Monday, January 8, 2018

Hillary Adviser Frightened

He's afraid millennials will see more money in their paychecks and find out the Dumocrats lied to them, then would vote Republican, which, to him would be a disaster, not only for the Dumocrat Party, but for the country. Why is that, I wonder? If they find out the Dumocrats lied to them, what's wrong with that? The Dumocrats lie to them all the time. It's about time they discovered it. And it would NOT be a "disaster" for anybody but Dumocrats. The rest of the country would BENEFIT from it, as they have benefited in many ways from a Trump presidency. The economy is booming, with the stock market setting new records just about every day. Unemployment is hovering at the lowest levels in many years. New jobs are UP, considerably. A lot different from the STAGNATION of the Dumocrat years. Why would that be a "disaster?" Oh. Does he mean the Dumocrats won't be able to lie to us as well in the future? That's a GOOD thing, whether he knows it, or not. (Steadfast & Loyal)

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