Friday, January 12, 2018

Chicago Gun Deaths Light

They only killed one last Tuesday, (as this is written) but they wounded 9. which is very low, considering their usual very high level of “gun violence” in one of the most tightly gun-controlled cities in the Midwest. When are they going to learn that all their silly gun laws do is make it easier for the “bad guys,” who never apply for gun permits, anyway, to victimize law-abiding people who do? Every time a guy with an ILLEGAL gun shoots somebody, they make another “gun law” for him to IGNORE the next time he wants to shoot somebody. And with no guns in the hands of the law-abiding, he will probably kill that person and get away with it, since his name probably isn't on one of their “registration lists,” either. People who wish to do ill with their guns never register their guns and usually don't get them legally. They either buy them illegally out of another criminal's car trunk, in a back alley somewhere, or they STEAL them. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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