Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gun Control's Next Step

Blame the owner when guns are stolen. A recent report by John Podesta, once Obama's chief of staff and Hillary's campaign manager, says, “Gun thefts are a scourge on our society” and he wants new laws (surprise, surprise!) made to punish OWNERS when their guns are stolen—not the crooks who steal them. They still think a LAW will stop the bad guys from stealing people's guns to use in victimizing others. He recommends all sorts of measures to put the blame on gun owners when their guns get stolen, as if that will actually DO something to stop it. As usual, their ideas for laws DEPEND on the CROOKS obeying them or penalizing the innocent LEGAL gun owners when their guns get stolen, instead of the criminals. ANYTHING to avoid placing the blame where it belongs—on the CRIMINAL. The one thing that WOULD work, arming the law-abiding, they will not hear of, in their ignorance. (The Gun Writer)

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