Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Back To "An Ice Age"

Most of today's global warming religion acolytes are too young to remember the seventies, when "scientists" were moaning about "the coming ice age" before they got all bent out of shape about global WARMING. Then they had to change it to "climate change" because the climate figures weren't cooperating. All the while they moaned and whined about the globe "warming," it was NOT warming, and hadn't been for almost 20 years. Now they're talking about an "approaching ice age" again. It must be hard to be a global warming/climate change fool because the climate does what it has always done, work in CYCLES. Sometimes warming, sometimes cooling. Now it's getting close to cooling again, and they don't know what to think, so AlGore tells them, and his swindle continues to make millions for his bank account. And those of us old enough to REMEMBER things try to tell those youngsters the truth, and they call us "old fogeys" and discard all our experience. (The Blaze)

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