Monday, January 29, 2018

It's Always Race

Whenever Dumocrats look at anything, they try and introduce racism into things, even if they have to twist things out of all recognition to do so. The "PieGate" "reporter" who said Sarah Sanders didn't bake the pie she brought to a press briefing, also says that "White women were FORCED by their husbands to vote for Trump," and that's the only reason they did (As if white women didn't have minds of their own). She told TWO LIES there when she added the "white women" to the original lie. Naturally, she's black, and only insulted WHITE women, which is okay today, as liberals build racism against white people. I'm getting sick and tired of the liberals' efforts to build racism against white people.

Professors in liberal-run colleges actually teach CLASSES in "white supremacy" as a bad thing. Others say "All white people should be killed." Even at its worst, racism against blacks did not have people calling publicly for "all black people to be killed." They did that in private. We almost had racism against blacks beat until Obama started calling ALL opposition to his ignorant policies racism, after telling the nation that, to elect him would END racism in this country. They're trying HARD to CREATE racism against whites as a "lawful" thing. Now they try and CREATE phony racism against blacks where there is none by taking an innocent statement by a Republican and saying it is "code" to mean racism. They don't realize how they're making the racism label meaningless by overuse. But then, liberals are stupid that way. (Steadfast and Loyal)

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