Friday, January 12, 2018

Democrats: "Impeach Trump!"

The Dumocrats continue their futile effort to get Trump impeached. But they can't seem to come up with a viable reason TO impeach him. They THINK they have several good reasons, but they all boil down to the Dumocrat's OPINION, based on that phony "Russian Connection" fantasy of theirs. Now a Quinnipec Poll has found that 51% of Americans DON'T want him impeached. They ignore this and cite the 45% who DO, saying that HALF of Americans want him impeached. I don't know where the pollsters went to get this result, Maybe the lobby of the Dumocrat National Committee. That's because I haven't seen ANY "grass roots" movement to get him impeached. The only "movement" comes from Dumocrats, and they hate his guts, anyway, because he's busily "tearing down their corrupt houses." He will continue to do so as long as he is president--and they can't have that, so they want to pony up something, ANYTHING to use to get him impeached, before he succeeds in "draining the entire swamp." taking them with it. That's what they're deathly afraid of. They figure they can save their own butts by getting rid of Trump. But it ain't agonna work, people. He's here to stay, for 7 more years. (Just common sense)

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