Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Pelosi's Sour Puss

You could tell Dumocrats didn't like what they were hearing as they listened to Trump extolling all the good things he had accomplished in his first year in office, taking directly to the American people without the usual "filter" of the liberal media. The truth was out. Nancy Peelosi's facial expressions were very instructive. She was moving her mouth as if she mistook her Peparatation H for her false teeth glue this morning. Her expression looked much like it would if Chuckie Schumer had let a "toxic fart" in her direction, thus fouling the air in the room. Chuckie's face looked like he had swallowed something brown and stinky. And there were similar expressions on the faces of Dumocrats all over the room. You can't keep the truth hidden forever, when the results of Trump's workings are "noticed" by their usual dupes, while Trump put them out there without depending on the liberal, lying media. (Just common sense).

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