Monday, January 29, 2018

Background Check "Loophole"

Just to show how stupid anti-gun fools are, they're whining about a "background check loophole" for gun thieves. It has been shown that thieves STEAL 237,000 guns from legal gun owners every year, and those guns are not subject to a background check. So now they want to make a law to "force" those thieves to submit themselves to a background check, to comply with the law. Dream on, people! If criminals don't obey other laws, how are you gonna enforce this one? Blaming the victim, they say that this is made worse by legal gun owners, who "fail to properly secure their weapons," making them easy to steal. They make a big thing out of that, saying gun owners being sloppy in their storage of their guns :make it harder on cops to do their jobs." Maybe if cops did their jobs better, thee wouldn't be so many guns stolen, in the first place. They'll always find an excuse, folks, for their own laxity in keeping guns out of the hands of lawbreakers. Now they pine for a law that criminals will NEVER obey, to submit to a background check on their STOLEN guns. (Business Insider)

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