Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Court Violates Constitution

Liberal judges are running out of control, deciding cases, not on the Constitution as they are SUPPOSED to do, but on their own personal biases. In the case of an Oregon baker who refused the business of a gay couple because to fill their order would have caused them to violate their religion. The judge fined the baker $135,000.00 for refusing. That is a violation of their constitutional rights on several points. Number one is the fact that Americans have the inalienable right to refuse service to ANYONE, for ANY reason, or NO reason. Second, it is their constitutional right to refuse to do ANYTHING that would violate their religious convictions. Third, a fine of that amount would put them OUT OF BUSINESS, and that is "cruel and unusual punishment," which is another constitutional violation. There are way too many liberal-appointed judges on courts across the land, who decide cases on their own biases, and not on the Constitution. Any judge that provably does that is violating his oath, and should be REMOVED. Now, not later. So they can no longer rape people by their decisions. (Conservative Tribune)

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