Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Assassinating A 10 Y/O Boy

That's what ISIS is threatening, anyway. That's how deranged they are. Just because he's the son of the President of the United States. This boy hasn't done anything TO them, but innocence has never stopped them in their murderous intentions, before. that's their "stock in trade." Killing innocent people to make a political point. We have to start getting REALLY tough with the Islamic terrorists, and Trump is just the guy to do it. I suggest making being a terrorist (not just an ISLAMIC one) a death sentence crime, and putting out the word to shoot them on sight when they're caught in the act. They deserve nothing more. Of course, the liberal fools will make us out to be the "bad guys" if we do, but who the hell cares what liberals think? Don't put them in GITMO so some later version of that fool, Obama, can let them go to kill more and more innocent people. Just kill them, and do it with bullets dipped in pork fat or pig blood. (Godfather Politics)

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