Monday, January 8, 2018

CMA Restricts Reporter Questions

Is it possible that the Country Music Association never heard of the First Amendment? They restricted reporters at the CMA Music Awards from asking about the Las Vegas killings until some of the artists hotly complained. They told them if they ask any "prohibited questions," their press credentials would be revoked. This is clearly an attempt to "muzzle" the press, and violates the very principle on which a free press is based. Fortunately, "wiser heads" prevailed, in the end, and those "rules" were reversed, after several artists "screamed blood murder" about it. In America, EVERYBODY is entitled to voice their opinions freely, even if they disagree with the "government line." An example is the "Antifa Crowd" saying they "will not stop until Trump is overthrown." In most countries, such statements would result in all members of that group ending up in prison. Yes, the CMS Awards are supposed to be all about country music, not the Las Vegas killings. But limiting reporter's questions is still WRONG. (Breitbart)

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