Thursday, January 11, 2018

Democrats Lying to America

President Trump managed to pass the biggest tax reduction bill into law, ever. And without a SINGLE Dumocrat vote. It has prompted those "mean, nasty large corporations" to issue thousand dollar bonuses to millions of employees, raise their wages (without Dumocrat prompting), and generally make life better for their employees. These are what Dumocrats call "those wascally horrible big corporations that don't care about their employees." And the money to support these actions does not diminish their profits (nasty word) a whit. They are merely diverting money that would have been sent to DC to their employees. Meanwhile Dumocrats decry that tax bill. Nancy Peelosi tells us falsely that the tax law will cause an INCREASE in taxes "for the middle class." So does Chuckie Schumer, And they think this will cause them to win in 2018. Boy, are THEY in for a surprise. Much like their surprise when their "anointed one," Hillary, didn't win the presidency after they FIXED it for her to win. (NBC News)

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