Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kawless Presidency

Barack Hussein Obama's "reign" was one of the most lawless in recent memory. even more than that of Bill Clinton, who treated the White House as his own Playboy Mansion. There haven't been any accusations of sexual misconduct in Obama's White House, but I expect at least one to come along soon, as the "epidemic" of such accusations grows. But he didn't need anything like that, since he was slow to enforce almost every law on the books except anti-gun laws. One of his Attorneys General infamously refused to prosecute a couple of black men who obviously came to a polling place during an election to intimidate voters with their black "cop-like" outfits and their batons. He said he would not prosecute them because they were "my people." And the Obama administration was very slow to prosecute those who were barred the use of guns for trying to buy them, anyway. Additionally, he refused to recognize the real threat of Islamic terrorism, and worked HARD to import as many young, male Muslims into this country, disguised as "refugees." Meanwhile, the rape statistics went way up, as Muslim men "just couldn't control themselves" when they saw a woman not wearing a hijab and raped them, thinking that, as it was in their home country, okay to rape any woman who didn't dress as they thought was "proper." (Daily Caller)

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