Friday, January 26, 2018

A "Cottage Industry"

Accusing famous people of sexual abuse has become a "cottage industry" and one of the easiest ways for people (men and women) to get a payday, because such accusations do not require any REAL proof, of anything. It all started (recently) with Roger Ailes and other Fox News personalities, whose careers were ruined by such accusations, none of which were actually proven. women (and some men) saw how easy it was to ruin a person's life and get a good payday without having to PROVE anything, so they started "coming out" in droves, with equally unproven accusations. Now they've accused a 90 some year-old member of Congress and a LIBERAL TV personality (Charlie rose), who are old enough that it's doubtful sex is any part of their life, any more. Every time somebody accuses somebody, people "come out of the woodwork" to "pile on." It has become so common, nobody is surprised, any more. I'm not saying ALL these accusations are false, but I AM saying that it's difficult to separate fact from fiction with the low level of proof standards applied in this instance. It's getting tiresome, and I, for one, am getting sick and tired of it. As long as they rely on somebody's UNSUPPORTED WORD that sexual misconduct occurred, these accusations will continue, and more and more people (not just women) will take advantage of it. They have even accused a 90 some year-old former PRESIDENT who has never before been so accused. (CNN)

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