Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cop Killer Sanctuary

Denver, Colorado is a "sanctuary city." It's mayor even snubbed the president when he invited sanctuary city mayors to a meeting in DC to discuss them. And every city around them has been put in danger because of it. And that has caused the deaths of TWO cops in less than a month in the Denver suburbs. The earlier one in the south of town in an are called "Highlands Ranch." The second one north of town in a city called Northglenn. Both went on calls that sounded harmless and walked into a trap. I don't know yet who the shooter was in Northglenn, but It'd be a good bet he is a young gang member, many of whom were recruited from the ranks of illegal aliens whom the Denver mayor so diligently "protects.

And I'm absolutely sure they were killed as a result of the inflammatory rhetoric of the anti-cop "Black Lives Matter" fools, who should all be arrested for making "terrorist threats," but have not been for some reason or other. We need to stop coddling these criminals and start putting them in prison for their crimes. The killer in this case was captured, not killed, as the one on the south side was. Too bad. He deserved "no quarter," and puts the lie to the BLM rhetoric, that the cops are looking for reasons to kill people, particularly black people. They had every right to kill this person, but they didn't. Now we watch, while the anti-gun fools again jump on this and try to get even more of their USELESS laws passed to disarm law-abiding people and make them even more defenseless, without even ASKING if the gun the killer used was legally owned. (Denver Post)

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