplanes can't fly because of the lack of replacement parts, and they can't buy any because the government is "shut down." The same is true in the case of all their other vehicles and equipment. Meanwhile, our enemies have no such shortages. Now would be a good time for them to commit an overt act, while we have a reduced ability to respond. I hope they don't. But if they do, it falls on the Dumocrats. Many other essential services, such as health insurance for children are involved. To maintain this "shutdown" is CRIMINAL, and ought to be punished. But it won't be. Dumocrat leaders will continue to LIE and say they offered a "reasonable" deal, and were "shut down." But nobody can prove it if there is no recording of what went on in that fateful meeting between Schumer and the president. Schumer says it's the GOP who is holding up paying our troops and giving the military the money they need. But Schumer is a WELL-KNOWN LIAR who shouldn't be believed, even if he admits his glasses at the tip of his nose is an affectation. Update: The Dumocrats caved. the government is now open after he accepted a plan he rejected just before the "shutdown." (Just common sense)

"He Wouldn't Negotiate"

So sayeth the chief liar, Chuckie Schumer, of his "meeting" with President Trump, supposedly to get the government back open. He says the "best negotiator in the world wouldn't negotiate." So he had to get with the Republican Senate Leader and make an agreement. The agreement they made was the exact same thing Schumer rejected before the "shutdown." No more, no less. In other words, Chuckie's side LOST. And he just can't understand that refusing to negotiate is sometimes one of the strongest negotiating techniques there is. He was PLAYED by the best negotiator in the world, but he doesn't realize it. That's why it's so good. The loser doesn't even know he lost. But the fact is, he LOST. And he heaves a sigh of relief because he thinks he won. And the government is "back open" until the next time a budget bill comes up to be approved, and he hopes to keep on with those ubiquitous "temporary stopgaps" that only last a few weeks or a month, maybe two. No actual budget bill whose passage is subject to the CAPS Chuckie doesn't want on his spending. And so on.... (Just common sense)