Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another Democrat Scam

Tell a lie. repeat it often until people begin to believe it, and when proof emerges it is a lie, demand they PROVE it is a lie. Currently they're trying to discredit that "Trump Dossier" that is due to be released soon. They say "After a year of talking about it (they're the only ones talking about it)," there is NO EVIDENCE to prove the "dossier" is true, but there is NO PROOF it is NOT true. Actually, the fact that, after a YEAR of trying they could find NO PROOF it is true, IS proof it is not true. Without proof that it IS true, there is nothing to say it IS true, and THAT is proof it is NOT true. They think Americans don't understand that, and those who believe their BS won't. That's what they depend on. Their "captive media" doesn't report things they don't want us to know, and they disparage the single media source (Fox News) that tells BOTH SIDES of every issue, to keep their liberal lunatics from ever knowing the truth about anything. (Just common sense)

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